Our earliest documented WATKINS was Christopher WATKINS born about 1732 in Henrico County, Virginia. Christopher's father is believed to be Thomas WATKINS son of Edward WATKINS of Henrico County, Virginia. Christopher moved to Anson County, North Carolina where he married Jane THOMAS about 1752. The only child we have documented for Christopher and Jane is James WATKINS, born about 1770.

             James married Pheobe De JARNETTE, born about 1778, about 1791 in Anson County, North Carolina. They had nine children. One of their sons, Culpepper R. WATKINS, born 17 November 1806, married Ann Marshall TOMLINSON, born 24 June 1813, about 1838. Their son, Culpepper R. WATKINS, Jr, the fourth of their eight children, was born 18 december 1843. Culpepper married Sarah Elizabeth WOOLEY, born 19 November 1848, about 1864. They left North Carolina December 1889 and moved their family to Putnam County, Florida. Their son, William Tell WATKINS, the fifth of nine children, was born 28 September 1877. William Tell married Ruth Collier OWEN, born 27 August 1886, on 24 December 1903 in Dade City, Florida. Marshall Owen WATKINS, the second of three children born to William Tell and Sarah Elizabeth, was born 04 July 1913. Marshall married Venon Mildred GADDY, born 06 September 1914, on 27 October 1935 in Plant City, Florida. Their daughter, Janice Ruth WATKINS, married Donald Thomas MacCLELLAN, Jr. on 21 november 1956 and connected our WATKINS line to the Mac CLELLAN line. 

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