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Abandoned Kitties
NW Gainesville

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UPDATE (10/21/2011): These kitties have found a new home. Someone came by to pick them up this evening. Whew!

These are photos of two cats abandoned by our neighbors across the street a couple of weeks ago in NW Gainesville, FL. (Here is a video.)

One of them is an orange tabby. Another is a dark grey and white shorthair.

I should clarify that the home's owner/landlord is not the owner of these cats. The people who actually abandoned the cats are the people who were renting the home from him, and moved away.

These are REALLY nice, very loving cats and they have no clue that their owners have left them, never to return. They need good homes. We have a number of cats of our own and unfortunately we just don't have room for any more. We'd have called the police and filed a complaint except that to do so would most likely guarantee the deaths of these poor things after just a few days. We'd hate to see that happen. I know I'd personally feel like a real murdering jerk if that were to actually happen to them and I probably wouldn't be able to live with myself. :(

Personalities. Both these kitties love human attention.

The grey one showed some wariness and fear of what my hand was going to do when I first met it, but showed acceptance after not too long a time at all. I suspect the grey one especially may have been abused. However, neither cat shows ANY aggression and both seem very wanting of human attention. Even the wary grey one's fears are overcome by the want of attention and it has not been so abused that it beyond it's want to trust.

I took both of them in overnight one night and put them in the screened-in Florida room when one person thought she recognized the grey one as being a cat that belonged to her daughter which had been lost a year ago. However, on closer examination of the photos by the daughter, they discovered that it wasn't theirs. However, the overnight stay showed me a few things about the cats. The grey one kept trying to get my attention whenever I'd walk by the glass door to the room. It sat at the door, staring through the glass, talking to me, wanting in. The grey tabby, too. This indicates that the cats are both indoor/outdoor. Both the cats rub up against each other a lot. These cats are a pair. They are obviously good friends. There is no hissing or spitting or growling. They get along like close friends or siblings. The grey one, as timid as she is, wants human attention very much. This cat still wants to trust and be loved. She loves to be petted and once you start, you're stuck. :) I'd go in a few times to give them some attention. Neither could get enough. I tried picking them both up. Walking around with them. I could sense a little apprehension, but both were fine with it. So picking them up is not a probelm, either. As long as no sudden movements were made, and they felt safe, they were fine. I could even put my face right up to theirs and they did not exhibit any fear of that. In the morning, after the lady called back and told me the bad news, I let the cats back outside. (This is not a problem, though. They come running when I call now. So if anyone wants to come look at these cats, it won't be a problem finding them.)

The orange tabby was once introduced to us by the neighbors as "Jacob". Although, SHE...is definitely a female. Jacob comes CAREENING across the street as soon as our front door opens. If they're already within earshot, you don't even have to call these cats. This is not just for the food, but for our attention. Jacob has ZERO problem with humans and cannot spend enough time with them. Very trusting. Very attentive. Very tactile. As with the grey one, once you start petting Jacob, that's it. That's your job forever on. :)

Jacob especially hangs around the front door after evening feeding. This part wrenches me because it's obvious that he wants me to let him inside the house. But we can't. It would be just too much. We already have three indoor cats and we just got one of them out of a spraying habit (even though he's been fixed), and I don't want to do anything to trigger it all over again. (sigh) I'd like to keep my DVD collection in good condition, thank you. ;O)

We do not know if the cats have been fixed. They don't have any collars, or tags. I would assume that no, they haven't. These are VERY docile, affectionate cats, though. So, I could be wrong.

If you would like to take these cats, please let me know and I'll give you our contact information. (I don't want to publish that sort of stuff here due to "spambots" which are out there looking for stuff like that to "harvest".)

October 7, 2011 - 6:50 PM

These are photos taken after we first began to realize that the neighbors had moved out...

October 16, 2011 - 5:30 PM

These photos were taken October 16th. Note how they grey one is rolling around, being playful with me...

Abandoned Kitties - NW Gainesville
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