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Mobile Scanner and
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RADAR-Detector Laws

Adding Links To This Page

Would you like to see a site listed here that isn't now? Let me know.

If you notice that a link is broken or otherwise not working, please let me know here, so that I can correct it or remove it. Thanks.


  1. Scanning-related Sites
  2. RADAR-Detector-related Sites
  3. General Traffic-related Sites
  4. Motorist Associations
  5. Travel-related Sites
  6. Online State Statutes and Codes
  7. Miscellaneous/Interesting Sites
  8. My Linking Policy

Scanning-related Web Sites

The links in this subject are so voluminous that they require another whole web page, entirely. Click on the subject line, above, to see the page.

RADAR-Detector-related Sites

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General Traffic-related Sites
DISCLAIMER: People are always asking me things like how to fight a ticket, or how to otherwise get out of one. Unfortunately, I don't track that sort of stuff. Sorry. Please don't ask me because I don't know. :O( Sorry. Here are some links, though, to some OTHER sites which might help you there.

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Motorist Associations

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Travel-related Sites

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Online State & Federal Statutes and Codes

Use these as one method to help you check up on the laws stated here. You should also make sure that you check with your local law library and check the very LATEST updates of the law books, there. Do NOT depend upon the laws stated at this site as being the last word. Laws constantly change, sometimes right after I check. Which means what I have can be outdated by up to six months or more.

States in parenthesis indicate I'm still looking for an online source for that state's laws.

The date at the end of each link is the data the link was last verified to be good.

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Miscellaneous/Interesting Sites

  • CARFAX.com - Buying a used car soon? Stop here to order vehicle checks. Check for the real history of a used car: salvage history, odometer fraud, multiple owners check, flood damage, major accident damage, fire damage. Free lemon check (enter VIN and ZIP).
  • MEIsearch - Paul Veldboom - Search engine/website directory for the mobile electronics industry covering scanners, radar-detectors, and other mobile electronics items.

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My Linking Policy

It's simple. You link to me, I'll link to you. We both get to benefit off each other's publicity, then. :O)

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