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The Republican Liberty Caucus seeks to work with like-minded individuals and groups. We realize that the free-market and libertarian movement is diverse, and that there exists a "marketplace of approaches" in the quest to remove the heavy hand of the state from our lives. Here are some of the better resources for libertarians serious about putting principles into practice and bringing the philosophy of freedom to a wider audience. If you have any suggestions or comments, please mail them to our webmaster.

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Libertarian Republican Links

Link Description
Americans For Tax Reform Grover Norquist's active organization countering excesses of bureaucracy and regulation. Detailed studies and plans for action on many good issues. Grover coined the term "the Leave-Us-Alone Coalition" to describe the loose grouping of anti-tax, pro-gun and pro-school choice Americans that have a common interest in opposing encroachments of the state.
Cato Institute Best think tank in town. Invaluable policy analysis as well as their Cato Handbook for Congress.
Citizens for a Sound Economy Along with CSE Foundation, CSE promotes good economic policy on all levels, and does a great job in combatting taxes (like the proposed Internet Tax), regulations and Federal arrogance with hard-hitting studies. CSE has offices in many states.
Drudge Report Looking for up-to-date news on what's wrong with Washington? Drudge has it, along with links to wire services, major periodicals and top columnists including some of our favorites like Bob Novak, Bill Safire, Camille Paglia, Jim Pinkerton and Joe Sobran. Read Drudge every day!
Institute for Justice Join Chip Mellor, Clint Bolick and their merry band of litigators as they fight to break up local monopolies, guarantee colorblind institutions and to give parents a real choice in education. Don't neglect their important work!
Institute for Objectivist Studies IOS is dedicated to furthering the philosophy of Ayn Rand, and has many online articles that you'll enjoy.
The RNC The Republican National Committee is Republican Main Street. Hear regular Republican radio addresses suppressed by the media, see GOP TV and read IRS horror stories. Well-organized and useful links to GOP delegations to the House and Senate, State GOPs, Governors' offices and legislative info.
Reason Magazine and Reason Foundation The well-known periodical and its parent foundation and research institute. The Reason Public Policy Institute publishes incomparable and influential studies on privatization, local government and transportation, environmental and education issues.
SpinTech Magazine Mike Allen's excellent online magazine showcasing an array of libertarian thinkers. They often run RLCers' pieces on here. Have a look today, you won't be sorry!
Steve Forbes' Hope, Growth and Opportunity Forbes' issue-oriented organization. Many libertarian Republicans, including the RLC leadership, were enthusiastic supporters of Mr. Forbes in his 1996 nomination bid and see him as an important Republican leader. However, we feel his efforts would be most effective emphasizing limited government across-the-board and reforming taxes and Social Security instead of involving the government in social issues.
S.A.F.E. Based in Delaware, SAFE is a national seniors group focused on the financial welfare of Baby Boomers, Generation X and all future generations. They support Social Security privatization, medical savings accounts, cutting regulations and selling off many government assets. A true challenge to the AARP!
Town Hall One of the oldest and best online conservative and free-market resources for networking in the policy community.
Libertarian Party Advances a pure libertarian platform. Check their periodic press releases on current issues. Although the Libertarian Party performs useful educational and symbolic functions, RLCers feel that we have a better chance of electing libertarians and influencing policy as Republicans.

RLC-Affiliated Legislators and Candidates

Link Description
Sen. Dave Jaye Tireless advocate of freedom in the Michigan State Senate.
Congressman Ron Paul U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is America's most pro-freedom Member of Congress and former RLC Chair.
Murray Sabrin GOP Candidate for US Senate from NJ - first attracted national attention when he ran against Christie Whitman for Gov.
Rep. Brian Thomas Washington State Rep. from Issaquah with a shining pro-liberty record!
California State Assemblyman Bill Eggers
Former Reason Foundation scholar just ran for the seat in California's 53rd Assembly District covering the Venice / Palos Verdes Estates area.

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