Welcome to the mystic kingdom of

Myth Drannor

Here's the completed questions for Modern Philosophy-- Modern Questions

Greetings, fellow traveller. Please feel free to explore these sacred vales as I hope thou may find guidence in whatever quest thy heart is set. Pray tell, what is thy trade? Art thou a scholarly mage on the path to knowledge--then seek the castle's library and the Ancient Grimoires within. Or might thou be seeking adventure, fame, and glory in realms far and near--then speed away upon the great, winged back of a Dragon's Flight. Be warned, though, as you cross the bridge--for the temptation of the Siren's Call and her beautiful songs may enchant your soul and lead you to a watery demise. Mighten you stay a while, and listen to my tales which will fill thy mind with Visions of legends, heroes, ladies, and critters. Afterwards, join me in the Mead Hall where you can meet my patron companions.

Off to the side you also see several shrines dedicated to brave warriors, noble souls, and honorable projects. Among these here you see ones dedicated to The Higlander, James Bond, 007, and King Arthur.

Forgive my impudent, heathen manners--introductions be far overdue. I am Travis Low, the Dark Bard, guardian of these fabled lands. If daemons plague your way, or dragon's flame has destroyed one of the trail, or simply thou wish casual banter--please invoke the following incantation to attract my attention.

Spell of Summoning: E-mail

email address: darkbard@grove.ufl.edu

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