Word Definition Explanation
Dante Lead character. Clerk at  Quick Stop Convenient Stores. Opening scene of the movie,  introduces Dante and the beginning of his very long day.
Vilification The act of vilifying: abuse This scene is interrupted in the middle by the Jay & Silent Bob scene.  Dante is abused by a Gum representative and his angry mob over selling cigarettes to the masses.
Jay & Silent Bob Drug Dealers who hang out in front of the Quick Stop all day long. Introduction scene, Jay and Silent Bob show up for 'work'.
Randal Second lead character. Clerk at  RST Video Store. Final introduction scene, Randal arrives at work late and immediately comes over to Quick Stop to visit. A habit which continues all day long.
Syntax The way in which words are put together to form phrases, clauses, or sentences Dante and Randal talking. Scene illustrates the types of conversations two clerks on the job tend to have.
Vagary an eccentric or unpredictable manifestation, action or notion Man sits on the floor and goes through all the eggs, searching for the perfect dozen. Woman who manually masturbates caged animals for artificial insemination.
Purgation clearing of guilt or moral defilement Dante and Randal discuss the woes of dealing with customers and their ignorance.
Malaise a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being Dante closes the store to play hockey on the roof.  Blatantly disregarding his responsibilities.
Harbinger something that foreshadows what is to come The old man asks to use the toilet, he eventually dies and Caitlin has sex with his corpse in the bathroom.
Perspicacity having a keen or shrewd quality Randal convinces Dante to lend him his car to rent a movie even though he works at a video store using interesting logic.
Paradigm following a pattern Scene which sums up Dante's day. Nothing seems to ever go right for him. He gets fined for selling cigarettes to a minor, even though he didn't; Randal did.
Whimsy A whim, a fanciful or fantastic device Caitlin decides to give Dante another chance. Discusses this with Randal .
Quandary a dilemma or predicament Caitlin has sex with a dead man, goes into shock.
Lamentation act of crying out in grief Dante is upset that Caitlin had sex with a dead man, that he came into work on his day off, and that his job sucks.
Juxtaposition the act of placing two objects side by side-to compare Jay and Dante; Caitlin and  Veronica
Catharsis purification or purgation of emotions, such as fear and tension Dante and Randal fight , each having words against each others shortcomings.
Denouement the outcome of a complex set of events Dante and Randal close for the night, once again friends.