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The Republican Liberty Caucus is an the nation's premier organization of libertarian Republicans. The RLC is committed to the principles of individual freedom, free enterprise and limited government. For more information, please visit our website or e -mail the RLC directly.

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If you are interested in forming a campus chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus, please contact:

Ron Lisy
RLC Campus Affiliates Coordinator

27 Greencroft Road
Bedford, OH 44146
home: (216) 556-2510
pager: (216) 302-2963

e-mail: rlisy@officemax.com

Guidelines for Campus RLC Chapters

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Student-Union.Org An excellent resource center and meeting place for students interested in the ideas of liberty. Part of Free-Market.Net.

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The Liberty Coalition at the University of Virginia

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Issues / Research Topics

Civil forfeiture is endangering our liberty at an unprecedented rate. Although the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution affirms that we have the right to be secure in our property and personal effects, law enforcement are confiscating the property and assets of innocent people whom they merely suspect of being involved in crimes. Look to FEAR (Forfeiture Endangers American Rights) for updates and more information on this serious threat to our freedoms. Spread the word!

Stop the National ID Card!! We gotta kill this thing. A national ID means a way for the federales to keep tabs on everyone, all the time. Any time you engage in air travel, banking (like getting a student loan or even opening an account), get a part-time job, receive medical care or buy a gun (Section II of the Brady Act, effective in November will require an 'acceptable' form of ID) it will be duly noted. This is not black helicopter/UN troops in your backyard/Executive Order 0U812 nonsense. It's real, and it makes us steamin' mad. Get more info on the national ID from the Center for Technology Policy

Miscellaneous / Fun Stuff

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