The People I work with at Kiss 105.3

The Morning Flakes - Jeri and Dean
These guys are absolutely nuts! Jeri is my boss ... so I have to only say good things about him in case he checks out my page. He's the most wonderful person to work with and I like him the best of anyone!
Dean is in charge of production and since he's not my boss I can tell you he bosses me around all the time and is never nice to me. But that's not true. He's got an incredible sense of humor and is a lot of fun to work with.
These guys are on from 6am til 10am Monday-Friday and occasionally on the weekends one of them will work a 4 or 5 hour shift. They're not as funny when they're on the weekends.
On Fridays they do the Birthday Person of the Week Drawing. If you have a birthday coming up this week, tell Kiss 105.3 about it and we'll add your name to the Birthday list. Listen in Friday morning to see if Jeri and Dean draw your name for free lunch and free movie tickets.

Taylor Mays
She's on the air from 10am til 3pm Monday thru Friday, and usually she'll do a few hours on the weekend, too. She's originally from North Carolina, so if you have a hard time telling her and I apart, listen for a slight twang. She does a request show from 12noon til 1am. It's an hour of requests for your lunch hour, appropriately called the Kiss Cafe. She'll give ya a chance to win free lunch somewhere, too, so go on, call her! Do it! Call her!

Joe Sharkey
He's on the air from 3pm til 9pm, and he hosts the 5:00 Traffic Jam weekdays at 5pm. (Tune him in in the car on your way home from work/school/whereever). He's definitely my favorite person to work with (after Jeri of course). He's got a dry sense of humor, but hey, he tries. He's been in radio for a long time. It's in his blood. His younger brother is a big time radio guy, too. Joe is attractive and single ... so send him e-mail, he's lonely, girls! One more thing: I've been told he was the President of the UFO club in high school. Don't worry, though, there haven't been any long-term effects (that I know of). Oh yeah, and he's only a few inches taller than me. Maybe that's why I like him so much!

Corey Scott
She's the most hyper person I work with. Just watching her makes me tired. She's a theater major at UF ... so she's really animated. She's the host of the Saturday Night All-Request Party ... so it's a good thing she has a lot of energy! That show will wear ya out! Oh yeah, and a lot of people tell me she looks like Sidney on Melrose Place ... I've never seen the show so I wouldn't know, but in case you were wondering ...

Andru Hawkins
He's the host of the Perimeter. You remember Andy Hawkins ... he worked for Kiss for a long time before I ever started there, then decided to go back to school. He's working with us again part-time ... Ya know, once you get radio in your blood it's hard to ever quit! Drew is one of the best in the business! He definitely knows his music ... tune him in Sunday nights from 8 til midnight.

That's it for the DJs. Other people I work with ...
Steve is one of our remote engineers. He's a lot of fun to work with, even though he picks on me continuously! (Don't let me fool you, I love it!) If you ever see Kiss 105.3 live somewhere ... Steve is usually right there with us making sure we're on the air and sound good! He's also the only person I've seen who can maneuver that Boombox like it's a matchbox car!

Tom is another remote engineer. He loves to be called Garden Boy. You'll see him around the remotes, too.

Roie is another remote engineer. (Get the feeling we have a lot of these?) He's also a rock star ... well, he wants to be. He's in a local band called Mindscape. Check out their homepage. (

If ya know of any other local Gainesville bands that have a page on the web, let me know about it and maybe I'll add their link to my page as well!

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