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First off, a couple of Jen's favorite characters would like to introduce her.

And now, a few words from Jen herself.

A brief summary of features:

Jen is a DJ on Kiss 105, a Gainesville FM radio station with a pop music format. For those of you with a digital tuner, that's 105.3, and for those with analog, get a real receiver--I mean, it's somewhere between 104 and 106 (I sure hope you had already realized that). Jen's normal on-air hours are 9pm-4am weeknights. To find out what other times she might be on the air, send email to Kiss 105.
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Regular Events with Jen Page

At 9pm she kicks off the evenings with the Top Five at Nine, which, as you may have guessed, is the top five most requested songs of the day, except Fridays, when the top five most requested songs of the week are played. When all the songs have been played, one lucky caller will have the chance to win something nice by naming the songs and artists in the order Jen requests.

At 10pm Jen treats us with the Power Plays, in which listeners call in to vote for their favorite of two selected songs. Jen chooses a song to challenge the previous night's winner, plays them both, and announces the winner at the end of the hour. This is a good opportunity to get 20 seconds in the spotlight, as Jen often puts individual callers' votes on the air.

I'm not generally up at this time of evening, so I'm not too clear on all the details, but we'll try to get those and put them on the page. In the meantime, if you have any questions, again, email Kiss 105.

Jen is also a veritable fount of information on various songs, artists, and other subjects, and tends to spout these interesting tidbits throughout the evenings. In addition, she will often relate personal anecdotes on the air, such as the time she decided to wax her legs. These things, combined with Jen's bright and warm personality, make it a real pleasure to listen to her.

To learn more about Jen personally, click >>> HERE <<<.

If you'd like to email Jen, you can contact her here. She says she'll answer just about any question except her home phone number or her address. I don't guess she'd be too keen on giving out her neighbor's home phone or address, either. :)

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