The Sword in the Stone

When I was a small boy, my mother read or told me stories of chilvaric knights, mysterious mages, heroic quests, and tragic betrayals. Later I came to know these stories as the Arthurian Legends, and since then have been hooked forever. The legends have captivated audiences since the High Middle Ages and have been propelled to newer heights with each passing generation. While most considered it just a myth, history tantilizes us with possible evidence while it cloaks the truth in mystery. To all ye grail-seekers, medieval scholars, or just plain romantics, be thee a novice or master, I hope the following links and arch ives lead in thy pursuit. I say "Hail the Knights and their legacy; and let us continue their pursuit for peace, just lives, and the enrichment of life--our own, others, and all the inhabitants of the earth."

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