[Connecticut used to have an anti-radar-detector law. However, in 1998, the law was repealed, and all the signs along the roadway warning of thier illegality were taken down. Here is the new statute which actually specifically and officially denounces the illegality of radar-detectors in Connecticut...believe it or not. Usually, when a law is recinded, it just disappears. I thought this was interesting, though; so I put it up, here. -Todd]

Original source: Connecticutt General Statutes, Annotated - 1999
Sec. 14-137
pp. 411-413

§ 14-137. Authority to Make Regulations and Certify or Limit the Use
             of Devices and Equipment

  (a) The Commissioner may make, alter or repeal regulations governing the administration of all Statutes relating to motor vehicles and may Certify any device or accessory which forms part of any motor vehicle, or of its equipment, as to its compliance with the provisions of this Chapter. The Commissioner may also limit the use of any device or accessory which appears to him to be required for safety, may authorize the use of any such device ot accessory upon the Highway and may make, alter or repeal any regulation relating to any such device or accessory in the interest of public safety, provided the Commissioner may not limit or prohibit the possession, installation or use of a RADAR-detecting device in any motor vehicle. Violation of any regulation adopted under this Subsection shall be an infraction.

  (b) The Commissioner may enter into an agreement with the Automotive Manufacturer Equipment Compliance Agency by which the Commissioner shall accept the agency's Certification of any equipment including but not limited to components, parts, material and assemblies. Such Certification shall permit the legal sale and use of such equipment.

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