reversal of man

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hi everybody. we are finally getting around to updating the web page, we are sorry about the wait.
so summers over and the electric youth crew is finally home safe. nine and a half weeks came close to killing some of us at times. as some of you know, the tour had it's ups and downs but despite what you might have heard reversal is NOT breaking up. jason, our old guitarist, quit the band two weeks into tour. i'm not going to go into reasons why cause i'm not going to speak on his behalf. matt, our singer, went home the next day for personal reasons. so jeff, john, and i pulled our shit together and decided to finish the tour as a three piece. originally we were going to break up when we got home but as we got further into the tour we talked more about it and decided against it. so now that we are home we have added chris from combat wounded veteran on guitar and matt is going to continue doing vocals. before all of this happend, reversal was in europe for three weeks which turned out to be the most amazing thing we have ever expierenced. we would like to thank everyone who provided shows, shelter, food, good conversation, and encouragment in times of need this summer. all of your support is why we are still playing music, so thank you...
the new lp/cd is finally out on ebullition records. we also have quite a few new projects that we are going to start working on soon. one of those being a split 10" with combat wounded veteran that will be on schematics records. so those are our plans so far for the next few months. there is a new email address listed below that all five of us can be reached through. please DO NOT send any more reversal mail to the AOL xrevofmanx account. many thanks to everyone who made this summer possible.

the reversal kids

reversal of man is matt, jeff, john, chris, and dan

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