This file depicts all changes, corrections, additions, etc. that have been made to the Weather Resources page.

27 APR 11  Added more international links.

07 APR 11  Performed yet another links check on the
           Index To SKYWARN Web Pages On The Internet.
           AWFUL lot of broken and missing links.  DO have to tell yuh...
           keeping that page up and current is a neverending job.  Someone will
           come along and beg me to add thier new web page to the list, and I
           SWEAR...THREE MONTHS LATER...the page is already missing.  That
           happens a LOT.

           I'm also adding something new to the site.  I've decided to go ahead
           and start adding related Blogspot, Facebook, and Twitter pages that
           any organizations may have, as well.  If you have a link you'd like
           me to add to the Index, The Weather Works.

17 SEP 98  Added link to U.F. Webcam in Turlington Plaza to
           Local Weather Resources page.

18 JAN 98  Added new links to lightning detection data (images) for
           the continental US (updated hourly), southern and SE US 
           (updated hourly), and Florida (updated continuously) to the
           Severe Weather-related Resources Page.

12 JAN 98  Updated new URL of West Michigan SKYWARN.

22 DEC 97  Corrected URL to Elkhart Co. (Indiana) SKYWARN on
           the SKYWARN Sites sub-page.

10 DEC 97  Corrected URL to Summit Co. (Ohio) SKYWARN
           on the SKYWARN Sites sub-page.

28 NOV 97  Added this What's New! page.

03 OCT 97  Added pointer to West Michigan SKYWARN to SKYWARN web page.

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