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So... What exactly is a "Spish"?

Spish is a Cheshire Alien.

Thanks so much for clearing that up. So what exactly is a Cheshire Alien?

A Cheshire Alien is just what it sounds like. Picture the grin...

Okay, so let's be more specific. What does a Cheshire Alien look like?

Sort of a greyish octopus with a face and big eyes. More legs than an octopus, though no one's sure quite how many. It seems to be as many as he needs at the time. He's camera-shy and tends to disappear as soon as I reach for my Canon, but he can't stop me from drawing pictures of him, of course.

So your Cheshire Alien is a "he"?

First of all, he's not "my" Cheshire Alien. He doesn't belong to anyone and I doubt I could control him if I wanted to. And he does have a number of male tendencies, so I've always just assumed. I don't know for sure, of course-- I'm not even sure the question has any meaning.

Okay, but how did he get the name, "Spish"?

It's the sound he makes when he walks. Several people have suggested that it has to do with a scary luncheon meat that comes in a can. Sorry, it's a darling idea, but no.

Interesting. What does he eat?

Most anything I leave around. And there was that terribly embarrassing incident with the neighbor's poodle...

Where does Spish come from?

He won't tell me, at least not specifically. Says my mind couldn't begin to comprehend the distances involved. I do know that he spends a great deal of time watching old "Star Trek" episodes, laughing hysterically.... and when he reads my physics books, he looks at me as if to say, "How is your species still here?"

Why did he come here?

Nitrogen. And oxygen, mostly in the paired-atom variety, Spish found that useful, too. Both elements in gaseous state as an atmosphere, ambient temperatures that keep water mostly in liquid form-- a veritable paradise for any carbon-based critter with a damaged ship and time to kill... and mischief to create.

Nice background, by the way-- it looks sort of like the words are floating in space.

Thanks. I worked hard on it.

And now: A little gem from the Spish Archives

Why does it look like... like... like he has no head?

Ha ha. We artists love it when someone questions the artistic liberties we sometimes take.

More about Spish coming soon.....

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