Lucy Ellen Hopkins

from the collection of
Bernice Turner de los Rios

Lucy Ellen Hopkins (Thomas Arthur4, Thomas3, Richard2, Benjamin1) was born 21 Aug 1856 in Sturgis, Union Co, KY. She married Benjamin Kerr Turner (called BK) son of James Albert Turner and Elizabeth Elden Minnis on the 7th of Mar 1877 at her parents' home in Sturgis, KY by W. W. Brown, ‘minister of the gospel'. Lucy died 7 May 1934 in Jonesboro, AR, and rests in the Oaklawn Cemetery in Jonesboro rather than the Turner family plot in Corydon, KY.
Children of Lucy Ellen Hopkins and Benjamin Kerr Turner
  1. TURNER, Minnie Belle b: 10 Sep 1886
  2. TURNER, Thomas Arthur b: 11 Feb 1878
  3. TURNER, Bird (Byrd) Clifton b: 11 Nov 1880
  4. TURNER, Mary Lizzie b: 21 Jan 1882
  5. TURNER, Lula Burnice b: 11 Sep 1884
  6. TURNER, William Hopkins b: 21 Sep 1890
  7. TURNER, Lovie Commizalle b: 13 Sep 1892
  8. TURNER, Unnamed Babygirl b: 25 Oct 1894

Not much is known right now about Lucy, but her granddaughter Helen Hetherington Dunn says that she told her children that she, all of her family, and the neighbors all gathered to watch Mark Hopkins (her uncle, according to family legend) leave with others in a wagon train of covered wagons for California, where he became very wealthy.

This may never be proven, though. The story goes that Mark and Mose (Hopkins) were brothers. Mose stole a horse, which was a hanging offense then, so Mark took Mose with him to California. (And here, we thought we were descended from a signer of the Declaration of Independence, but our claim to fame might be a horse thief!)

Thomas Arthur Turner, son of Lucy and BK, became an attorney who helped President V. C. Kays establish Jonesboro A & M college, and became the youngest man ever to serve in the Arkansas State Senate in 1908, 1909 and 1911. He spent several years researching family genealogy in an unsuccessful attempt to prove a connection in the Mark Hopkins estate disputes. (Mark's widow married her interior decorator, and the bulk of the estate went to him and his heirs.)


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