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This is a form. Fill in the required information in the text fields below, then hit "enter" or click on the "send" button at the end of this form. I will add a link to you as soon as I can. Might be immediately, or it could be a few days. Please be patient.

AGREEMENT: In exchange for providing a pointer to your web site from my pages, *please* return the favor by adding a pointer to my site from your end as well. When doing so, please place my name next to the link (just like I do with your's), so that your users will clearly understand that the site they're going to is someone else's work. (Some sites are arranged in such a way that this is not always obviously apparent - those with huge logos taking up 75-percent of the right side of all their pages, for example.) As well, I will provide only links to web pages. I will not agree to place ads on my sites, or to take recompense for doing so. Nor will I make referrals for your products. You understand that by my placing a link to your site I am only providing a link, and that the link in itself does not constitute an "endorsement" of your site.

Thanks. -Todd

Info here will be sent only to: Todd L. Sherman/KB4MHH (afn09444@afn.org) This information will never be shared or sold. (I hate spammers, too; and I do not support it.)

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