Join BayStreet
Friday - Saturday
May 12 - 13, 2000
Inlet Harbor 6:00

Inlet Harbor
Ponce Inlet - Daytona
February 4th
Chillin' with BAYSTREET


Blowin' cool on the deck!

Havin' fun with the crew...

Dancin' with John...

Nancy came from St. Augustine for BAYSTREET, the sunset, and the awesome conch fritters!

Cliff liked the "Angels on Horseback"!

Mike Hollingsworth plays his guitar

Dave Smith plays the bass

Travis, playing for his Mom!

After Sunset, it got real cool!

J.B. pickin' for the guests...

Ashley celebrating her "Sweet 16th" with her Friends
singin' Brown Eyed Girl!

Dave and Cliff

Jim T. Brown and John Miller

Cliff Huber & Travis Coleman