Our HIBBS line has been traced back to William HIBBS born about 1630 in Gloucherster, England. We have received most of our earlier HIBBS information from internet contacts. We would like to especially thank Charles R. Bourland Jr and Gregory Eck. We have done some research on our Hopkins County HIBBS.

            Nathan H. HIBBS was the first HIBBS in our line to die in Hopkins County, Kentucky. He was born in Virginia to Isaac HIBBS and Elizabeth ROBERTS. Isaac Hibbs had been disowned by the then Low Dutch Church of North and South Hampton (now the Presbyterian Church, Churchville, Bucks County, PA) for marrying outside his faith in the Quaker Church. He followed his brothers to Virginia and settled in Bedford County, where he gave his consent to the marriages of his daughters. He came to Kentucky with Samuel and Nicholas Osburn from Virginia in about 1788-9.

            Nathan H. HIBBS married Mary Rachel "Polly" BOURLAND 01 June 1808 in Hopkins County. Nathan A. HIBBS was born to them 01 January 1825. Nathan A. HIBBS married Nancy D. UTLEY 11 December 1844. One of their daughters Martha Elizabeth HIBBS born in 1852 married John W. MADISON 19 September 1866 in Hopkins County. Thus connecting our HIBBS line to our MADISON line.

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