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You are visitor number to this page since May 17th, 1996.

Welcome to the greatest classic video and computer game web page on Earth! Ok, maybe not quite but eventually there will be plenty of emulators, roms, disk images, magazine scans, etc. for your enjoyment.

Check out my auctions on eBay. I often sell video game related stuff for just about every system.

04/28/2011 - This page is extraordinarily out of date but here for historical purposes. Please visit Megalextoria or the associated forum.

02/27/2003 - Fixed index page for February 2002 issue of VG&CE.

02/26/2003 - Added scans of June, September and November 1989 issues of Video Games & Computer Entertainment. Also added thumbnail indicies for the magazine scans.

08/21/2002 - Recently added scans of the April 1991, July 1992 and February 1993 issues of Video Games & Computer Entertainment.

02/12/2002 - The scans of the January 1991 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment are up now. One day I'll get around to indexing everything. If you would like to donate magazines for me to scan or you want to scan some yourself for me to put up, please contact me at Also, I am looking to possibly buy a CDTV. If you have one you are interested in selling, let me know.

01/14/2002 - The scans of the April 1989 and the February 1991 issues of Video Games & Computer Entertainment will be up shortly. Anybody who has magazines to donate for me to scan or has some scans to donate, please contact me at I'm looking for older Video Game and computer magazines. I'm looking for Any game magazines that cover pre-Playstation systems and any Computer magazines relating to the Commodore 64/128, Amiga, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, or Apple II/IIgs computers. Keep an eye on my eBay auctions over the next few weeks as I will be selling several classic video and computer games for various platforms. More Infocom games up next!

02/20/2001 - I have been adding magazine scans over the past couple weeks. Right now, the complete scans of the January and Febuary 1992 issues of Video Games & Computer Entertainment are up. There will be plenty more to come but scanning them is a slow process. Anybody who has any magazines to donate for this project, please contact me.

01/30/2001 - Began a massive redesign and update to this page. Most of it doesn't work yet but hopefully over the next several weeks ( or months) it will be completed. You can also check out The Dinosaur Act BBS (telnet:// There you can already access tons of message areas and files.

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