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The X-Files is one of the best shows on TV. There are many great X-Files places out on the net. Just look below...

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Agent Dana Mulder's X-Files Quotes

Alexa's X-Files Obsession Page - Pictures, sounds and more. - Collecting, X-Files, Buffy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Xena, Comics, Trading Cards, Games, Videos, Graphic Novels, Toys, Calendars

Apocolypse 2000 - X-Files and Millenium in the same place.

The Art of X

Buy the X-Files Movie and episodes

Buy The X-Files Movie!

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    The Big List of X-FILES Sites

    - Striving to be the most complete list of X-Files sites.

    The Bureau of Federal Investigation

    - Top Secret.

    Celo's Domicile -

    The Complete X-Files links

    - Every kind of X-Files link you can think of.

    The Complete X-Files Page! - Pictures, articles and more.

    The Complete X-Files Page - Images, sounds, episode guide, chat, and more.

    Darrel's X-files Page - Scully and Mulder pictures as well as more links.

    Dave's X-Files Page - Quotes and collector card images.

    Dena's X-Files Page

    - Profiles, picture gallery, episode guide, and more.

    The Eclectic X-Phile Home Page - The truth is here.

    eDrive Web Guide - X-Files feature

    Enrico's X-Files Page

    - More links and info.

    The Gillian Anderson Photo Gallery

  • - Lots of Gillian Anderson pictures.

  • Gillian FOREVER!

    - A Gillian Anderson fan page.

  • The Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade - Guess who this page is dedicated to...

  • GodHugh's X-Files HomePage - What happens when you get the call?

  • The Greatest X-Files Links - A page full of links.

  • Gregg's X-files Page - Home of Gregg's X-Files webring.

  • J's X-Files Page.

  • - Has screen shots, audio files, and other info and links.

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  • Jenifer's X-Files Home Page

  • - Another X-Files page.

  • Julie's X-Files Page

  • - Has some good links and a random conspiracy theory generator.

    I WANT TO BELIEVE - Other links and Top Ten Signs That You Might Be An X-Phile.

    The Links Are Out There - And many of them can be found here.

    The Malta X-Files - Lots of pictures and other stuff.

    Michael's Gillian Anderson Pictures Page - This site contains a number of links to sites containing pictures of Gillian Anderson.

    Moira's X-Files Page

    - More links, a top ten list, and other good stuff.

    Mulder 132's Web Site - Episdoe guide, picture gallery, and more.

    Mulder's Unofficial X-Files Page - Links, episode guides, pictures and more.

    Mulder's X-Files Page - A page with X-Files links.

    The Netpicker's Guide to the X-Files

    The Official Tigger-Sanctioned X-Files WWW Page

    - Has character descriptions and more links.

    Ray's X-Files Page - More cool X-Files stuff and plenty of links.

    Rick's X-File Page - Pictures, sounds, links and more.

    The Singapore X-Files HomePage

    - A really nice X-Files page in Singapore.

    The Spoof is Out There - X-Files parody page.

    Stephen J. Whitefield's Guide to "The X Files" Sites

    The Stupendous Yappi - The X-Files psychic

    The Swedish X-Files Page - Very cool page. Mulderisms and Scullyisms, chat, files, etc.

    Tim's X-Files Card Trading Post - Cards comics and more.

    Truth Decay - An interesting article on the X-Files.

    The Truth is Out There - A good X-Files resource page.

    TVGrid.ComFind X-Files on TV
    The very cool X-FILES homepage

    - Pictures, sounds, surveys, and lots more!

    Welcome to the X-Files Links Page

    - More links...

    The Well-manicured Man - Episode guide, fan fiction, games, humor, and more.

    XFileChic and MulderLuver's Home - Has lots of links, pictures and quotes from the show.

    X-Files - Links and pictures.

    An X-Files page

    - An X-Files page with lots of info, sounds, and other links.

    The X-Files in Argentina

  • X-Files Blood and Light

    - The original how might Mulder come back page. Links, pictures, sound files, episode grading and much more.

  • The X-Files Drinking Game

  • The X-Files Episode Guide - Information on all the X-Files' episodes.

  • The X-Files Episode Poll - Vote for your all-time favorite X-Files episode.

  • X-Files Episode Ratings

    - Gives ratings for each episode and let's you rate them. Your vote counts!

  • The X-Files Exposed

    - An article on the show with interviews of the characters and the creator.

  • The X-Files, a FAQ

    - Another nice X-Files page.

  • The X-Files Italian Home Page

    - An X-Files home page in Italy.

  • X-Files Links - A bunch of links.

  • X-Files Links - More of the same.

  • X-Files Link - You guessed it...

  • The X-Files Page for the Mentally Ins@ne - Photo album, sounds, and much more.

  • The X-Files Quiz

  • The X-Files Romantic Association - Strange...


    - Need anyone say more?

  • The X Summary - Rate each week's episode yourself and see what others have said about it.

    X-Files Terminal Access

    - Has sounds, pictures, and videos (including bloopers clips). Also more links.

    The X-Files Top Ten Lists
    - Different Top Ten lists related to the X-Files.

    X-Files Resource Page II

    - The Australian X-Files Episode Ratings Survey.

    The X-Files Video Page

    - Lots of video clips in Quicktime and AVI format.

    The X-Files Web Page - Season guides, history, actor profiles and more.

    X-Files X-Files X-Files - Lots of interesting information and files.

    The X-Fools - Complete X-Files Humor Site.

    The X-Store

    - The Largest Selection of X-files merchandise on the net!

    The Y-Files - Real life X-Files.

    yusuf's The X-Files Page - Pictures, sounds, info, and more.

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