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Chapter 4 - John Sterner, Jr.


                  JOHN STERNER Jr.

     Other than the petition dated January 6th 1794 just
mentioned, we know little about John Jr. - neither the
date of his birth nor that of his death - except by de-
duction.  We have seen that the extent of his recorded
militia service in the Revolution was 19 days served in
1782 as a Drummer and Fifer in Captain Glader's Company
with his  father.  From that we may infer that in that
year he was quite young, probably less than 18 since
drummer boys were notoriously young.

     Nor do we know whom nor when he married but if Uncle
Henry is right about the two Johns he must have had at
least one son and he was named after his Uncle Abraham,
John Jr's son.  It is irritating for if I had the time
and the money I could probably clear this up in a day or
so by going up there and studying the records which must
be on file in Allentown.  Not that it really matters too

     Fortunately, thanks to Uncle Henry, we know much
more about the next generation although, in this case,
it is more about his grandmother Elizabeth than Abraham
who, by the time Uncle Henry appeared on the scene, was
only a distant memory.

     So now let's get on with it and see what can be told
about the next line,

                   Abraham Sterner


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