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Warren's Preserve Information

This site contains resources for National Speleological Society members (and affiliates) and their guests planning to visit Warren's Preserve. We'd like this to be one of the Internet's quieter corners. Feel free to bookmark this URL or give it out to those who need it, but please do not link to it from your home page, list it on any search engines, or widely publish it. If you have just stumbled in here by accident, you're welcome to look around. You can learn more about Warren's Preserve or make arrangements to visit by contacting the Florida Speleological Society, a chapter of the NSS. Here is a list of other Florida NSS affiliated groups, one of which may be closer to where you live.

Fissure passageway in Warren's Warren's Preserve includes an unimproved cave which contains no walkways, stairways, railings, lights, or safety improvements of any kind. Dangerous climbing conditions exist immediately inside and outside the entrance gate (ropes are necessary). Certain health and training restrictions apply. All visitors enter at their own risk and are required to sign a witnessed release form in advance. Minors (under the age of 18) must have their parents or legal guardian (proof required) sign for them. If you download the release form available here, it must be presented and accepted before entry is permitted.

Entering upon the preserve property or entering the cave without permission will be considered criminal trespass and will result, without fail, in prosecution.

The release form listed below may be viewed online and printed from your browser or downloaded. The map is only provided to give some idea of the extent of Warren's four miles of passageway. This rough map contains errors and will NOT prevent getting lost. Visiting the rear areas of the cave requires a compass and good cave exploring technique to avoid serious risk. If you have difficulty printing the gif image, the zipfile resource contains the release form in a variety of different formats to suit many popular word processors and printers, please download that. By all means, read the rules and regulations.

Read or download these resources:FilenameLast modifiedSizeDescription
HTM]therules.html30-Oct-98 18:129kVisitor requirements and caving tips.
[TXT]therules.txt30-Oct-98 18:128kSame as above, but ASCII for downloading.
[IMG]warrens.gif04-Jul-95 11:1119kWarren's Cave map, click to view.
[IMG]wc-sm.gif21-Jun-95 20:2033kRelease form, click on it.
[IMG]bc-key.html08-Aug-99 00:004kWarren's endangered species info.
[BIN]warrens.zip21-Jun-95 20:20346kRelease form in many formats, download.

Planning A Visit?

Check the weather and choose from a variety of camping options below.

Florida Weather Information Direct From NOAA

Caver Friendly Campsites:
These are camp sites hosted by other cavers. Usually they are in the country, camp fires and occasional bursts of song are permitted, and there is a garden hose to rinse off your cave clothes. Don't expect a travel trailer hook up, phone, hot shower, or even a bathroom. Still, you may be happier here than at the local commercial campgrounds because your mud and late hours will not be a problem. Freedom and privacy are good. There is generally no cost, but be sure to get permission and pick up after yourselves.

William Oldacre352-332-3010 afn04143@afn.org 1 mileAlachua
Orlando Lanni352-462-1947 olanni@agen.ufl.edu 8 milesAlachua
Kevin Greene352-472-6387 kgreene@gator.net8 milesNewberry

Commercial Campgrounds:
These are less friendly to cavers, but offer hot showers, covered eating areas, and RV hookups. Laundromats may have "No Cavers" signs posted and sometimes theft is a problem. Don't expect anyone to understand your hours or to believe you really aren't homeless. Usually it's best to request campsites away from everyone else.

Ginnie Springs904-454-2202 www.ginniesprings.com
20 Min.Cave dive, swim. Good!
Blue Grotto352-528-5770 www.divebluegrotto.com
1 HourDive, swim
Devil's Den352-528-3344 www.devilsden.com
1 HourDive, swim
Blue Springs904-454-1369904-454-1369 (voice first)14 milesSwim, canoe, dive, hike
Travelers Camp.904-462-2505 dreamcamper@juno.com
904-462-1958 (voice first)
15 Min.Big, like KOA
904-497-2285904-497-2285 (voice first)30 Min.Swim, tube, canoe

Public Campgrounds:
No fires, no alcohol, no guns, no pets, no privacy, and theft is always a concern. At least there are bathrooms (bring your own TP) and the location is usually scenic. Covered eating areas are often crowded when it rains. Campfires not always permitted, bring barbecue charcoal. Less expensive than commercial sites, but don't return from caving too late or you may find yourself locked out. It's still a good idea to request an area away from other campers.

Oleno St. Park904-454-1853904-454-256518 milesSanta Fe River dis-
appears into a cave!
Paines Prairie
352-466-3397352-466-429730 Min.Gators, bison, sand hill cranes
Gold Head Branch352-473-4701352-473-08271 HourCanoe rental, fish, swim
Ocala Nat'l Forest352-625-7470 www.r8web.com/florida
1.2 HoursHuge! Free Primitive camping, shooting, hiking.
Rainbow Springs352-489-5201 www.dep.state.fl.us
1.2 HoursHike, swim, dive.
Ichetucknee Springs904-497-2511 www.isgroup.net/issp/
30 Min.Hike, swim, dive.

Plenty of hotels in the area because of the University of Florida and NHRA dragstrip. Reserve well in advance in case your visit coincides with UF Homecoming, some big sports event, or Gator Nationals. Some have gotten touchy about who they let in after somebody rebuilt an engine in one of the rooms at the Hilton. All of the hotels near Interstate-75 have persistent problems with armed robbery. Be careful! Just a few are mentioned here for convenience. If the ice machine is broken, best to keep it to yourself.

La Quinta352-332-6466352-332-707420 min.I-75 & SR 26, Gvl
Comfort Inn904-462-2414904-462-222015 min.I-75 & 441, Alachua
Days Inn352-332-3033352-332-342620 min.I-75 & SR 26, Gvl.

This information page is under construction and, so, is not complete.
It has been placed here for whatever benefit it can provide in the meantime.
For further information, please call: 352-332-9007

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