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"BAYSTREET is an amalgam of sensation and thought, a meld of Apollinian and Dionysian, a waking dream that enfolds blues, rock 'n roll, and a funky dialectic."
Shamrock McShane
Moon Magazine

Market Street Pub
Gainesville, FL
March 17, 2000
St. Patrick's Day

Bagpipes and BAYSTREET

the band

Donna plays with Jim's Guitar

New fans hangin' with the band

At Lillian's Gainesville
March 10 - 11, 2000

The band with Jay on Drums

Clifton and John

Dave doesn't miss a trick!

Satan, eh?

More photos from Lillian's

Join BayStreet
  Friday - Saturday
   May 12 - 13, 2000
At the
Inlet Harbor

North Florida Music Association, Inc.
1/18/2000 "Membership Mixer"
at the

Jacksonville Beach

Judy Van Zant Jenness
and Artimus Pyle

Sweet Home Alabama
More pics from
The Freebird Cafe
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Join BayStreet
March 31-April 1st in
Cedar Key
at the
L&M Bar

November19-20, 1999
(the gig all other gigs are judged by)

Love At Second Sight

Seeds Of The Flower Children

"You can never have what you need to find, when all you've got is
the love that you left behind"

Neophyte Of The Heart

Much thanks to Jay Lyons who did an
awesome job filling in on drums!
at the
L&M Bar in Cedar Key

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Photos by Fancy Nancy