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WWJJ - Hamilton County's 91.7FM

   WWJJ is coming to your radio very soon!

Bringing back local radio to you

WWJJ is a non-profit, all volunteer, operated radio station.  It's not some satellite fed music service. 

Most programming will originate right here in Jasper, Florida.  There are no corporate directors or consultants who tell us what to play.  We do give careful consideration to our listeners' comments and take their advice seriously.  We are always happy to hear from you.

Volunteers run this station
The voices you hear on the air, as well as all the technical and business support of the station, is done by unpaid volunteers. WWJJ, 91.7FM, is a bold effort to bring something different to Hamilton County. We chose oldies as our base format because we wanted to fill an unserved niche in our community. In addition to our basic format, we also offer opportunities for other non-profit organizations and groups to buy time on WWJJ to produce and air their own programs. Blocks of time can range from 30 minutes per week up to 3 hours per day. Of course, public service announcements for any non-profit, community based, event or group are always aired at no charge on WWJJ. We're part of the Hamilton County community and we're here to help.

We Need You!
Operating a radio station is expensive, even when it is small like us. The support of our listeners and our commercial sponsors is so very important in keeping WWJJ on the air. Our expenses include music licensing, acquiring music, and utilities just to name a few. These add up to hundreds of dollars every month. When there's a shortfall, the expenses are paid out of the pockets of our directors. We hope that you'll help keep WWJJ on the air by investing in your station.

We can Help You!
Underwriting is not a one-way street. When you underwrite programming on WWJJ, not only are you helping us serve the community, but your business can get a huge benefit, too. If you want to increase your business, just click here to find out more about underwriting opportunities on WWJJ.

Broadcast the news about your community event.
If you or your non profit organization, like a church, club, civic group, Boy/Girl Scouts, school or the ladies knitting society is having an event that your neighbors need to know about, tell us, and we'll give you on air publicity. It's free! Submissions concerning date-specific events must be made at least 4 weeks prior to that event.  Pre-produced PSAs for your organization are gladly accepted .  They should be no more than 30 seconds in duration and can be e-mailed to us, in MP3 format along with a requested start date and stop date.   Management reserves the right to reject or modify announcements that are not in keeping with station standards.

Broadcast Your Events Live or Recorded!
In addition to the free PSAs above, WWJJ can supply air time, at a nominal cost, for organizations that want to broadcast their message to the listening public.  Examples include: churches/church services, civic organizations and schools that want to produce programs to air on WWJJ.  Programs of a general public service interest that do not promote a specific organization may be aired for free as space permits.  Management reserves the right to reject programs that are not in keeping with station standards or format.

The funds generated from sponsorship announcements are what keeps WWJJ on the air.  We can't do this without you. Your support is essential. 


We're your spot on the dial for great music & interesting programs!

WWJJ is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission

WWJJ also pays music licensing fees to the following organizations:

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