Ren & Stimpy Merchandise Guide
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Last Updated November 27th, 1998
This guide contains a listing of general merchandise, promos, card sets, pictures, video games, posters, video tapes, tapes/cds, books, comics books and anything else I can think of based on the Ren and Stimpy show. This listing is by no means complete so feel free to send me e-mail if there are items that I have omitted. In case you are wondering, no, I don't own all of these, but I am trying to obtain one of everything. At the end is a listing of suppliers you can contact to order merchandise. Enjoy! Action Figures -------------- Action Figures (6) by Arco Toys (Mattel) Commander Ren Hoek Space Cadet Stimpy Army Ren Hoek Boot Camp Stimpy Slap-Happy Ren Hoek Bump-a-Riffic Stimpy Action Figure Boxed-Set by Arco (Mattel) - included both Army and both Space figures in one display box Giant Collectables (6) by Arco (Mattel) Robin Hood, Firemen, & Hospital themes Vehicle Assortment by Mattel PVC Figures (6) by Dakin Ren & Stimpy "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" Ren in tub with bubbles Stimpy in Litterbox "Oh, Joy!" Powdered Toastman "Leave everything to me!" Ren "Your one of the good ones man!" Professor Stimpy "Ask Dr. Stupid" Poseable Figures (2) Plush ----- 3" Minis 6" Car Window Suction Cuppers (2) by Mattel 6" Plush by Dakin: Ren with 'U Eediot' t-shirt, Stimpy with 'U Stupid' tee Ren with 'Powdered Toastman' t-shirt, Stimpy with 'Gritty Kitty' tee Stimpy with Muddy Mudskipper t-shirt, Ren with heart covered boxer shorts Ren & Stimpy in pajamas Ren & Stimpy in graduation gowns Ren Reindeer, Stimpy Santa (each sold with a xmas videotape) 8" Plush by Dakin: Standard Ren & Stimpy 10" Plush, Farting dolls, by Mattel Ren sitting in 'bath tub' box Stimpy sitting in 'litter box' box 14" Plush, Talking dolls, by Mattel Ren sitting in 'bed' box Stimpy sitting in 'wagon' box 16" Plush by Dakin Standard Ren & Stimpy Ren Reindeer, Stimpy Santa Inflatable R&S in 'Space Madness' outfits, with rocket ship containers 16" Plush by Nick (different than Dakin ones) Ren, Stimpy, Muddy, PTM, Mr. Horse, Yak 3' Giant Plush George Liquor Doll (Comes in a cardboard house) by Spumco Kitchen Items ------------- Figural Mugs - Coffee Mugs shaped like R&S (2) by Dakin Graduation Mugs (3) by Dakin Happy Happy! Joy Joy! I Did It! You've Got No Class Hey Man, You Made It! Congratulations! "Smashed" Mugs - butt impression on back (3) by Dakin Ren Hoek "Back off man!" Stimpy "Hey, what's going on?" Ren & Stimpy Show Christmas Mug, "Happy Happy Joy Joy" Figural Heads Mugs (2) by Dakin Coffee Cups Child's snack & play tray Character twisty straws (2) by Dakin Jello Mold by Jell-O Puzzles ------- Puzzles by Ceaco (5) 550 piece "Space Madness" 100 piece "In the Army" 100 piece "Robin Hoek" 100 piece "Firedogs" 100 piece "Big House Blues" Puzzle Keychains (4) by Dakin 30 piece Puzzle Greeting Card "Stimpy's Fan Club" Games ----- Log Cereal Game by Parker Brothers Pick-A-Winner Card Game by Parker Brothers Nick Tac Toe by Pace (Magnetic Tic Tac Toe using R & S as pieces) Clothing and Accessories ------------------------ Watches (2) by Nick - these have plastic bands Happy Happy Joy Joy Space Madness Watches (3) by Innovative Time Watches (8) by Big Time Enterprises, Inc. Earrings (One ear is Ren, the other is Stimpy) Rings (2) (adjustable size) Shirts (28) by Comic Images Socks - several different poses Hats - many different characters have their own hats as well as painter's hats with Ren & Stimpy together Boxing Shorts - (8) Ties (4) by Balintine Bath tub scene Untamed world scene Ren hangin on Stimpy's tongue Stimpy smelling Ren's power tie Ties (2) Angry Ren Puzzled Stimpy Slippers - by Nick Nicktoons Jacket Halloween masks, latex, full head (2) Linens ------ Twin Sheet Set Bedspread - blue, for single bed size Comforter Drapes - window Pillows - shaped like Ren and Stimpy (2) Beachtowels (3) Party ----- Party Supplies by Trendsetters Party Invitations Tablecloth Honeycomb Centerpiece Party Supplies (23) by Amscan Party Supplies by American Greetings Nick characters including Ren and Stimpy Roll Wrap Just Ren and Stimpy Paper Cups 7" Plates 9" Plates Blowouts Hats Invitations Napkins Loot Bags Stickers Tablecloth Gift Bag Flat Wrap (2) Mylar balloon Cards (Alot) Remembering Your Birthday Took No Thought At All... You Eediot!!! You're Too Stupid To Think! Happy Birthday, Anyway Be Careful Lighting Those Candles, OK? 'Cause Your Birthday's Gonna Be A Real Gas! A Thought On Your Birthday: Great Minds Think Alike... Does Your Butt Itch, Too? (Anyway, Happy Birthday) It's Your Birthday... Happy Happy Joy Joy! Miscellaneous ------------- Package of Stickers - Ren, Stimpy, Muddy & Mr. Horse Candy Dispensers (2) by Topps View-Master Reel "Stimpy's Big Day" by Tyco Pen Set (2) Vinyl Spitballs (2) by Dakin Phone Cards (6) Pog Slammer Set (10) Flat, rubber bookmarks with tred-marks (2) - from Road Apples episode "Space Madness" Colorform set by Colorforms Stickers with Cardboard Camper Box holder by Dakin Marvel window sticker 5" X 7" Ren & Stimpy Outline Sticker Buttons by Buttons Exchange Ltd (6 Round & 6 Square buttons) Keychains by Buttons Exchange Ltd (6) Ren & Stimpy Keychain (Ren & Stimpy Hugging) Pins (13) by Comic Images Graduate lapel pins by Dakin Monitor Screenies (2). Also one mini screenie available. Gift bag by Amscan Inc. Toilet tissue roll by Amscan Inc. Bookmarks (2) Magnets (from greeting cards) Stimpster - 2-headed R&S - Glue together and paint Renwolf & Stimpystein model - by Cellar Cast 6" Resin model statuette set - Ren w/ Stinky, Stimpy w/ fish Computer CD ROM, Microsoft "3D Movie Maker", R&S Cover Turntable cover, R&S raised/colored pic. on black rubber Christmas ornament, 1995, 'Happy Happy Joy Joy', by Carlton Cards Christmas ornament, 1996, 'Happy Happy Joy Joy', by Carlton Cards Christmas Ornament, 1997, 'Happy Helmet' Cardboard Display Items ----------------------- Dakin display stand - rocket ship with R&S coming out the top Mini-standups (9) by Comic Images Xmas cutouts (2) - (used for promotion of Xmas videos) Toys R Us cutouts (2) - (used for Nick corner promotion) Puzzle keyring hanger display Nick sweepstakes display Clear cyl. for Dakin pins Cardboard box disply for run-over bookmarks Cardboard box display for PVC's "You Eediot", small standee Promos ------ Happy Happy! Joy Joy! Pog - given away at Toys R Us Kelloggs Nicktoons Target Toss Game Kelloggs Yellow Shorts Cracker jack prizes - 1 in. square changing picture prizes (6) Stimpy coughing up hairball on Ren Ren's heart beating out of chest Stimpy snapping his fingers Stimpy sitting in litterbox choking Ren Ren and Stimpy hugging each other Ren jumping up and down in front of Stimpy Kelloggs Float-a-rama keychain Kelloggs Slap & Stick mini posters Australian Hungry Jacks promos (4) Pencils, notepad, organizer, paperclips CapriSun promos - Card / vinyl window stickies (8 of 22 in set) #1 Ren and Stimpy #4 Nurse Stimpy #7 Ren Hoek #10 Cadet Stimpy #13 Mr. Horse #16 Muddy Mudskipper #19 Powdered Toast Man #22 Ren w/doctor's bag standing on Stimpy's back CapriSun grape drink box, with ad for cards Fruit Rollups (Eat, dont save) Kraft Cheese N Crackers Backpack Pizza Hut cups w/comic & box Hardees "Nicktoon Cruisers" Golden Grahams Snick shirt offer with R&S picture on the shirt Capri Sun R&S cards, set of 22 Capri Sun Nicktoons sticker cards, set of 22 Hardee's school supplies B/W postcard promo for 1st comic Bootin' Bag, Frosted Flakes premium 7" 45 rpm transparent orange vinyl record, picture sleeve: w/ "Little Eediot" radio promo Christmas stocking, red felt, "Crock O' Christmas" promo Homemade Items -------------- Light Switch Covers (covered with R&S wrapping paper) Outlet Covers (covered with R&S wrapping paper) Stimpy Druggie Pipe Large, Fimo on silver metal Small, Fimo on silver metal Mardi Gras Doubloon, molded plastic w/silver plating Trading Cards ------------- Nicktoons (Cards 1-30, Stickers 1-3, Activity Cards 1-5, Tattoos 1-4) Topps Prism (50 Cards with 4 Cheesy Chase Insert Cards) Dynamic Australian Set (110 Cards with 5 Kitty Glitter & 20 Eediot Cards) Prismatic vending machine sticker cards (10) Vending machine sticker cards (10) Color Pictures -------------- Dog Pound - Ren and Stimpy in Party Hats (8 X 10) Ren and Stimpy posing with Dalmation background (8 X 10) Space Madness Keepsake Collection (six 6 X 9 pics plus mini press sheet) Postcards Over the Edge (32 postcards) by Grosset and Dunlap Postcards - Singles put out by Nick Animation Cels Posters ------- Space Madness by Western Graphics Corp (21 X 32) Happy Happy Joy Joy by Western Graphics Corp (21 X 32) Who Cut the Cheese by Western Graphics Corp (21 X 32) Bathtime by Western Graphics Corp (21 X 32) *Editor's Note* I need this poster! Firedogs by Western Graphics Corp (21 X 32) Log by Western Graphics Corp (21 X 32) *Editor's Note* I need this poster! American Eeediots by Western Graphics Corp (21 X 32) Marvel posters (2) One large, one small - 1/2 R&S / 1/2 Rocko International Tournee of Animation Poster (R&S busting though the poster) Greeting Cards -------------- Create A Card machines - allow you to create your own cards (27): Birthday (5): It's Your Birthday. Happy Happy Joy Joy. You Supply the Birthday, I'll Supply the Shaving Scum Frosting. Happy Birthday. Hope It's Toaster-ific. Happy Birthday. You Can Pick Your Friends...And You Can Pick Your Nose...But You Can't Pick Your Friends's Nose!...Especially If You're Serving the Cake. Happy Birthday. Somebody Stinkied In the Card Shop & I Could Only Hold My Breath Long Enough To This One. Any Occasion (5): The Ren & Stimpy Show. Also Starring "Your Name" As Stinky Wizzleteats. "People" Like You Are Nicer Than Anything...Except the Feeling of Gritty Kitty Squishing Between Your Toes. "Your name", It Has Often Been Said That Great Minds Think Alike. Does Your Butt Itch Too? "Your name", You Bloated Sack of Protoplasm. Man, You're So Nice, I Can't Stand It. You know "Your Name", This Card Proves That Re-cycled Stuff Is Just As Good As Brand New. I Mean, You'd Never Guess You Were Holding Old Gritty Kitty Would You? Greeting cards (53) by Andrews and McMeel Greeting cards (see party supplies) Happy! Happy! ...Birthday! You thought he was going to say Joy! Joy! Didn't you, You Eediot! by American Greetings / Carlton Cards Graduate Money Envelopes (2) 1993 Valentine cards 1994 Valentine cards (34 in assorted boxes) by Paper Magic 1995 Valentine cards (42 in assorted boxes) by Paper Magic 1996 Valentine sticker cards 1997 Valentine cards Christmas cards - 2 designs, 2 box colors Calenders --------- 1993 Calender (Spumco episodes) 1994 Calendar (Spumco episodes) 1995 Calendar (Games episodes) 1996 Calendar (UK, Australia, New Zealand only - same pics as 95) Video Games ----------- Gen Stimpy's Invention Ggear The Ren and Stimpy Show Quest for the Shaven Yak SNES Veediots Firedogs Time Warp NES Buckeroos Gboy Veediots Space Cadet Adventures Video Tapes / Laserdisk ----------------------- Snick Vol 1 - (Little Giant plus other Nick shows) Snick Vol 2 - (Fake Dad plus other Nick shows) Roadtrip - (Road Apples plus other Nick shows) Frightfest - (Haunted House plus other Nick shows) The Classics - Vol 1 - (Untamed World, Stimpys Invention & Space Madness) The Stupidest Stories - Vol 2 - (Robin Hoek, Stimpys Big Day) The Stinkiest Stories - Vol 3 - (Nurse Stimpy, Ren's Toothache) On Duty - (In the Army, Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksman) In Disguise - (Firedogs, Monkey See Monkey Do, Boy Who Cried Rat) Ren & Stimpy Classics II - (Stimpy's Fan Club, Sven Hoek & Action Log) More Stinky Stories - (Big Baby Scam, A Yard Too Far, Mad Dog Hoek) Incredibly Stupid Stories - (Abe, Jiminy Lummox, Rubber Nipple Salesmen) As Stinky As They Want To Be - (Lair of Lummox, Farm Hands & Dog Water) Have Yourself a Stinky Little Christmas - (Son of Stimpy) All the Shorts - (Log etc) R&S Space Madness - (Space Madness, Marooned, Black Hole, Scotsman) R&S & Friends - comes with 4 blank tapes The Ren & Stimpy Show - Essential Stories - Classics I & II (Laserdisk) Tapes/CDs --------- You Eediot! - (Log Theme, Dog Pound Hop, Happy Happy Joy Joy etc) Little Eediot! - (2 cd promo for You Eediot! with interview/music) Crock O' Christmas - (Fleck the Walls, Cat Hairballs, 12 Days of Xmas etc) Little Crock O' Christmas - (Promo for Crock O' Christmas) Radio Daze - (I Wanta Be a DJ, Powdered Toastman) Various Artists - A Classic Cartoon Christmas, Too "Reckless Nights..." - Raymond Scott - Vintage R&S music in background CD package comes with R&S sticker Books/Magazines/Newspaper Articles ---------------------------------- *Editor's Note - If you know/have others please send me e-mail!* "Pat the Stimpy" book by Ren Hoek "Oh Joy World of Cooking" cookbook "Nickelodeon Magazine" "Ren & Stimpy Show Exposed" "Film Threat" "Cinefantastique" "Wild Cartoon Kingdom" "RIP" "San Francisco Chronicle TV Week" "The Note" - U. Kansas Newspaper "Time" "Entertainment Weekly" "The Advocate" "Art & Text" "Animation", 10th aniv. "Cracked", Apr 94 (R&S parody cover) "The Face", Feb 94 "Fatal Visions", #16 "Game Players", Jan 94 (R&S video game strategies) Oct 93 (5 R&S vid games reviewed) ? (R&S large foldup poster insert) "Video Games", Sept 93 "Bikini", Feb 94 "Directory to Prime Time..." - book "Comics Interview", #122 & #131 Newspaper Insert Ads -------------------- Magazine type Sears, Nov 93 [Veediots/SNES, Stimpy's Invention/Genesis] Dec 93 [Quest F.S.Y./GameGear] Kaybee, Nov 93 [plush dolls, Buckeroos/NES] Oct 93 [dolls] Toys R Us, Dec 93 [Veediots/GameBoy, Quest F.S.Y./GameGear, Stimpy's Invention/Genesis] Mar 93 [Space Cadets/GameBoy, talking dolls] Babbage's Holiday Catalog '93 [Veediots/GameBoy] Full page Microsoft Ad Single page, w/ coupon Frosted Mini-Wheats [target game] [keychain] Corn Pops [shorts] Rice Krispies Treats [poster set] "Hot '93 Titles", Sega flyer "Back to school w/ Nickelodeon" Nicktoons jacket Christmas Video Cereal/Food Packages ------------------- Apple Cinnamon Rice Krispies w/ funny photos on back w/ funny photos and tattoos Corn Pops w/ shorts offer Frosted Flakes w/ Nick jacket offer w/ "Name the Nicktoon" quiz w/ Bootin' Bag offer Frosted Mini-Wheats w/ keychain offer bitesize, w/ keychain offer w/ target game offer bitesize, w/ targer offer Rice Krispies Treats w/ poster offer w/ Nicktoons pog tops Smacks w/ "Zany Day" back Snack food Fruit by the Foot w/ Nick offers String Thing w/ Nick offers Gushers w/ Nick offers Squeezits w/ Nick offers Biscuits Western Australia Westons biscuits (Wagonwheels) featuring a picture of R & S on the pack Comics ------ The Ren & Stimpy Show (Not all are titled so I invented a few titles) #1 - Go Bad #2 - Dr. RenHoek-enstein #3 - Make Way For El Supremo Ren #4 - Crash Dummies #5 - In Space #6 - Spider Man vs Powdered ToastMan #7 - Kid Stimpy #8 - The Maltese Stimpy #9 - Native Son #10 - Bubble Bath? #11 - Hypnotized #12 - I Scream Clones #13 - Hokey Halloween Horror! #14 - Wanted Brain Dead or Alive #15 - Holiday Special #16 - Return to Sender #17 - Fashions #18 - War is Heck #19 - Eenveesible #20 - Here's Muddy #21 - I'm the Cat #22 - Badtime Stories #23 - Madcap Rasslin' Issue #24 - Box Tops #25 - Dogzilla #26 - Are We There Yet? #27 - Raiders of the Lost Yak #28 - Filthy the Monkey #29 - Sherlock Hoek #30 - Ren's Birthday Party #31 - Weiner Barons #32 - Circus Smirkus #33 - Bowlers #34 - I'm Feelthy Rich #35 - Ren In Jail #36 - Crabby Cabbies #37 - Aliens Abduct #38 - Toilet Trouble #39 - Impersonal Hygiene #40 - Heads Up #41 - At the Grocery #42 - Orca the Killer Whale #43 - Under the Magnifying Glass #44 - Last Issue The Ren and Stimpy Show Special Issues #1 - The Powdered ToastMan Special #2 - Summer Jobs #3 - Masters of Time and Space #4 - Four Swerks #5 - Hey Kids! Visit Santa! #6 - Powdered Toastman! #7 - Eenteracteeve Special #8 - History of Sports #9 - Round the World In a Daze Odd Issues Radio Daze Frankenstimpy (8 pages, free from Oct 93) Mini-Comic #1 (Wizard #50, 12 pages) Collections of The Ren and Stimpy Show Comic Pick of the Litter - Issues #1-4 Tastes Like Chicken - Issues #5-8 Dont Try This At Home - Issues #9-12 Your Pals - Issues #13-16 Seeck Leetle Monkeys - Issues #17-20 Boxed collector pack, #s 10,11,12 Plastic #d hanging collector pack, with bagged #1 Where to get Ren and Stimpy merchandise: Collectable shops around the world Toy shop magazine ads Auction sites on the internet such as John's toys:, #1-800-505-TOYS (8697) Barrington Square Cards: # 708-882-7080 THE END!!!
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