Hello !
  My name is Roy E. Lewis Jr.  I'm 54 years old and was born January 14 ,1953 at Tampa , Florida ,U.S.A. Everyone calls me Sonny.... why?  I don't know.

  I have a personal dilemma that has me in a most perplexing state of mind.
 A dilemma that I have to solve before my life is to have any peace.
 I guess this may be a hopeless quest, but nevertheless a quest I have to
 try to accomplish.

            I really don't know where to begin!

When I was five months old my mother, father and grandmother (my mothers mother) were all killed by a  passenger train that hit their convertible car broad side on Monday June 15 , 1953 at Tampa , Florida  in the North Boulevard crossing of the Foresthill area .

I was raised by my only living next of kin which was my fathers mother.
My grandmother was 50 years old when she got custody of me.
She had decided to have me keep my birth name of Lewis instead of changing
it to hers which was Fisher.
I'm named after my father who was Roy E. Lewis and I'm Roy E. Lewis Jr..
My grandmother had divorced my grandfather Lewis (my dads father) many years earlier and had remarried .
I was raised up with her and a step grandfather, and their son ( my step uncle who was 12 years older than me ).
My grandmother chose to keep the past sheilded from me.   ALL the past.    Including that I had many other relatives other than her , And that I had a half sister.

What was on her mind , I will never know .
She has passed  on many years ago....

On April of  1999 I was given a box of old photographs in which most I had never seen . As I worked down through the box I found many pictures of my beloved mother and father (parents that I had never known), some were of my father when he was in the Air Force along with many newspaper clippings of the train accident.
 Then all the way down at the bottom of the box I found a small envelope. Written on the outside was my fathers name and inside I found pictures of a small child and a woman.  They appeared to be native American and I did not have a clue as to who they were.
 I asked my step uncle who told me that when my father was in the Air Force in Hawaii he had married a Hawaiian lady and they had a child.
From what I gather from talking to my step uncle the family didn't think it was right to marry a Hawaiian, and for what ever reason (that I may never know) she went back to Hawaii with the child.

Below you will find some of these photos.
The name of the little girl is Kathy. I  don't know her mothers name.

If you know who or where to find them please click HERE to  email  me or write to me at 20747 NW 166th Place Springs,Florida 32643.

I want to know my sister.

                       Myself, my daughter Brittney, and my wife Nancy

These are the pictures

My Father Roy E. Lewis

Photos of my sister Kathy and her mother

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