Note that just because a state is listed here as having `[nothing yet found]' doesn't necessarily mean that there is indeed nothing available for that state. Just means I haven't found anything for that state yet and am still looking.

It is also possible that a state may have a web page but either has it hidden and/or isn't openly advertising it in the WWW search engines.

If a state is not listed as having a web page here and you know that that state does have a page or two, you can advise me by using this special form, or by sending an e-mail at I recommend using the form, though, because then you don't have to also remind me where you would like to add the page. (I run a bunch of varying sites, as well, on things like astronomy, spaceflight, weather, SKYWARN, scanning, scanner laws, genealogy, etc. - so it can get confusing for me if you ask me to add a link and then neglect to say where to.)

The dates to the left of a link show when a site was either a) first added to this list or b) when the link was last updated (modified). Therefore, the graphic "NEW" only indicates when a page awas added to this list, and does NOT indicate the date that that particular SKYWARN page was founded, or when it first appeared on the web.

I have to say though, that these links seem to change almost on a DAILY basis. If you're a person trying to keep track of these things, I can vouch - it drives you nuts. ...Especially because a lot of these deal with personal and or university pages, which change regularly as a given. Therefore, I'd like to encourage all SKYWARN webmasters to keep a list of mine and other SKYWARN Index sites in their E-mail addressbooks in a special CC-list and, when (note that I don't say if) your site is relocated, either 1) notify us all by e-mail of your new link and/or 2) place a forwarding link at your old URL. Otherwise, you risk being lost - if not forever, at least for a good long time. As well, it saves all of us who keep track of these things a LOT of work.


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