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Welcome to Bill's FREEWARE web site. This is not intended to be another overdone home page with all sorts of browser boggling special effects. Rather, it's a simple platform to share some excellent freeware and free services with friends and associates. A place to download free stuff and try it out. Everything here is absolutely legal to use including my own software utilities. I've scarcely advertised this site, so if you've just blundered into it, welcome. Look around and download anything you like. And I mean really look around, this page has a secret. By all means, leave Bill email if you have suggestions or freeware to contribute!

Unlike commercial software, freeware is often a labor of love. Written by public spirited people to solve problems and shared for the good of everyone. The authors are college professors like Timo Salmi at the University of Vasa in Finland, Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation, or Phil Zimmerman who wrote the privacy sustaining PGP encryption program. This site will lean heavily towards Unix style DOS command line utilities because that's where the real power is. Please note that most DOS software will run fine under Windows 3.x, 95, 98, or 2000. Storage space is limited, therefore a great many files cannot be listed at any one time. Instead, I will change the contents as regularly as possible so plan to drop by often. While this is not primarily a Unix site, I have recently added some links to the excellent Linux operating system. Enjoy!

User Alert:
Windows XP users, READ THIS! How would you like to be prosecuted for stealing your copy of XP? Microsoft has found a way. Don't buy it or accept it preinstalled without reading this first! Here's even more.

Freeware Tips:
  1. How would you like to talk with friends or family on the otherside of the planet Earth, complete with live video, for FREE! MicroSoft's NetMeeting software is available from This often overlooked package will permit you to transfer computer files, open a live "drawing board" which everyone can see and draw on, and even share running software, while you talk and see each other. (But you can use it's other features even without audio or video.) On one occasion, we used the pop up chat window to connect people together from Jakarta, Athens, Taipei, and Florida. Important note: When you hear this phone ringing, make sure you're dressed before you answer it :-).

  2. Thieves and vandals have declared open season on the new users flocking to the Internet. Did you know there are many ways for a dishonest hacker to enter your computer and do whatever they want while you're surfing the net? You may not be looking for them, but they sure are looking for you! You won't even know it's happening before you've lost credit card numbers, software, company secrets, or worse. Even the head of the CIA was officially reprimanded for neglecting proper precautions. To protect yourself you need a computer "firewall". This blocks all those unused external ports that Windows leaves vulnerable to the outside world while you're online. OutPost is an excellent freeware firewall. It not only blocks the attempts (we get dozens of hostile port scans every week), but logs information about who did it. You can get a free security scan and learn more from the Shield's Up web site.
(This is honest advice. I'm not affiliated with any of the links above.)

Is this all there is on this site? Maybe not....

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