I'm not sure whether my grandfather is here referring to the ninth chapter of
THE STERNERS -- entitled THE DIARY; or whether he is collectively referring to all of his written volumes composed throughout his lifetime. These include: THE DISBROWS, THE STERNERS, THE RIVER, Vol. I, THE RIVER, Vol. II, ARGENTINE INTERLUDE I, ARGENTINE INTERLUDE II, and FAR THUNDER that I am so far aware of. (I suspect that there are even more out there...somewhere.)

THE RIVER details his life as a boy near Shark River in Belmar, NJ.

FAR THUNDER is supposed to go into his life as a machine gunnist during WW-I; but it is currently missing. I thought I saw some notes for it long ago, which leads me to speculate as to whether or not he even actually got around to composing it, or if it does indeed exist and was simply handed down another line and this line is unaware of it as yet.

The ARGENTINE INTERLUDE volumes depict my grandfather's later trip as an adult to Argentina, and his exploits there.

The other two volumes, THE DISBROWS and THE STERNERS, are family histories (written genealogies) that he researched. -Todd

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