Here are some of my favorite sites; some are friends, some are informative; all are worth a look.

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Check out my friend Les down under. A real renaissance man!

For those with an urge to trade for or buy exotic shark teeth, be sure to contact Albert.

The late Jim Craig created a great web site on the

Albian Fossils of Kent, England

Andy Nethery's site is devoted to

Cretaceous sharks & rays of Texas.

Pepijn Morgenstern's ambitious fossil site survey Sharkteeth Paleofauna of Egem

Related Links

The best fossil sharktooth site on the Internet,

Jim Bourdon's  massive The Life and Times of Long Dead Sharks

Dr. Ed DeRouin's Fossil Web site has it all, and he is a fellow Floridian.

The Maryland Geological Survey has some interesting fossil pages.

My long time friend in Japan, Tosi, now moderates a new group on fossil and extant echinoids, EchinoWorld.  Many wonderful pictures to help you identify that difficult specimen.

For some lively discussions drop by the Fossil Sharks/Ray and Florida Fossils groups sponsored by Yahoo.

Thanks to the Alachua Freenet for making this site possible.

Bev's ever expanding Colossal Fossil Site will certainly keep you occupied for an evening