Grabs from video of a large multicell Cb over Ocala, Marion County, Florida on 23 July 1997, at 07:46 pm ET.

Didn't affect us here in Alachua County but, still, interesting to look at. Note multiple towers; multiple anvils. Even some pileus (cap) clouds over the younger cells. Also note the orange color at the base of the storm, due to haze. This haze is always in the skies of Florida, making spotting of anything at the base of a storm nearly impossible. It is caused by smoke, dust, pollutants, and residual precipitation.

This is a common type of storm, here.

On rare occasion I have seen -- from a vantage point here in Alachua County -- supercell storms with my own eyes ... storms with twisted striations in the towers, and with strong, knuckled, backsheared anvils, and dynamic, bubbling overshooting tops that sort of remind me of the tops of fizzing ice cream floats. Next time I see one on a day that I have my camera with me (isn't that always the problem?), I'll take some photographs and place them here.

My really grateful thanks go to Jim Carr/KC4MHH -- a fellow ham radio operator (who happens to have a callsign very similar to my own), and who is also a volunteer Captain in the Communications Dept. of the Alachua Co. Fire/Rescue (ACFR) Reserves here in Gainesville -- for taking the time and the effort to make these screen grabs for me using his own equipment, and at no charge. (You shouldn't have done it the first time, Jim; because you know from now on I'm going to be asking you to do tons more! )

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Created: October 21, 1997.
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