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Mobile Scanner and
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RADAR-Detector Laws

This file depicts all changes, corrections, additions, etc. that have been made to the Mobile Scanner & RADAR Detector Laws Page, as well as some thoughts and comments by the webmaster.

24 JULY 2013 - Our ISP, Alachua FreeNet, had a crash yesterday and it affected systems until late this morning. But AFN tech teams were on it and things are now back to normal again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

11 MAY 2012 - Updated web site with a few more windshield obstruction laws across the US.

26 MAY 2011 - Sudden, inexplicable rise in the number of hits to the site, yesterday and today. Yesterday there were 330 hits to the site in one day. Today, before 9am, I'd already had 100 hits. I'm not able to explain this. Maybe there was some sort of television news story which mentioned the site, somewhere? I have not seen hits like this since before 9/11, when my hit counts used to be 600+ a day. The DAY 9/11 happened, the hits dropped SHARPLY, mirroring everyone's fears of travelling after the terrorist activity. At the same time, it was when I had caught "Radar Roy" of "RadarBusters" stealing my pages by cut and posting them to his site to try to generate profits in his sales. (He forgot to removve the copyright tag at the bottom of the page and I made a capture of it. When I asked him to remove the pages from his site, he refused, removed my copyright, and added his own, and tried to make it look different to disguise that he'd stolen my work. I put this up for free as a public service. I didn't appreciate seeing some jerk stealing my work and trying to use it to generate profits for himself. I had a right to be angry. My hit counters STILL catch him coming back now and then and giving my site a heavy perusal and I KNOW that he's looking for updates to add to his site and tell the world that he's doing it himself "for them". What a scumbag.)

At any rate, so what happened in one day here which suddenly indication of so much interest again? And, of course...will it LAST? It would be nice to see the hits rise up above 600 again. Would make me feel like I was actually doing something good and actually helping people again.

30 MAY 2010 - Minor cosmetic change to main page. Added icons for easy one-click access to MSRDL Twitter and Blogspot pages.

05 FEB 2010 - Updated main page to reflect new news of possibility of VA radar detector law being repealed AND of it's speed limit possibly being raised to 70mph!

06 DEC 2009 - Updated RADAR-detector laws page to reflect apparent sudden use of a Florida windshield law which prohibits mounting anything to the windshield - which would seem to include RADAR-detectors and GPS units or anything touching the windshield.

17 OCT 2009 - Checked through some of the laws to make sure everything was still up-to-date and that there were no changes to the laws. Once checked, updated the year of each law to current.

Some minor cosmetic changes to the pages.

19 SEP 2009 - Added new MSRDL Twitter page (twitter.com/msrdl) to be used for sharing information about additional laws, changes to laws, etc. The site will not only be used by me to disseminate the latest news, but can also be used by users to keep everyone abreast of what they encounter. Join up to receive the latest!

07 JUN 2009 - Re-did the scanner and radar-detector law maps so that they can be more easily read.

30 MAY 2009 - Trying again with a brand new counter. Let's see how this goes.

26 JUN 2007 - My mother died, today. This whole past few months has been rather tragic for me. I HAVEN'T had any time to spend with my mother even though I've known for a while that she's on the permanent downhill and that there's nothing that could be done about it. I've been dealing with rather psychotic ham radio operators locally who have been harassing and stalking me. While out trying to do my job for the Census Bureau, my car was totalled by a guy driving on s suspended license for previously driving drunk and I've been having to run around trying to find another car to replace it so that I could keep my job. My mom's pension and SS haven't been cutting it and I've been having to take on all of her extraneous expenses - including her meds. I've been having to put every cent I make into a car rental in the meantime. I was working full-time-PLUS hours, working 100 miles plus away from home, two hundred or so miles a day, driving all around Florida to get interviews for Census surveys. Mom would call me up half-deluded and in pain and want me back and there was no way for me to. Doctors kept drugging my mom up while I was away, and they'd make her sign a DNR form while under the influence of medications. (For those of you who don't know, a DNR form is a "Do Not Rescusitate" form. That's where if your heart stops beating for whatever reason, the document tells the doctors NOT to attempt to bring you back. The doctors would medicate my mother, get her to sign the form, and I'd come back from my Census rounds late at night, tired as hell, and find it out after perusing her charts. It pissed me off. THREE TIMES those people tried that. One day my mom called me up while I was a hundred miles away in Flagler County and told me that she had signed paperwork giving them permission to send her to Hospice. I couldn't believe it at first because she had always fought for ever last second, but after personally talking to her when she was OFF meds, she admitted that yes, that was what she wanted. I didn't like it. But I had made a promise to stand behind whatever decisions she made. She passed away June 26th. (sigh) On top of this, my brother was arrested, too, a couple of years ago for something that embarassed the entire family. What he did was so very bad and he has caused us so much embarassment and even stalking problems with people in the local neighborhood. My brother won't be getting out for quite a long time. So at this point, my entire family is now gone. I'm all alone, now. I think I'm going to need some time to myself for a while. I'll try to keep these pages up as best I can but if they fall a little to neglect for a while I hope everyone will understand. I've been dealing with a hell of a lot these past few years - especially at the hands of some pretty twisted ham radio operators. I no longer trust hams - especially after how I've been treated by the local ones here. Those people got me into so much needless trouble with all four possible levels of government, and I did NOTHING to ANYONE and all I did was sit at home WATCH while these people systematically DESTROYED my name, and Alachua County SKYWARN's...and NO ONE at ANY level of government bothered to check and make sure that the rumors that they were taking actions on were verifiably TRUE. ACS is laid waste, and there is now NO spotter program here in Alachua County. Even GPD apparently thinks I'm some sort of a problem as a cop deliberately sabotaged a harassment case that I'd filed against two hams. And there was nothing I could do. Along with simultaneously having to deal with my mother slowly dying...that really SUCKED. The hams took advantage of that. The hams here have basically been acting like definition 'psychopaths'. I even bought three books on the subject as a result of the things that they've been doing to me. ...I wanted to make SENSE of it all. It's not been easy but I can defintely say that I don't think I'll EVER work with another ham radio operater EVER again in my life. There's ALWAYS a few with some sort of major mental problem going on in every ham group and I don't know WHY that is so but I'm through excusing it for people. The ones here are such scary people and the other's just sit back and watch the bad ones do their thing and NO one will stand up for you and I just can't bring myself to forgive that kind of thing. I need some time alone for now. I JUST don't want to be bothered by people, right now. :( One of them even called me one day and when my mom told them that I was busy she lied to my mom and told her that it was an emergency and that it was VERY important to talk to me RIGHT away. She put my mother's life at risk because my mother at the time had cancer and was on an O2 machine and was bedridden and she had to actually disconnect herself from her O2 machine and CRAWL along the wall, gasping for breath along the way, to get to me to let me know. (I was actually on the john in the complete opposite side of the home at the time.) When I got on the phone, the person told me there WAS no emergency...she just figured that if she didn't say that it was an emergency then I might not call her back. At this point, NWS-JAX, the Florida Division of Emergency Mgmt, the Alachua County Office of Emergency Mgmt, and even the Gainesville Police Dept have been affected and think I'm a problem. I've tried going to the police, to the State Atty's Office, and people treat me like I'm nuts, complaining too much, being rediculous. The hams leave threatening messages, they email bomb me, pager bomb me, go after my friends, my associations. They try to make people think I'm bad. But what really blows me away is...it WORKS, and NO one challenges them. Hams are irresponsible here - to the point of putting my mother's life and my own at risk. WHY?!!! WHY?!!! I want NOTHING at all to do with them. NOTHING. Hams can go to hell. I will NEVER work with them again. Not EVER! I lost FRIENDS when spouses and mates decided it was JUST not kosher to keep allowing their partners to associate with me, and this was NOT an incorrect decision. It was VALID. There was NOTHING I could do. I lost COLLEGUES. My JOB is in jeopardy because of them. FOUR LEVELS of GOVERNMENT think I'm a PROBLEM because of them. What did I *DO*??? What did I *DO*??? ...WHAT?!!!!! Jeff Capehart, Susan Tipton, Scott West, Jay Lieberman, Phil and Melissa Royce...you people can go to hell and I hope God crushes your freaking souls for what you people did, and the pain and suffering that you all put me and my family through. You people are sick. As for the people who fell for them: Angie Enyedi, Al Sandrik, Steve Letro, Dave Donnelly, Chief William May, and Detective Joseph Mayo of the Computer Crimes Division of the Gainesville Police Department, who himself shared every private detail of my case file with my enemies - down to how you thought I was stupid, how you thought I didn't know what I was talking about, how you thought I was using the law to pick on innocent people, how you complained about the thickness of my emails, how you let Phil and Melissa Royce - the people whom I had filed the harassment case against - know every detail of those emails...YOU sir, are a definite asshole. You encouraged my harassers and made my situation get even worse when they realized that I had no protection and that NO one was going to help me. Your actions were inappropriate and based upon no research, no evidence gathered. You did absolutely NOTHING at all to do any real investigating. You had ONE mission: to subpoena IP logs from Bellsouth and Yahoo, and you deliberately delayed obtaining them until the expiration date had passed, denying me any chance to prove who was harassing me, and to do anything about it...and then you freaking BRAGGED about it! There is NO excuse for that. You, especially, deserve to burn in hell. All of you do. I want answers. I want explanations. I want apologies. I want my name back, my reputation, my respect. You people owe me that. You need to do the right thing. But you won't. It would mean your careers and you know it.

Yah. Right now I need a little bit of a break.

06 MAR 2007 - REGARDING RUMOR THAT FLORIDA IS LOOKING INTO A RADAR DETECTOR BAN: Yes, this is true. In some recent AP articles spread about in various Florida papers, Senator Stephen Oelrich is trying to convince the Florida legislature to pass a law which would prohibit the use of detectors and jammers. Their use would become a secondary, non-criminal offense, but would carry an additional ticket/fine. Mind you, you wouldn't get pulled OVER just for having a radar detector in your vehicle; but if stopped for speeding, you would be ticketed for both speeding AND the possession of a detector. To convince lawmakers to pass the law, however, slightly incorrect information is being used. At least as stated in recent articles, Oelrich advises that NINE STATES across the US already prohibit detectors. This is incorrect, and it tends to give the incorrect impression that there is more support across the country for RD laws than there actually is. There are only TWO states across the US which actually ban radar DETECTORS: DC and VA. Senator Oelrich is confusing radar DETECTORS with radar JAMMERS. They are not the same. Detectors are PASSIVE devices which do NOT emit any signals to interfere with law enforcement frequencies. JAMMERS are ACTIVE devices which emit signals designed to MALICIOUSLY INTERFERE with a police radar gun so as to render the radar gun useless. There ARE multiple states across the country with anti-JAMMER laws (and I support the JAMMER laws); but Sen. Oelrich is incorrect about there being nine states across the country with anti-DETECTOR laws. Here is the original article as published in the Pensacola News Journal, and beneath it my Letter to the Editor. Since it's publishing, the proposed law has been made public and it has become apparent that the bill proposes to make both detectors AND jammers illegal. I've since been interviewed as well by the Miami Herald/NPR and I've given similar responses. I'm not really for or AGAINST the use of RDs in Florida. Although, I don't really see the need for an anti-RD law as I don't think it would actually do that much good, to be honest. I think more good is done just by pointing a radar gun up the road and leaving it on, and/or leaving a patrol car parked in the median with same, or with a dummy, or with both, and serve more towards the intended purpose than a law would. And I've actually encountered these (very ingenious) tricks being used before in just about every state up the eastern coastline, and they WORK. I mean, the whole point IS, actually...to make people SLOW DOWN. Correct?

LAW UPDATE!!! MICHIGAN LAW UPDATED - Bill making scanner use in Michigan no longer illegal unless used in furtherance of a crime has been passed and made actual law. So use of a scanner while mobile in Michigan is legal.

22 SEP 06 - I'd like to apologize to everyone for kinda abandoning these pages last year or so. My mother developed cancer in her lungs with a couple of badly placed nodules that were SO close to major heart arteries that the doctors didn't want to risk operating on them so she's been going through a widely varying regiment of chemo (as well as radiation) treatments. I've been taking care of her a lot during the past couple of years because she was so weak she couldn't do a whole lot by herself for a time. She almost met her maker in the beginning of the year when the chemo treatments had weakened her and made her very ill. But she pulled through and they took her off all treatments for a while to give her some chance to regain strength, which she's been doing nicely. At this point she's strong enough to fix some meals by herself, sometimes...and occasionaly to even make some trips to the nearby shopping center. So she's getting better. She's been on O2 for quite some time, and I'm being told that she probably will be now for the rest of her life. Recently they did scans and couldn't find any obvious presence of lumps or nodules so it appears that we may be lucky for now and the cancer appears it may be in remission. They've got scans scheduled in another two months to make sure. This, along with a number of other very stressful things going on simultaneously over the past FEW years, has made it difficult. I'll try to put the new law up soon, here, in the meantime...and I need to verify things are kosher still in other states as well. Again though, I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here and that I've just been kinda overwhelmed for a while.

The NedStat counter was removed. NedStat mede some drastic changes to it's marketing strategies and this included adding many very difficult to control pop up ads which drove my users (and me) crazy. Many of their advertisers were rather unscrupulous and NedStat didn't seem to care what happened to it's users at the hands of the bad guys so NedStat is history.

08 JAN 03 -
Counter finally hit 500,000, this evening. ...The half-million mark.

24 DEC 02 -
The averages, so far, make it look like the half-million mark will actually occur about the 11th or 12th of January, a few days before my birthday. Oh well. 8^)

16 DEC 02 -
Updated Scanner Laws subpage and checked all scanner laws using online law sources. (YEARS later, now things are FINALLY starting to all come online! Don't have to drive all the way out to the Law Library so much, and sit for HOURS - pulling and replacing these STUPID books from the shelves, and looking through their nonsensical, "silly-sorted" indexes, lugging a thousand pounds of books to the copier room, inserting hoardes of dimes into copiers and making photocopies, and spending DAYS there at that place, sitting in this STUPID uncomfortable little chair, at this STUPID table crowded with lots of opened books, and crumpled papers, and cold, rotten, half-eaten foods and drinks left by these disgusting-habitted students who didn't think it important to put things away when they were done ... SIGHING in such dead-desparate BOREDOM ... just so that I can go right home and spend lots MORE hours RETRANSCRIBING it all so that it can be put up on the web ... JUST so that I can make all these thousands of people around the world - from the U.S. to Canada to Denmark to Australia and Dubai - and whom I DON'T even know, and who NEVER write me to thank me [wink!] - HAPPY!!!) A few laws had new wordings since last update; but the laws basically stayed the same. This year was SO much more convenient. Only took a full 24 hours, this time - and only ONE day of lost sleep. Actually? ... that's much BETTER! (Sigh! You know? I think I just broke the record for the longest sentence ever, up there, somewhere.) 8-)

All laws are now in HTML format, rather than plain text. This allows me to do more things with them.

Added new color-coding scheme to the Scanner Laws subpage for the use of the word "illegal," in order to add yet another kind of helpful, at-a-glance type of quick reference aid. Green means illegal to use in a crime; orange means law indecipherable and needs work - to be cautious because the law could be interpreted by anyone in any one of a thousand different ways; and red means illegal for all unless you're exempted.

Placed the animated UPDATED icons beside all the laws - so that people know that they've just been checked again, and to re-examine them.

As I go, checking the links to the online law sources on my Links page to make sure they're all still working, too. Correcting those that have (yet AGAIN!) moved around. (What's with those legislative sites, anyway? They can't seem to sit still in the same place for longer than a week, then the URL is 404 again!)

15 DEC 02 -
Updated RADAR-Detector Laws subpage and checked all RD laws.

Moved each of the laws themselves now to their own little subdirectory - in an effort to try to unclutter the main web directory a little.

Added Refchk and NRC coding to all laws, and META tag info. All laws now use a uniform formatting template, too.

11 DEC 02 -
Whew! Figured out why the drastic drops in hits to my site. Evidently, Speedtrap.com is either down, or gone - and has been over the past few days, anyway (that *I* have noticed). My counter stats show that hits from Speedtrap have completely disappeared from the top 25, where it used to be in the top three on a daily basis. This proves to me that, as I had suspected, a lot more people were indeed coming to my site from Speedtrap. So, I wasn't so wrong about things, after all. Not to sound the pig, but if Speedtrap is gone, then the problem with who owns the scanner/RD laws list will soon disappear altogether, now - when people start doing keyword searches to find the info elsewhere and slowly begin linking directly to my site for it instead of going through Speedtrap. If this theory is correct, then my hits should slowly begin to rise again, too - for the same reason. The longer Speedtrap stays down, the more this correction will slowly occur. The more people who correct it, then it eventually won't matter if Speedtrap does finally come back up again. ...And that's a good thing.

Was thinking about my current counter hits being close to a half-million. Been wondering if maybe I should offer a small prize to the 500,000th visitor. Trying to think of a way of doing that that won't taint hit results, or encourage cheating among the users.

09 DEC 02 -
Counter hit 490,000, today. Ten thousand more, and this site will have reached the half-million accesses mark! Probably take about a month. Let's see how close that landmark day actually comes to my birthday (January 15th)! 8^)

18 NOV 02 -
Noticing that hits to this site have dropped pretty drastically to a new, much lower average, now. Not really sure why. COULD be the paranoia levels over travel during these times of possible war with Iraq and over terroism; but I have more concern that it might have more to do with the RadarBusters/LaserBusters fiasco adversely affecting things. It isn't fair.

02 JUL 02 -
582 hits, today. Haven't seen that in a long while...since almost exactly a year ago, when the counter hit 590 on July 17th, 2001. Almost met the record; but not quite. Two days until 4th of July. Guess everyone's planning on doing some last-minute travelling for the Fourth.

09 MAY 02 -
Created and added a FAQ SHEET to try to answer some of the most common questions I get. I hope users will actually bother to read it.

04 MAY 02 -
Added some right-click code to the U.S. Scanner Laws subpage, and to all of the subpages referred-to by it. The intent is NOT to be a pain in the butt, but to try to prevent some of the more unscrupulous types out there, who insist on cutting and pasting my pages to their site and claiming it as their own work, from doing so. Yes, I realize that there are ways around it; but the main intent was to offer yet one more reminder to people that what they are about to try to do is possibly illegal, and to remove yet one more "ignorance" claim from their ability. It does NOT prevent people from using FILE > SAVE to do the same thing. I know that. But the first and most common method tried is going to be the right-click method; and this reminder takes away one more claim to "innocence" from them if they still continue to attempt it. I hope my users will understand, and be sympathetic. But I've been screwed from so many angles from "Newbie Internet Stupids" that I don't know what else to do. Everybody links to me as a "SpeedTrap" site. Everybody thinks my work is "SpeedTrap's." USA TODAY wrote an article mentioning me and actually gave the credit for all of my hard work to "SpeedTrap." Commercial entities have repeatedly attempted to cut-n-paste my work to their own sites in an effort to try to claim some of my sites popularity, and to increase their own profits. Average home netizens, ignorant in the actual facts and intent of copyright law, have tried to do the same thing by moving my site to their own pages, before, too. And that's not fair. I did this work. I'm proud of it. I have to be able to fight back, somehow, and to try to retain some power and control over my rights to lay claim to my own hard work, and to dictate how that work will be used by others. This is just one more method to try to accomplish that.

To see an actual example of what happens, I've installed the code on this page, too. Try right-clicking anywhere on this page, and read the notice. That's all I'm trying to accomplish - to get that notice out - in every possible way.

I'll soon also be doing the same thing to the radar-detector pages, here, too.

14 APR 02 -
FXWeb counter surpassed 400,000. That's 50,000 hits in the last 4 months. That's an average of 12,500 hits per month!

26 FEB 02 -
Counter stats seem to be picking up again. (Probably due to the racing season.) Counter hit 465 on the 21st. On the 25th, the counter hit 489. Hasn't been this high in a while (since the attacks on 9/11/2001). As of 2am on the 26th, counter total is 379,545. That's about 30,000 in the last three (almost) months. This seems to be keeping up with the normal average, the least. Things seem to be getting back to normal again and public fears of travelling appear to be fading more obviously, now. It's becoming more visible in the stats.

05 DEC 01 -
At 7pm, the FXWeb counter reads 350,271. Obviously, the counter has been down over the last week...again; and obviously, I've received more than just a couple hundred hits in the last week. This is why I also added the secondary Nedstat counter.

27 NOV 01 -
Counter broke 350,000 just before midnight of the 28th.

20 NOV 01 -
The attacks really affected travel for a while, as was obvious in the average daily/monthly hit count stats when they slam-dropped after the September 11th terrorist attacks. You could see the nation's cautious worry registered on the Nedstat counter results. Things seem to be GRINDINGLY sliding back up to normal again, though. Where the beginning of the week used to be down to maybe 200 to 250 hits per day (that's if I was lucky), they're slowly getting back up to almost 400 a day again. I think people are starting to come back out of their bomb shelters now - especially now that Thanksgiving and Xmas are near. Granted though...it could just LOOK better because it's near the holidays, too - when travel is naturally up. We'll see how steadfast this "trend" remains.

SEP 2001 -
Created mirror site at Fireline.org. Thanks to Jim Carr/KC4MHH for the space.

13 AUG 01 -
499 hits today. Doesn't break any records but...I wonder what causes these random jumps to occur now and then. Not a holiday today. Hmm.

17 JUL 01 -
9:15PM - As if to make up for the past 2-1/2 days where my site was down and inaccessible, the hits today blew by the old record of 493 reached on May 7th and not only surpassed 500 for the first recorded time, but almost hit 600 - coming within just 10 points of it, in fact! Total hits today:   590!!! Guess everybody REALLY missed thier fill of this site the past three days!

16 JUL 01 -
7:00AM - Only one response from e-mails to AFN admin; they had no clue. No explanation. Everything still down, today.

7:00PM - Checking back in to see how things are going, noticed that service was evidently restored again sometime in the morning. Problem finally resolved. Now the question becomes: How many people removed their links to me in the meantime thinking that my site had become defunct?

15 JUL 01 -
AFN is still down, today.

14 JUL 01 -
Alachua FreeNet, my ISP, has been experiencing some problems of late. As a result, counter registered only 10 visitors today, and showed an abnormally low count for the 13th.

25 JUN 01 -
FXWeb counter broke 300,000, just before midnight, this evening.

07 MAY 01 -
Today's Nedstat counter hits reached 493...that's almost 500 hits for just this one day.

Since adding the new maps, the user hits have been increasing. Coincidence? It's probably due to the quick-reference, at-a-glance convenience of them, though.

01 MAY 01 -
Today's counter hit 410.

23 APR 01 -
Today's counter hit 390.

06 APR 01 -
Added animated US maps to Scanner Laws page, and to RD Laws page.

03 APR 01 -
Updated Minn. Scanner Law with year 2000 version.

20 MAR 01 -
Tweaks to JS calendar code.

11 MAR 01 -
Added JavaScript coding which:

  1. Prevents other webmasters from framing my pages. (This prevents other people from thinking that my work is someone else's, and prevents others from forcing my users to put up with occasional banner spam-ads across the tops of their pages - which I HATE.)
  2. Prevents other webmasters from pointing directly to my subpages, and forces them to link to my main page. (This prevents people from assuming that my pages are a subpage of someone else, or that my work is someone else's.)

02 FEB 01 -
Added Javascript coding which intercepts Speedtrap and Traffic-Courts.com users and advises them that they are leaving the respective sites and now entering my pages, and that the work is mine, not Speedtrap's or Traffic-Courts.com.

Since Raisen died, I'm finding myself horror stricken every time I have to change the slightest little electron on any of my web pages. (Same is going for the house, and my life.) The fear is in not wanting to change anything that was the way it was when Raisen was alive; and to change something would be (to me) akin to forgetting her; to cave to the fact that life is going on...without her. I HATE the fact that she is not here now and that life is passing her by. I can see myself like I'm looking down from a camera, above - fighting it to my last. I HATE it. It's not fair. I will never allow myself to forget her. Raisen was so special; so different ... an angel sent down from Heaven specifically for me because God must have thought that - for some reason - I was worth it. But ... to have her taken away like this - after only having the chance to live just 7 short years of her life - just doesn't feel fair to me. She deserved a FULL life; to experience everything that there was in life. I tried to show her as much as I could; but it's not fair that she didn't get to see so much more. I wanted to show her how big the world was. She got the idea but ... we weren't finished, together. Such a HUGE part of me is now GONE. I feel so empty and lost.

30 OCT 00 -
Added additional cell phone-related law to Cell Phone page.

19 OCT 00 -
Raisen died, last night. I'm so upset. She was the best friend I've ever had. Raised her from birth, through the years... To me, she was, in all respects, my own daughter. So smart, quick, beautiful. I was proud of every little thing she did, major or minor, in her growing up. She thought like a human being, because I treated her like one. She was always somewhere in view of me, as she was when she was laying on the bed behind me when she died. I'm not going to be able to handle doing much of anything for a long while. I don't know what to do. I feel so alone, now. ...She was my baby. ...She was my baby. I want her back so bad. This can't be happening.

12 OCT 00 -
Corrected broken link to my Cellular Phone Restrictions page. BAD, Todd! BAD!

Added link to Pennsylvania Code.

09 OCT 00 -
Added smooth-scrolling Java language text scroller. I normally hate Java; but in this case the code is very small and it doesn't seem to "take over" everything else like other Java programs do. And its visible in BOTH MSIE and Netscape, not just MSIE, as the MSIE "MARQUEE" HTML code currently is. I've been looking for something like this as an easily visible means of making announcements of new stuff and changes with without adding space-stealing paragraphs of text.

Uploaded new experimental background. That raised, embossed typeface just interferes. Don't like that. When I have time, I'll remove it and just leave the "watermark-like" type.

05 SEP 00 -
Added link to Rhode Island General Laws.

01 SEP 00 -
Added link to Revised Code of Washington (State)

Added link to New Hampshire Revised Statutes.

23 AUG 00 -
Added link to AMC Wireless on Links/Resources page.

18 JUL 00 -
Added new temporary page - U.S. Mobile Cell Phone Restrictions.

17 JUL 00 -
Removed all links to The Speedtrap Registry. I'm tired of people confusing my hard work as being thier's. And they refuse to properly change that link to me from thier site. I have asked them to remove the link altogether. Apologies if this causes any of my users any inconvenience.

03 JUN 00 -
Added link to Fla. Atty. General's Opinion regarding the definition of installed radios, to Scanner Laws page.

02 JUN 00 -
Removed a couple dead links on Links/Resources page.

12 MAY 00 -
Added link to South Dakota Codified Laws on Links/Resources page.

06 MAY 00 -
Updated Virginia radar-detector law.

Updated rest of scanner laws I had onhand -- NY, OK, VA, and VT.

On Monday, when the law library is again open, I'll go back then to check on the radar-detector laws and update that page.

05 MAY 00 -
Went to law library again to work on scanner-related laws. Had time to look through all but Minn. Still want to check HI and AK to make sure they have nothing in the books. On web page, updated laws in CA, FL, IN, KY, MI, NJ, and SD.

Also, while in the past all laws have been in text format, I'm busy now converting them over to HTML format, cause it looks nicer, and I can add the emphasis that's there in the books.

03 MAY 00 -
Added law regarding use of radar detectors upon military property.

07 APR 00 -
Added link to CARFAX.com on Links/Resources page, under Misc./Interesting Links.

02 MAR 00 -
Added new navigation buttons on left side margin of all sub-pages. Added "HOME" button to the navigation button group of all subpages so that people don't have to keep hitting the BACK button of their browser many times if they've gone several subpages deep into the site and wish to get back to the Main Page. For easier navigation of the Links & Resources page, added numerous [Back To INDEX] links in all subsections of that page.

12 FEB 00 -
Added clickable vote banner for the Ultimate Scanner Web Site Of All Time,

23 JAN 00 -
Added clickable voting banner for the Top 50 Scanner Websites On The Internet.

To 27 JAN 00 -
Lots of further major and minor cosmetic changes to the facepage. Added lots of new sites to the Links page: Added links to lots of other states' legal pages, where possible; added links to online motel/hotel agencies, auto rental agencies; added some links to other technical sites about scanners and radar-detectors. Etc.

30 SEP 99 -
Hmm. Someone from StudyWeb contacted me and notified me that I was given an "award" for the content at the MSRDL site. I've placed the award in the sidebar for everyone to see. (NOTE: In 2001, these people went "commercial." That is, in order to access their site, you had to pay to become a member. When that happened, all "awards" that they had given to external sites in the past stopped working, so noone could display them anymore. So much for THAT award.)

29 AUG 99 -
Finally completed giving the site a facelift. Busy now trying to find links for people to go to for help, technical information, etc. Changed filenames of sub-pages to thwart people pointing to the sub-pages rather than to the front page, as is warned of, there.

25 AUG 99 -
Added new FXWeb counter to page.

20 AUG 99 -
Removed background MIDI music. Someone complained. Sigh. Oh well.

29 JAN 99 -
Removed all references to RADAR JAMMING devices from RADAR Detector page. They are designed, unlike passive detectors, to actively cause malicious interference to law enforcement signals and so should be illegal, anyway. I refuse to track any information regarding them, or to help people regarding their usage.

21 SEP 98 -
Added background MIDI music: Let's Go! by THE CARS. Hope it works. Author of the actual MIDI file is unknown at this time but the file itself was obtained perusing Heartbeat City -- A Fan-authored Web Site About The Cars by Kim Shriner and Dale Feinstein.

14 SEP 98 -
Reorganized pages. Split each section up into thier own pages, for faster loading of the main index page.

13 SEP 98 -
Virginia RADAR-detector law revised in 1998 legislative session to include restriction on RADAR JAMMERS now. Included the text of the new law, borrowed from VA General Assembly's online site (http://leg1.state.va.us/000/src.htm, enter `46.2-1079', then click on the cite). Thanks to Garrett W. Burris, Va. State Chapter Coordinator of the National Motorist's Association for letting me in on the change.

11 SEP 98 -
Removed CLOUDS.JPG as background and replaced it with PAPER.JPG, which seems more confortable and doesn't seem to interfere as much. Was getting complaints about the CLOUDS background.

MAJOR CHANGE: I have removed the section dealing with foreign countrys' laws altogether. Too much headache, unfortunately. Links I'd point to would disappear as quickly as I could type. As well, it seems most foreign countrymen don't need my site anyway as, they seem to know the laws better than thier own law books state them. And they had no beef against telling me so, even where the actual text contradicted them. Got tired of the stabbing, biting insults that usually came along with it. Mostly, it was fallacy on the part of the complainers, and they'd leave it for me to find it out with no apologies. So be it. POOF! Gone.

17 JAN 98 -
Added new information on Minnesota RADAR Law, thanks to Joe Glenn.

04 DEC 97 -
Added mail pointer to Michael Bates, who was the source of the information regarding Australian laws, to the main index page.

28 NOV 97 -
Added this What's New! page.

Placed the NetMinder service back up on the main page.

03 NOV 97 -
(Minor cosmetic changes to main page.)

07 OCT 97 -
South Dakota discovered to have a scanner law. Law added to list below (see). Thanks to Jason Layton for finding this and reporting it to me.

24 SEP 97 -
Pointer to Netminder service removed. Every time I made an unimportant, simple cosmetic change to this page, people were being told to check this page out for changes. Not what I had in mind. I'll put it back when I come up with a suitable solution.

About August, 1995 -
This web site founded. It was originally put up for myself to reference from afar, while travelling. At the time, there was a tabular list of laws floating around, but the list was always kinda old by a few years and was drastically in need of more constant updates. It also did not provide the actual text of the laws. For a while, I cooperated with the author of the list and did my own research and provided him with the results found for various states, which he would then incorporate to the list. After a while, I got the idea to create my own web page for my own reference. During my research trips to the library I had been photocopying the laws. So I retranscribed them to text and placed them up on the web - originally as a subpart/subpage of my Northern Florida Area Scannist's Page. Then I moved the page to it's own site and I got the idea to advertise the site in all the major search engines, and in all the scanning-related newsgroups. Activity, of course, was pretty slow the first couple of years, but began to pick up heavily once the other search engines started picking up a link to me, and once word began to spread. I remember being tickled pink that I might actually, one day, reach a total yearly count of one thousand. Nowadays, obviously, the counts are more like 115-thousand a year, and that average keeps increasing, slowly. I had no idea that this site might ever become THAT popular. Now, it's something that I am proud of. It's a lot of work, but it's providing an real, honorable, valuable, useful, and FREE public service to people ... and that makes me feel pretty good.

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