Important Note Regarding Radar Jammers.

First, the following is placed here as a favor to you. It is not put here to deliberately make some people angry - especially if you happen to own a jammer. My only intent is to give you a heads-up to the pretty serious nature of this situation. Retailers and manufacturers are playing it down, and that is not right. It is not fair to you. Okay...

It's funny to check my counter stats to see who has been visiting my site, and to find lots of commercial radar/laser jammer retailers stopping by - probably hoping initially for a return link, and noting that the requests never did come. After you read the below, you'll understand why. It's interesting to watch happen, anyway. [grin] They definitely don't want people reading this   after browsing their products online. Most of the products available just don't work, anyway, and are useless. Still, they try to sell them and the illegal intent is there. That's just as bad. But for those that do work...

This site does not track the "laws" regarding radar JAMMERS.   Regardless of the existence of any "state" laws regarding their use, they are already banned at the federal level, anyway...under laws regarding "malicious interference," and "obstructing justice."

Regardless of what every single jammer retailer out there will tell you, those devices technically cause what is called "malicious interference" to law enforcement signals and, technically, you could be cited for using such a device. You can also be cited for "obstructing justice."

"Malicious interference" is when you intentionally (deliberately) interfere with a signal generated by someone else. Now, what are radar jammers specifically designed to do, here? And when you jam a police signal designed to catch you it deliberate? ...Hell, YES!

I'm a ham radio operator. I know what malicious interference is, and I've had to deal with it, before. You're trying to carry on a conversation and someone is intentionally jamming you and your friends. I gather a few people together; we use RDF (radio direction finding) technology to find the guy; we gather evidence; and we hand it to the FCC. The FCC then issues a Notice of Apparent Liability to the poor, unsuspecting fellow, and he gets in a whole lot of trouble. It's illegal in ham radio circles. It's illegal in ALL circles of the telecommunications world.

Jamming official police business is the same thing - only far worse. It is just as illegal to do. NOW you're causing harmful and deliberate interference to POLICE instruments (be they radio or RADAR) designed specifically to pick out those who are speeding. "Harmful" does not necessarily have to mean "to the electronics  of the receiving device." It can mean causing an inability for someone to carry out their duties. To interfere with their radio signals  to me is not at all a "worthy" cause; nor something that anyone should even feel proud of doing. (And by the way, RADAR is a radio signal.)

There are some people who seem to think that it is something the police "deserve". I do not support it. I will not back it. Those who attempt it should be incarcerated, in my opinion. Manufacturers who make them, and retailers who sell them, in my opinion, should ALSO be incarcerated because they darned-well KNOW of the FCC's opinion on that matter (see the FCC's Memorandum, Opinion and Order, below); and yet, by continuing, they are responsible for encouraging the the crime on a widespread basis. (...And it IS  a crime.)

"Obstructing justice," in the context used herein, is when you intentionally interfere with law enforcement officers in their ongoing attempts to enforce the law. This is not considered something so simple as a "traffic infringement." This is a CRIME. The penalties are far more serious, and long-lasting.

The other thing about jammers is...people have no clue WHERE those signals are going, and what ELSE they might be interfering with in the process. Noone has done a study to find that out. What if the jammer device bounces a nice, strong signal off a truck right into a medical lab? with equipment SENSITIVE to radar emissions? Who KNOWS what these things can do! They're not fully tested. They're not adequately researched. And as such, they cannot properly or adequately be regulated. So yah...I'm against their use for many reasons. A cop may aim the radar beam at one object, and it might be too weak to cause interference. That's fine. But now we throw in the jammer devices. If the signal reaches a vehicle parked in a gas station, that signal gets REAMPLIFIED again, and is then sent out yet again in yet ANOTHER direction. ...An unecessary addition to the angles scene, there.

...All these signals being thrown around, and not one of the transmitter operators are licensed. Sad. I had to take a really hard TEST to do the transmitting that I do. No fair.

While you're forking over the bucks for the device, the retailers will not volunteer all this information to you - although, by good moral conscience ... they should. However, that might depress their sales  if they did.

This is what "deregulation" has brought us. The manufacturers demanded it because they touted that they could be honest and regulate themselves. Here, you can begin to see why deregulation was not  such a good idea afterall, and why we should have never allowed it. Commercial entities, for the most part, cannot be trusted to regulate themselves honestly and fairly.

If you are savvy and ask them about it, then the retailers will try to get technical (and often "God Save America"-like) and say that their devices do NOT "transmit" or initiate any signal, that their devices are not considered "transmitters," and that therefore, their devices are exempt from the regulations, and thus, are perfectly legal to use.

Evidently, the radar-jammer manufacturers and retailers are making up their OWN laws as they go.

The FCC has issued an official Memorandum Opinion and Order saying that it disagrees - and it's been OUT there for MANY YEARS, and the manufacturers KNOW about it. And you should know, an M.O.O. has the same level of power and authority as real law. It is considered the same. In the simplest terms for the LAYMAN ... IT IS LAW.

Who's word will you take? The manufacturer's "God Save America"opinion ? or our own Federal Government's official Orders ? It's up to you.

You have  been warned. If what I'm saying hasn't hit you just yet, then how about this: forget use just being in simple possession of these things, you are considered a criminal . If you are caught, it can be considered then by your future employers, and by your creditors.

Lastly, the only reason why our government hasn't gone out and actually tried to find people who have these things, or to arrest people, or to confiscate the devices, is because it just can't afford the manpower to effect such a widescale operation. That's all. That, in itself, does NOT mean the government can't, at any time, still DO that. Manufacturers and sellers are taking advantage of this, and they have decided to continue until the government actually puts their foot down - meanwhile, making as much profit as they can off of the situation. To me, this just means that those guys deserve the stiffest penalties possible when the time finally comes. To me, these guys are operating Mafioso-like. Whatever they get - after operating for so long flying right in the FACE of the government - they deserve. Oh, and, when the government finally DOES put its foot down, do you think that you're just going to be able to take the device back to the seller or manufacturer and get a full refund. Boy! You truly ARE gullible; aren't you?

For the above reasons, I will NOT actively track the laws regarding those devices. I consider it a waste of my time (and your's).

Last Updated: April 18, 2001, December 29, 2002.

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