Our REYNOLDS line has one very confusing spot in the middle. Is our second Larkin REYNOLDS the son of Larkin or the son of Benjamin? Documentation is confusing on this issue. Either way our earliest REYNOLDS was George REYNOLDS born about 1555 in County Kent, England. George married Thomasyn CHURCH. We have no information on Thomasyn. George and Thomasyn's son, Christopher, was born about 1611 in Gravesend, England. Christopher and his wife Elizabeth ? were in Virginia when their son, Richard, was born. Richard REYNOLDS, born about 1641, married Elizabeth SHARP. Their son Richard Junior was born about 1669 in Isle of Wright, Virginia.

            Richard REYNOLDS, Jr. married Mary ANDERSON and their son Thomas was born about 1716. Thomas married Hannah LEWIS. Their son, William, migrated to Abbeville County, South Carolina. William married Margaret HARRIS. They had at least two sons, Larkin, born about 1769, and Benjamin, born about 1775. Here lies the confusion about the second Larkin REYNOLDS. The first Larkin died when the second Larkin was only two. If Larkin was the father, then Benjamin took the younger Larkin in when the elder Larkin died, or the younger Larkin may have been Benjamin's son all along. We have no information on the wives of either the elder Larkin or Benjamin.

            The younger Larkin was born 23 march 1807 in Greenwood, South Carolina. Larkin married Mary SIMMONS. Their son John Simmons REYNOLDS, born 18 April 1841 in Johnston, South Carolina, married Francis BRIGGS, born 14 September 1843, in 1867 in Edgefield County, South Carolina. Their son, George Briggs REYNOLDS, was born 02 February 1874 in Edgefield County, South Carolina. George married Mary Myrtle BOYD, born 22 November 1875, on 08 January 1902. Their daughter Ellie Jean REYNOLDS, born 27 January 1913, married Donald Thomas MacCLELLAN 20 March 1931 in Chicago, Illinois and connected our REYNOLDS line to our MacCLELLAN line. 

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