A Listing of Fossil Sharks and Rays of the World

Version 32 Copyright 1999 George S. Williams









Class: Chondrichthyes  HUXLEY, 1880

Subclass: Elasmobranchii  BONAPARTE 1838

Euselachii  HAY, 1902[Primitive Sharks]

Cladoselachiformes  DEAN, 1909C

Cladoselachidae  DEAN 1894


Caldolepis gunnelli  WELLS, 1944 - Mid.Dev.: Columbus, OH; IN; Spain        

Cladoselache “Cladodus” acutus (AGASSIZ, 1843) – Fam.: Mae Sariang, Thailand; Germany

        alternatus – Low.Miss.: Des Moines Co., IO

        bellifer - Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR

“Monocladodus” clarkii  CLAYPOLE, 1893B - Up.Dev.: Cleveland, OH

comphoides - Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR

concinnus NEWBERRY, 1875 – Low.Miss.: Warren Co., PA

coniger HAY, 1899 – Low.Dev.: Warren Co., PA

elegans - Penn.: Des Moines/Kokuk Co. , IO

exiles - Up.Miss./Low.Perm.: Washington Co., AR

ferox – Up.Miss.: Putnam Co., IN; Carb.: IO

fyleri (NEWBERRY 1889A) - Up.Dev.: Cleveland, OH

hassiacus (GROSS 1937) - Up.Dev.: Wildungen, Germany

intercostatus - Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR

kepleri DEAN 1909C-?

lamnoides NEWBERRY & WORTHEN, 1866 – Up.Miss.: Putnam Co., PA

magnificus (TOUMEY, 1858) - Up.Dev.: ?AL

micropus NEWBERRY & WORTHEN, 1866 – Low.Miss.: Hancock Co., IL

mirabilis (AGASSIZ 1843) – Penn.: Washington Co., IL; Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland; ?Scotland

newmani (TOUMEY, 1851) - Miss.: AL

pattersoni (NEWBERRY, 1889) - Up. Dev/Miss.: Cuyahoga  Co., OH

        praenuititis – Low.Miss.: Hancock Co., PA

        ssp. – Fam.: Cuyahoga Co., OH; Tou.: Canyon Creek, Alberta, Canada; Ser.: Golden Valley Co., CO.; Miss.: Washington Co., AR;

                        Hancock Co., IL; Otero Co., NM; IN; IO; KY; Gzh.: Pottawatomie Co., KS; Low.Carb.: Myackova, Russia;

                        Penn.: Plattsmouth, NB; Muskogee Co., OK; Low.Perm.: Krasnoufimsk, Kazakhstan

spinosus NEWBERRY & WORTHEN, 1866 – Up.Miss.: Washington Co., IN

succinctus – Low.Miss.: ?Des Moines Co., IO; OH

wachsmuthi – Low.Miss.: Des Moines Co., IO

Deirolepis carinatus (WELLS, 1944) - Low.Dev.: Columbus, OH

Ohiolepis newberryi (WELLS, 1944) - Low.Dev.: New South Wales, Australia; Mid.Dev.: Columbus, OH; Germany

Pristicladodus dentatus  M’COY, 1855 - ?


      Uncertain Family


Iberolepis aragonensis MADER, 1986 - Low.Dev.: N.Spain

Lunalepis leonensis  MADER, 1986 - Low.Dev.: N.Spain


Coronodontiformes  ZANGERL, 1981

Coronodontidae HARRIS, 1950


Coronodus  plademodus - Dev./Penn.: ?

reimanni  BRYANT, 1923 - Up.Dev.: Western NY

Diademodus  “Tiarodontus” hydei  HARRIS, 1951-Up.Dev.: Cleveland OH

sp. - Mid.Carb.: IN, IO

Siamodus janvieri LONG, 1990 - Fam.: Mae Sariang, Thailand


Ctenacanthiformes   ZANGERL, 1981

Bandringidae   ZANGERL, 1969A


Bandringa herdinae  ZANGERL, 1970 – Wst.: Mahoning Co., OH; Pennsylvanian: Will Co., IL

rayi  ZANGERL, 1969 - Penn.: Will Co, IL, IN, PA


Ctenacanthidae  DEAN, 1909


Carinacanthus “Hybodus” jepseni  BRYANT, 1934 – Crn.: Montgomery Co., PA; Up.Trias.: York Co., PA

        lopatini – Carb.: Krasnoyarsk, Western Siberia

Cratoselache pruvosti WOODWARD, 1924 - Low.Carb.: Visean, Belg.

Ctenacanthus “Eunemacanthus” “Megactenopetalus” amblyxiphias (COPE, 1891) – Penn.:Gove Co., OK; Up.Perm.: Morris Co., OK;                               TX

        buttersi “Cladodus occidentalis” “Symorium reniforme”  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 – Low/Mid. Penn.: Eagle Co., CO;

                        Vir.: Bernalillo/Socorro Co., NM; Mid.Penn.: Gila Co., AZ; Penn.: Carlinville, IL; Pontotoc Co., OK; Allegheny Co., PA; OH; KY;

                        IN; Carb.: Russia; Greenland

        cheymungensis CLAYPOLE, 1885 – Low.Dev.: Warren Co., PA

        clarki  NEWBERRY, 1889 - Up.Dev.: Lindale, OH; Low.Carb.: Wadi-Ash-Shati, Libya

costellatus  TRAQUAIR, 1884 - Up.Carb.: Eskdale, Scotland

denticulatus M’COY, 1855 - Low.Carb.- Shropshire, England; Armagh, Ireland

elegans (TOUMEY, 1858) - Dev./Perm.: ?AL

formosus (NEWBERRY, 1879) - Up.Dev.: Vanceberg, KY; MO

fucicarinatus NEWBERRY – Miss.: KYMid.Penn.: Eagle Co., CO

gracilimus - Dev./Penn: Anna, IL; NB

harrisoni ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1883 - Low.Carb.: IL; IO; MI

lamborni WELLS, 1944 – Virgilian: OH; Penn.: Tulsa Co., OK

littoni NEWBERRY, 1889 - Low.Carb.: IL; IO; MI; Wadi-Ash-Shati, Libya

major AGASSIZ, 1835 - Up.Carb.: Bristol, England

marshi NEWBERRY, 1873 – Penn.: Muskingom Co., OH

nodocostatus HOSSAKOF & BRYANT, 1918 - Mid.Dev.: Erian, NY

pellensis ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1883 - Low.Carb.: IL; IO; MI

randalli  NEWBERRY, 1889 - Up.Dev.: Warren, PA

ssp. – Mid.Dev.: Genesee Co., NY; Fam.: Clinton Co., PA; Up.Dev.: Pas de Calais, France; Ser.: Golden Valley/Meagher Co., CO;

                        Low.Miss.: Montgomery Co., IN; Kings Co. Nova Scotia, Canada; Up.Miss.: Cape Breton/Inverness Co., Nova Scotia,

                        Canada; Miss.: Hardin Co., KY; Low.Carb.: W.Australia; Penn.: Washington Co., IL; Greenup Co., KY;

                        Vir.: Socorro Co., NM; Low.Perm.: Washington Co., OH

wrightii   NEWBERRY, 1889 - Mid.Dev.: Erian, NY

Goodrichthys “Goodrichia” eskdalensis (MOY-THOMAS, 1936A) - Low.Carb.: Eskdale, Scotland

Heslerodus “Cladodus” “Phoebodus” divergens (TRAUSCHOLD, 1879) -  Bas.: Steeple Pasture, WY; Mus.: Parke Co., IN;

                        Myachkovla, Russia; Kas.: Moscow, Russia; Penn.: Gurnsey/Lawrence Co., OH; Allegheny Co., PA; OK;

                        Gzh/Ass.: Gulyayeuskaya, Arctic Russia

Hopleacanthus richelsdorfensis SCHAUMBURG, 1982 – Zec.: Wirlbethiere, Germany; Perm.: Hessen, Germany

Suraudalus delepini – Carb.: Denee, Belgium

        ?marshii(LEVI, 1989) – Up.Perm.: Queensland, Australia

        sp. – Carb.: Puertollano, Spain

Tristychius arcuatus  AGASSIZ, 1837- Low.Carb.: Glasgow/Midland Valley, Scotland


Phoebodontidae  WILLIAMS, 1979


Anaclithacanthus semicostatus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Low.Carb.: Burlington, IO

Asteroptychius semiornatus  "bellus" M’COY, 1848A - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

Jalodus australiensis (LONG, 1990) - Fam.: Ghizou Prov., China; Herault, France; Holy Cross Mtns., Poland;

                        Ufa, S.Urals, Russia; Mae Sariang, Thailand; Australia; Tou.: La Serre, France

Phoebodus biturcatus GINTER & IVANOV, 1992 – Fra.: Zigan, S.Urals, Russia

        brodiei WOODWARD,1893 - Up.Trias.: Warwick, England

        “Omaladus” bryanti (GROSS, 1973) – Giv.: Kusnetsk Basin, W. Siberia; Mid. Dev. : Cincinati, OH

        depressus GINTER, HAIRIPALIAN & KLUG, 2001 – Fam.: Central Iran

        fastigatus GINTER & IVANOV, 1992 – Giv. : Kusnetsk Basin, W. Siberia

floweri WELLS, 1944 - Low.Dev.: KY; OH

gothicus GINTER, 1990 – Fam.: UT; Zunuz, Iran; Holy Cross Mtns., Poland; S. Urals, Russia

heslerorum WILLIAMS, 1985 – Fam.: Cleveland, OH

keuperensis SEILACHER, 1948 - Up.Trias.: Wurtemberg, Germany

limpidus GINTER, 1990 – Fam.: NV; UT; WY; Xinjiang, China; Montagne Noire, France; Holy Cross Mtns, Poland

maciasacsi ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 – Giv.: IO

politus NEWBERRY, 1889 – Up.Fam.: IL; OH; Miss.: Deadmans Canyon, Otero Co., NM

rayi GINTER & TURNER, 1999 – Fam.: Melville Island, Canada

sophiae  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 - Giv.: Waterloo, IO

ssp. – Fra.: Poland; S.Urals; Up.Dev.: Alexandria Falls, NWT, Canada; Penn.: Parke Co., IN; NB.;

                     Low.Perm.: Krasnoufimsk, Kazakhstan

    “Bathycheilodus” (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875) - Mid.Dev.: IO

    “Dittodus gracilis” (HUSSAKOF & BRYANT, 1918) - Mid.Dev.: NY

    “Pristocladodus springeri” (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A) - Miss.: Clarke Co., IN; Burlington, IO

turnerae GINTER & IVANOV, 1992 – Fam.: Poland; S.Urals, Russia

typicus GINTER & IVANOV, 1998 – Fam.: ?

Thrinacodus “Diplodus” “Harpagodens” incurvus “ferox” “nanus”  (NEWBERRY & WORTHEN, 1866) – Up.Fam.: NV; UT;

                Thuringia, Germany; Mae Sariang, Thailand; Up.Dev.: Sacremento Mtns., NM;  Ghizhou Prov., China; Talifald,

                Morocco; Queensland, Australia;  Low.Tou.: Novaya Zemlya, Arctic Russia; Tou.: New South Wales, Australia; Alberta,    

                Canada; La Serre, France; Ireland; Vis.: Derbyshire, England; Ser.: Moscow, Russia; Miss.: Burlington, IO; Deadmans 

                Canyon, Otero Co., NM

tranquilis GINTER, 2000 – Fam.: Montagne Noire, S.France


Unnamed Family


Acronemus tuberculatus (BASSANI, 1886) ‑ Mid.Trias.: Lombardy, Italy; Tessin, Switzerland


Desmiodontiformes  ZANGERL, 1981

      Debeeridae LUND  & GROGAN, 1997


Debeerius ellefseni LUND  & GROGAN, 1997 - Up Miss.: Washington Co., AR; Fergus Co., MT


      Desmiodontidae  ZANGERL, 1981


Desmiodus lingoniformis “flabellum” (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875) - Miss.: USA     

tumidus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Miss.: IL; MI

Heteropetalus elegantulus  LUND, 1977 – Up.Miss.: Fergus Co., MT


Eugeneodontiformes  ZANGERL, 1981

Agassizodontidae  ZANGERL, 1981 “Helicoprionidae


Arpagodus rectangulus  TRAUTSCHOLD, 1879B - Mid.Carb.: Gshed, Russia

Agassizodus “Lophodus” variabilis (NEWBERRY & WORTHEN, 1870) – Low.Penn.: Washington Co., AR;

                        Mid.Penn.:Pontotoc Co., OK; Vir.: Socorro Co., NM; Penn.:Brownwood, TX; IL; IO

Campyloprion annectans EASTMAN, 1902B - Penn.: IO

ivanovi (KARPINSKY, 1922B) - Up.Carb.: Urals, Russia

Helicoprion “Lissoprion” bessonowi  KARPINSKY, 1899 - Permian: Russia

 “Parahelicoprion” clerci  (KARPINSKY, 1894) - Low.Perm.: Urals, Russia

davissi  (WOODWARD, 1940) - M.Perm.: W.Australia

ergassaminon BENDIX-ALMGREEN, 1966 - Low.Perm.: Urals, Russia

ferrieri HAY, 1907 – Penn.: Montpelier, IO; Mid.Perm.: W.Australia

nevadensis – Low.Perm.: Pershing/Lander Co., NV

sierrensis WHEELER, 1938 – Low.Perm.: Plumas Co., CA

        ssp. - Perm.: ID; MT; TX; UT; WY; British Columbia, Canada; Svalbard, Norway; Australia; ?Iran; Indochina; Mexico;

                        Pakistan; Russia; Mid.Perm.: Miyagi/Tochigi, Japan

Sarcoprion edax  NIELSON, 1932 - Perm.: Greenland

Toxoprion “Edestus” lecontei (DEAN, 1897) - Penn.: NV


Caseodontidae  ZANGERL, 1981


Campodus agassizianus  DEKONINK, 1844A - Carb.: Scholkowo, Russia; Mid.Carb.: Belg.

ssp. – Penn.: Jefferson Co., MO; Low.Perm.: Krasnoufimsk, Kazakhstan; Belg.

Caseodus “Orodus” basalis (COPE, 1894) - Penn.: Galesburg, IL

eatoni  ZANGERL, & RICHARDSON, 1963 - Penn.: Parke Co., IN; IO

“Agassizodus” uralicus - Carb.: Scholkowo, Russia

Chiastodus obvallatus (TRAUTSCHOLD, 1879B) - Mid.Carb.: Moscow, Russia

Erikodus groenlandicus  (NIELSEN, 1932) - Penn.: USA; Up.Perm.: Greenland; Zec.: Wirlbeltiere, Germany

Fadenia crenulata  NIELSEN, 1932 - Up.Perm.: Greenland; Zec.: Wirlbeltiere, Germany

"Physonemus" gigas - Miss.: OH; Penn.: KS; MS

Ornithoprion hertwigi  ZANGERL, 1966 - Penn.: IN, IL

Romerodus orodontus  ZANGERL, 1981 - Penn., LaPlatte, NB


Edestidae  JAEKEL, 1899


Edestus “Protospirata” “Edestodus” heinrichi – Penn: Washington Co., IL; IO; KY

giganteus  NEWBERRY, 1888 – Carb.: OK

minor - Penn.: KY; Carb.: IN; IO

newtoni CROWTHER, 1915 – Carb.: Brockholes, England

ssp. - Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Henerson/Muhlberg Co., KY; Centerville, IL; St. Louis , MO; Up.Carb.: England; Germany; Russia;

                Zec.: Wirlbeltiere, Germany

vorax  LEIDY, 1855 - Penn.: Carter Co., OK; AR; IL

Helicampodus ealoni  OBRUCHEV, 1965C - Low.Trias.: Armenia

kokeni  BRANSON, 1935 - Up.Perm.: Kimaranwalla, Punjab, India; Pakistan

Lestrodus “Edestus” newtoni (WOODWARD, 1917) - Mid.Carb.: Yorkshire, England

Listracanthus hystrix  NEWBERRY & WORTHEN, 1870A - Penn: Washington Co., IL; Madrid, IO; Kansas City, MO; KS; NB

sp. - Low.Trias.: Wapiti Lake, BC, Canada

wardi - Carb.: Motherwall, Scotland;

Metaxyacanthus “Dactylodus” rossicus (INOSTRANZEFF, 1888) - Carb.: Onega, Russia

Parahelicampodus spaercki  NIELSEN, 1952 - Up.Trias.: Greenland

Physonemus acinaciformis ZIDEK, 1974B – Up.Penn.: Pontotoc Co., OK

        “Drepanacanthus” anceps NEWBERRY, & WORTHEN, 1866 - Penn.: Springfield, IL

        “Xystracanthus” arcuatus  M’COY, 1848A - Low.Carb.: Ireland; Penn.: KS

germatus - Miss.: Keswick, IO

mirabilis ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 - Mid.Penn.: Gila/Payson/Pine Co., AZ

sp. – Low.Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Penn.: Burnside, KY

Prospiraxis - ?

Syntomodus abbreviatus OBRUCHEV, 1964 - Up.Perm.: Yana River, Yakutsk


Eugeneodontidae  ZANGERL, 1981


Bobbodus schaefferi  ZANGERL, 1981- Ass.: Manhattan, KS; Penn.: Madison Co., IO; NB

Eugeneodus richardsoni  ZANGERL, 1963 - Penn.: Parke Co., IO; IN

Gilliodus orvillei  ZANGERL, 1963 - Penn.: Parke Co., IO; IN

peyeri  ZANGERL, & RICHARDSON, 1963 -  Mid.Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Penn.: Parke Co., IO


Hybodontiformes  ZANGERL, 1981

Acrodontidae CASIER, 1959


Acrodus alexandrae WEMPLE, 1906 – Mid.Trias.: Pershing Co., NV

        anningae “curtus” “undulatus” AGASSIZ, 1839 – Sin.: Lyme Regis/Dorsett, England; Belgium; Mid.Trias.:Luxemborg

        bicrasseplicatus XUE, 1980 - Mid.Jur.: Yaojie, China

        cuneocostatus CUNY, RIEPEL & SANDER, 2001 – Ans.: Pershing Co., NV; Carnian: British Columbia, Canada

gaillardoti AGASSIZ, 1837 - Mid.Trias.: Nordhessen, Germany;  Mus.: Le Pradet, France; Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany;

                Lad.: Moersdorf, Luxemborg

georgi MUTTER, 1998 - Mid.Trias.: Monte San Georgio, Switzerland

humilis COOK & RAMSDELL, 1991 – Tha.: NJ

immarginatus MEYER – Mus.: Nordhessen, Germany

lateralis “levis” AGASSIZ, 1837 – Lad.: Moersdorf, Luxemborg; Mid.Trias.: Heming, Moselle, France;

                Monte San Georgio, Switzerland; Rht.: Zwingelhausen, Germany; Cen.: Aktjubinsk, Kazakhstan

mutteri DELSATE & DUFFIN, 1999 - Lad.: Moersdorf, Luxemborg

nobilis “arictis” “giberulus” “latus” AGASSIZ, 1839 - Sin.: Lyme Regis, England; Harga, Switzerland; Belgium

oppenheimei STENSIO, 1921 – Low.Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

oreodontus WEMPLE, 1906 – Mid.Trias.: Pershing Co., NV

scaber  STENSIO, 1921 - Low.Trias.: Spitsbergen, Germany

simplex MEYER - Mus.: Nordhessen, Germany

ssp. - Mid.Dev./Low.Carb.: Queensland, Australia; Low.Perm.: Krasnoufimsk, Kazakhstan; Mus.: Besano, Italy;

                Tecino, Switzerland; Car.: Kalgary, Crosby Co., TX; Sin.: Belgium; Rht.: Somerset, England; Mus.: Le Pradet, France;

                Up.Trias.: Switzerland; Trias.: Kyoto, Japan; San.: Kikno, Russia; Alb.: Kent, England; Camp.: Aachen, Germany

spitsbergensis HULKE, 1873 – Ans: Pershing Co., NV; Low.Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

substriatus SCHMID, 1861- Mus.: Le Pradet, France; Lan.: Moersdorf, Luxemborg; Mid.Trias.: Jena, Germany

vermiformis STENSIO, 1921 – Low.Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

wempliae JORDAN, 1907 – Up.Trias.: Shasta Co., CA

Asteracanthus “Strophodus” biformatus  KRIWET, 1995 - Kim.: Leira, Portugal

aegyptiacus  STROMER, 1922- Cen.: Egypt; Maast.: Mt. Igdaman, Niger

granulosus - Val.: Ste.Croix, Switz.

magnus - Bath.: Ardley, England; Fontenay, France; Baj.: Luxemborg; Kim.: Portland, England; Jur.: Gloucester, England 

ornatissimus AGASSIZ, 1837- Cal.: VachesNoires/Villers-Sur-Mer, France; Kim.: Normandy, France;

                Neo.: Bedfordshire/Peterborough, England; France; Val.: Sulukapy, Kazakhstan; Jur.: Bavaria

ssp. – Mus.: Besano, Italy; Monte San Georgio, Switzerland; Car.: British Columbia, Canada; Baj.: Luxemborg;

                Bth.: Oxfordshire, England; Cal: Wallach, Germany; Trias./Jur.: Switzerland; Mid.Jur.: Northhampshire, England;

                Jur.: Japan; Madagascar; Alb.: Belg.; Low.Cret.: Tunisia; Maastr.: Algeria

Bdellodus bollensis (QUENSTEDT, 1882A)- Low.Jur.: Wuerttemberg, Germany


Hybodontidae  OWEN, 1946


Arctacanthus “Homacanthus” arcuatus  AGASSIZ, 1845 - Dev.: Russia

        “Hamatus” uncinatus  NIELSEN, 1932 - Mid.Perm.: WY; Up.Per.:Greenland; Mid.Trias.: Ehima, Japan

Carcharopsis “Dicrenodus” prototypus (AGASSIZ, 1833) - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

wortheni (NEWBERRY, & WORTHEN, 1866) – Dev.: AL; Up.Miss.: AR

Coleosteus - Dev: ?

Dabasacanthus inskasi  ZANGERL, 1979 - Penn.: Will Co., IL

Doratodus  tricuspidatus SCHMID, 1861 ‑ Mid./Up.Trias.: Jena/Schoeningen, Germany

Echinodus paradoxus  DAVIS, 1884A - Low.Carb.: Yorkshire, England

Egertonodus “Hybodus” basanus (EGERTON, 1845) –Ber.: Eriksdale, Sweden; Brm.: Troyes/Unienville, France; 

                        Low.Cret.: Surrey, England; Anoual, Morocco

fraasi (BROWN, 1900) - Up.Jur.: Bavaria/Solnhofen, Germany; Belgium

"Polyacrodus" parvidens (WOODWARD, 1916) – Tithonian: Charente-Maritime, France; Ber.: Eriksdale, Sweden;

                Hau./Brm.: Unienville, France; Up.Jur./Low.Cret.: England; Apt.: Hood Co., TX ; Alb.: Erath/Waco Co., TX

Eoorodus typus  (BRANSON, 1914) - Up.Dev.: LA, MO

Hamiltonichthyes mapesi  MAISEY, 1989 - Up.Penn.: KS

Heteroptychodus steinmaneiCUNY et. al., 2001 – Vlg./Brm.: Khorat, Thailand

Holmacanthus keithi BARDACK, 1997 – Penn.: Will Co., IL

Hybocladodus plicatus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 - Miss.: Louisa Co., IO

        tenuicostatus – Miss.: KY

Hybodus “Xystrodus” “Leiacanthus” africanus AGGASIZ, 1837 – Low.Trias.: Rouxville, South Africa

apicalis AGASSIZ, 1843 - Trias.: Germany

antingensis LIU, 1962 - Mid./Up.Jur.: Ansai, China

austricus BITTNER, 1898 - Nor.: Austria; Alb.: Erath/Mantague/Wise Co., TX;

butleri THURMOND, 1971 - Alb./Apt.: Waco, TX; San.: Bernalillo Co., NM

clavus XUE, 1980 - Mid.Jur.: Yaojie, China

cloacinus QUENSTADT, 1858 - Rht.: Lons-le-Saunier, France, Sin.: Lyme Regis, England

cuspidatus AGASSIZ, 1843 - Mid.Trias.: Germany

delabechei (CHARLESWORTH, 1839) - Sin.: Lyme Regis, England; Plb.: Bornholm, Denmark; Chassille, France

dubius AGASSIZ, 1843 - Trias.: Elgin, Scotland

ensis WOODWARD, 1916 – Haut./Brm.: Unienville, France; Up.Jur./Low.Cret.: England

grossiconus AGASSIZ, 1837 – Toa.: Luxemborg; Bth.: Oxfordshire, England; Cal.: Vaches Noires, France;

                Kim.: Normandy, France; Up.Jur.: Stonesfield, England

hauffianus FRAAS, 1895 – Toa.: Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany; Luxemborg

houtianensis YOUNG, 1941 - Up.Trias./Low.Jur.: Kunming, China

huangnidamensis WANG, 1977 - Mid.Jur.: Qiyang, China

intermedius OERTLE, 1928 - Mus.: Germany

kollbaensis – Up.Alb.: Kolbay, Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan

lawsoni (DUFF, 1842) - Rht.: Elgin, Scotland

longiconus AGASSIZ, 1843 - Mus.: Baden-Wurtemburg/Nordhessen, Germany

mackrothi GEINITZ, 1861 – Zec.: Wirlbetiere, Germany

major AGASSIZ - Mus.: Nordhessen, Germany

medius AGASSIZ, 1843 - Sin.: Lyme Regis, England

microdus STENSIO, 1921 – Low.Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

montanensis CASE, 1978 – Camp.: Blaine/Mill Co., MT; Natrona Co., NY; MD; NC; Southern Alberta, Canada

mugeoti AGASSIZ, 1843 - Mid.Trias.: Germany

multiconus JAEKEL, 1889 - Mid.Trias.: Nordhessen, Germany; France

multiplicatus JAEKEL, 1889 - Mus.: Nordhessen, Germany

nevadensis WEMPLE, 1946 - Mid.Trias.: Pershing Co., NV

non-striatus WINKLER, 1880 - Trias.: Germany

novus HENRY, 1875 - Rht.: France

obliqus AGASSIZ, 1843 - Mid.Trias.: Europe

"Polyacrodus" obtusus (AGASSIZ, 1843) - Cal./Kim.: Europe; Kim.: Faringdon/Ringstead, England

ornatissimus - Camp.: MT

otschevi MINICH - ?: S.Urals/N.Caspian, Russia

orthaconus PLIENINGER, 1844 - Rhaet.: Germany

“Meristodon” paradoxus – Alb.: Kolbay, Kazakhstan; Cen.: Karamola, Kazakhstan

plicatilus AGASSIZ, 1843 – Lan.: Moersdorf, Luxemborg; Mus.: Le Pradet, France; Rht.: Blue Anchor, England;

                Mid.Trias.: Wurtenburg, Germany; Luneville, France; Monte Sanbiorgio, Italy; Belgium; Bulgaria;

                Up.Trias.: Thuringen, Germany

polyprion AGASSIZ – Bth.: Oxfordshire, England

pyramidalis AGASSIZ, 1843 - Sin.: Lyme Regis, England

rajkovichi CASE, 2001 - Cen.: Itasca Co., NY

rapax STENSIO, 1921- Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

raricostatus AGASSIZ, 1843 - Sin.: Belgium; Lyme-Regis, England; Mus.: Nordhessen, Germany

reticulatus AGASSIZ, 1837 – Bth.: Oxfordshire, England; Het.: Fontenoille, Luxemborg; Sin.: Fouches, Belg.; Plb.: Bornholm,

                Denmark; Helsingborg, Sweden; Lia.: Lyme Regis, England; Low.Jur.: Dorsetshire, England

rugosus PLIENINGER, 1844 - Mid.Trias.: Germany

sasseniensis STENSIO, 1921 – Low.Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

shastensis WEMPLE, 1946 – Mid.Trias.: Pershing Co., NV; Up.Trias.: Shasta Co., CA

similis OERTLE, 1928 - Trias.: Germany

        ssp. – Tou.: Canyon Creek, Alberta, Canada; Mid.Penn.: Gila Co., AZ; Penn.: KS; OH; Low Perm.: Tillman Co., OK;

                        Krasnoufimsk, Kazakhstan; Tat.: Tartarstein, Russia; Ans.: Pershing Co., NV; Car.: Crosby Co., TX; Low.Trias.: Navajo Co., AZ;

                        Mus.: Le Pradet, France; Rht.: Attert, Belg.; Mid.Trias.: Ehime, Japan; Saudia Arabia; Up.Trias.: Kunming, China; Switzerland;

                        Toa.: Nevers, France; Cal.: Vaches Noires/Villers-Sur-Mer, France; Kim.: Ringstead, England; Besola River, Ethiopia; Normandy,                         France;Tithonian:Charente-Maritime, France; Up.Jur.: Lufang, China; Low.Cret.: CO; Apt.: Switz.; Thailand; Cen.:                                        Brezina, Bohemia, Czeck.; Lussant, France; Taouz, Morocco; Tur.: Socorro Co., NM; Tendaguru,

                        Tanzania; Cen./Tur.: Navajo Co., AZ; San.: Chattahoochee Co., GA; Bernalillo Co., NM; Camp.: St. George's, DL;                                         Golden Valley Co., MT; Monouth Co., NJ; San Juan/Sandoval Co., NM; Brewster Co., TX; Milk River, Alberta, Canada;

                        Aachen, Germany; Maastr.: ND; Up.Cret: Mckinley Co., NM; KS, MD, MT, NC, NJ, TX; WY; Gifu, Japan; England;

                        Judithian: Natrona Co, NY

storeri CASE, 1978 – Camp.: Blaine Co., MT; Maastr.: NJ

sublaevis AGASSIZ, 1843 - Rht.: Bebenhausen, Germany

wyomingensis CASE, 1987 - Camp.: Washkie Co., WY

yohi (YANG et al, 1984) - Low.Trias.: Tiandong, China

youngi LIU, 1962 - Up.Trias.: Yenchang, China

zuodengensis (YANG et al, 1984) - Low.Trias.: Tiandong, China

Lambdodus “Dicrontodus” “Dicrentrodus” “Limnoselache” costatus (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875) - Penn.: IL, IO

Moyacanthus thomasi ZANGERL, 1981- Carb.: ?

Nemacanthus monilifer AGASSIZ, 1843 - Rht.: Habay-la-Vieille, Belgium; Austin Cliff, England; Luxemborg;

Nor.: Mederach, Germany; Low. Trias.: Greenland; North America

Onychoselache traquairi  DICK, 1978 - Low.Carb.: Eskdale/Midland Valley, Scotland

Petrodus “Ostinaspis” occidentalis NEWBERRY & WORTHEN, 1866 – Penn.: Rogers Co., OK; Carb.: Sangamon Co., IL

        patelliformis  M’COY, 1848A - Low.Carb.: Dane Valley, England; Low.Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Vir.: Socorro Co., NM;

                        Mid.Penn.: Gila Co., AZ; Penn: Washington Co., IL; Knoxville, IO; St. Louis, MO; IN

sp. – Perm.: Gifu/Tochigi, Japan; Guthrie Co., IO

Pororhiza molimbaensis CASIER, 1969 ‑ Alb.: Zaire

Priohybodus arambourgi D’ERASMO, 1960 – Kim./Tithonian: Jemma River, Ethiopia; North Yemen; Up.Jur.: Conca diel Mal,                                             Somalia; Up. Jur./Low. Cret.: Martinote, Uruguay; Low.Cret.: Touil Dehibat, Tunisia; Alb.: Nayut, Libya

Pristacanthus - Jur.: England

Sphenacanthus serrulatus (AGASSIZ, 1837) - Low Carb.: Edinburgh, Scotland

        carbonarius (GIEBEL, 1848) - Up.Carb.: Ciudad Real, Purelellano, Spain

Styracodus “Centrodus” striatulus (M’COY, 1848) - Up.Carb.: Lamarkshire, England

Thaiodus rochae CAPPETTA, BUFFETAUT & SUTEETHORN, 1990 – Alb./Apt.: Khorat Prov., Thailand; Tibet

Tribodus “Distobatus” limae  BRITO & FERREIRA, 1989 - Alb.: Chapatode Araipe, NE Brazil

sp. – Alb.: Tunisia

Trichorhipis praecursor ZANGERL, 1973 - Penn.: Grundy Co., IL

Wodnika borealis MAISEY, 1982 - Perm.: AL

        striatula “Radamas macrocephalus” (MUNSTER, 1843) - Perm.: Germany


      Lonchidiidae  HERMAN, 1977


Diplolissodus murryi HACKETT, 2001 – Carnian: TX

Lissodus “Acrodus”  africanus (BROOM, 1909) - Mid.Trias.: Bekkerskraal, Karoo Basin, South Africa

angulatus (STENSIO, 1921) - Low.Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

cassangensis (TEXEIRA, 1956) - Scythian: Angola

cristatus DELSATE & DUFFIN, 1999 – Ans.: Moersdorf, Luxemborg; Mid.Trias.: France

heterodon (PATTERSON, 1966) - Low.Cret.: Dorsett, England

hasleensis REES, 1998 – Plb.: Bornholm, Denmark

lacustris GEBHARDT, 1988 - Up.Penn.: Germany

leiodus (WOODWARD, 1887) – Bth: Scotland; Mid.Jur.: Oxfordshire, England

leiopleurus – Bth.: England; Scotland

lepagei DUFFIN, 1993 - Nor.: Grozon, France; Medernach, Germany; Luxemborg

levis (WOODWARD, 1887) - Alb.: Kent, England; St. Dizier/Wissant, France

lopazae SOLER GIJON, 1997 - Up.Carb.: Ciudad Real, Puertollano, Spain

“Polyacrodus” minimus (AGASSIZ, 1939) - Mus.: Nor Aust Quarry, Gloucestershire, England; Le Pradet, France; Nordhessen,                                 Germany; Rht.: Lons-le-Saunier, France; Luxemborg; Up.Trias.: Austria; Belgium; Poland; Switzerland;

                Jur.: Wiltshire, England

multicuspidatus DUFFIN & THIES, 1997 – Kim.: Hildesheim, Germany

murryi – Nor.: Sloan Canyon, Union Co., NM

nodosus (SEILACHER, 1943) – Mid./Up.Trias.: Germany

noncostatus DUFFIN & THIES, 1997 - Kim.: Hildesheim, Germany

nonstreitzi DUFFIN & THIES, 1997 – Up.Jur.: Germany

“Hybodus” “Polyacrodus” obtusus (AGASSIZ, 1837) – Bth.: Kolomenski, Russia; Kim.: Peterborough, England;

                Normandy, France; Tithonian: Charente-Maritime, France

paludinensis (WOODWARD, 1887) – Low.Cret.: England

pectinatus LEBEDEV, 1998 – Low. Carb.: Russia

rhizion (PATTERSON, 1966) - Jur.: Sussex, England

ssp. – Up.Dev.: France; Fam.: Iran; Tour.: Canyon Creek, Alberta, Canada; Kilkenny/Meath Co., Ireland; Vis.: Russia;  Up.Carb.: IW; NB;

                Puertollano, Spain; Low. Perm.: Germany; Low.Trias.: South Africa; Mid.Trias.: France; Ans./Het.: Luxemborg;

                Crn.: Oho Huelos Springs , Valencia Co., NM; Crosby/Howard/ Kalgary, TX; Nor.: Sloan Canyon, Union Co., NM;

                Mid.Jur.: Pakasiguckem, India; Up.Toa.: Nevers, France; Kim.: France; Low.Cret.: CO; Cen.: Fanin Co., TX;

                Camp.: San Juan Co., NM; Up.Camp.: Monmouth Co., NJ; Maastr.: Carbon Co., CO; NC; TX; Lleida, Spain

spinosus SEILACHER, 1948 - Up.Trias.: Wuttemberg, Germany

subehereynicus DORKA, 2001 - Mid.Trias.: Schoeningen, Germany

wardi DUFFIN, 1985 - Bth.: England

wirksworthensis DUFFIN, 1985 - Low.Carb.: Derbyshire/Wirskworth, England

zideki (JOHNSON, 1981) – Up. Penn.: Spain; Low.Permian: TX

Lonchiodon “Lissodus” anitae  (THURMOND, 1971) – Apt./Alb.: Waco, TX; Alb.: Montague/Wise Co., TX

babulskii  (CAPPETTA & CASE, 1975) - Camp.: St. George's, DL; Stewart Co., GA; Monmouth Co., NJ; MD;

                San.: Chattahoochee Co., GA; Maastr.: Hunt Co., TX

breve (PATTERSON, 1966) - Trias.: Atherfield Point, England; Brm.: Isle of Wight, England; Troyes/Unienville, France

        crenulatus (PATTERSON, 1966) – Ber./Val.: England

desaltei (GUENNEGUES & BIDDLE, 1989) - Toa.: France

grewinki (DALENKEVICIUS, 1935) – Alb./Cen.: Lithuania

griffisi (CASE, 1987) - Up.Camp.: Washakie Co., WY

humblei  (MURRY, 1981)- Crn.: Ojo Huelos, Valencia Co., NM; Kalgary, Crosby Co., TX

inflexum UNDERWOOD & REES, 2002 – Ber.: Prubeck, England

marocensis (DUFFIN & SIGOGNEAU-RUSSEL, 1993) - Ber.: Anoual, Morocco; Sigogneav, Russia

microselachos “palustris” ESTES & SANCHEZ, 1982 – Brm./Apt.: Teruel, Spain

selachos  ESTES, 1964 - Camp.: Fossi Forrest, San Juan Co., NM; Big Bend, TX; Mayberries, Alberta, Canada;

                Maastr.: Slope Co., SD; Carbon/Niobrara Co., WY; Lancian: Garfield Co., MT

ssp. - Crn.: VA; Mus.: Germany; Up.Jur.: Tendaguru, Tanzania; Camp.: Monmouth Co., NJ; Milk River, Alberta, Canada

striatus (PATTERSON, 1966) - Brm.: Atherfield Point, England

weltoni  DUFFIN, 1985 - Cen.: Crook Co., OR

Parvodus “Lissodus” curvidens (DUFFIN & THIES, 1997) – Kim.: Goslar, Germany

        pattersoni (DUFFIN, 1985) - Sin.: Huombis, Belgium; Bath.: Scotland; Mid.Jur.: England

rugianus (ANSORGE, 1989) – Ber./Vlg.: Denmark; England; Rugen, Germany; Eriksdale, Sweden

Vectiselachos “Lissodus” “Hylaeobatis” ornatus “pustulatus”  (WOODWARD, 1889) - Cal.: Kirghisia;

                        Brm.: Isle of Wight, England; Unienville, France; Alb.: Erath Co., TX


      Polyacrodontidae GLICKMAN, 1964A


Palaeobates angustissimus (AGASSIZ, 1838) – Lan.: Moersdorf, Luxemborg; Mid/Up. Trias.: Zwingelhausen/Keuper/Crailsheim,

                                  Germany; Svalbord, Norway; Mid.Trias.: Besano, Italy; Monte San Giorgio, Switzerland; France; Up.Trias.: CA

        reticulatus DUFFIN, 1998 - Rht.: Somerset, England

        shatensis BRYANT, 1914 – Up.Trias.: Northern CA

        sp. – Low.Trias.: Wapati Lake, BC, Canada

        verzilini – NESSOV & KASHNYSHKIN, 1988 – Clv.: Kirghisia

Polyacrodus angulatus STENSIO, 1921- Low.Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

brevicostatus  PATTERSON, 1966 - Low.Cret.: England; Alb.: McPherson Co., KS; Waco, TX

bucheri CUNY, RIEPPEL & SANDER, 2001 – Ans.: NW NV; Lnd./Crn.: British Columbia, Canada

claveringensis STENSIO, 1932 - Low.Trias.: Greenland

cloacinus (QUENSTADT, 1858) - Rht.: Attert, Belgium; England; France; Germany; Poland; Switzerland

contrarius JOHNS, BARNS & ORCHARD, 1997 – Lnd./Crn.: British Columbia, Canada

grammani DUFFIN & THIES, 1997 - Kim.: Goslar, Germany

howeliensis DUFFIN, 1998 - Rht.: Somerset, England

illingsworthi (DIXON, 1850) ‑ Alb.: Kursk‑Region, Russia; Cen.: England; Tur.: Dallas, TX

polycyphus (AGASSIZ, 1843) - Mid.Trias.: Nordhessen, Germany; France

pyramidalis STENSIO, 1921- Up.Trias.: Spitzbergen, Germany

        ssp. – Ans.: Pershing Co., NV; Mid.Trias.: Besano, Italy; Ehime, Japan; Monte San Giorgio, Switzerland; Rht.: Habay, Belgium;     

                   Het.: Fontenoille, Luxemborg; Toa.: Nevers, France; Clv.: Villers-Ser-Mer, France; Bth.: Contouville, France;

                   Mid.Jur.: Pakisigudem , India;  Kim.: Abingdon, England; Normandy, France; Hau.: Unienville, France;

           Alb.: Kent, England; St. Dizier, France; Kazakhstan; Cen.: Lussant, France; Tur.: Grant Co., SD

        tiandongensis WANG et al, 2000 - Low.Trias.: Tiandong, Guangxi, China

tregoi RIEPPEL, KINDELMANN & BUCHER, 1996 – Ans.: Pershing Co., NV

woodwardi DOLLO, 1929 - San.: Lonzee, Belg.


Protacrodontoidea  ZANGERL, 1981 “Tamiobatidae


Deihim mansureae  GINTER, HAIRIPALIAN & KLUG, 2002 – Fam.: Central Iran

Holmesella equilaterata “quadrata”  GUNNEL, 1933 - Vis.: Fifeshire, Scotland; Penn.: MI; Up.Carb.: Queensland, Australia

Protacrodus aequalis IVANOV, 1999 – Fam.: Melville Island, Canada; N.Russia

        orientalis LIGUOQING, 1988 – Miss.: Deadmans Canyon, Otero Co., NM

        serra GINTER, HAIRIPALIAN & KLUG, 2001 – Fam.: Charisheh, Central Iran

        sp. – Miss.: Deadmans Canyon, Otero Co., NM

        vetustus  JAEKEL, 1921- Fam.: NV;UT; Up.Dev.: Queensland, Australia; Wildungen, Germany; Kowala, Poland;

                        Tou..:La Serre, France; Miss.: Otero Co., NM

Tamiobatis vestutus (EASTMAN, 1897) - Up.Dev.: OH; Miss.: Powell Co., KY

ssp. - Up.Dev.: North America; Europe; Penn.: North America


Pseudodalatiidae  REIF, 1978


Pseudodalatias barnstonensis SYKES, 1971 - Up.Trias.: Lombardy, Italy; France;  Rht.: Barnstone, England; Attert, Belgium


Ptychodontidae JAEKEL, 1898


Ptychodus altior AGASSIZ – Up.Cret.: Kent, England

        anonymus WILLISTON, 1900 - Cen.: Baca Co., CO; Russel Co., KS; Hardin Co., NM; Bell Co., TX; Brezina, Czeck.;

                        Cen./Tur.: Luna Co., NM; Butte Co., SD; Tur.: Ellis Co., KS; Quay/Socorro Co., NM; Dallas/Grayson Co., TX; West. Australia;                         Up.Cret.: Petro Co., MT; Denton Co., TX; Kane Co., UT; MS; SD

bellucii  BONARELLI, 1899 - Camp.: Westfalen, Germany

chapelli REINHARDT, 1951 - Tur.: Tolima, Columbia   

        decurrens (AGASSIZ, 1848) -  Low.Cret: Kane Co.,UT; Alb.: Lake Texoma, TX; Europe; West. Australia; Cen.: Baca Co., CO;

                        Navajo Co., AZ; Russel Co., KS; Bell Co., TX; Brezina, Czeck.; Milheim, Germany; Zimapan, Mexico; Tur.: Butte Co.,

                        SD; Dallas Co.; TX; Kent, England; Normandy, France; Up.Cret.: AZ; NB; Belgium; Italy   

elevatus – San.: Chilisay, Aktujubinsk, Kazakhstan

        latissimus (AGASSIZ, 1835) -  Tur.: Dallas Co.; TX; Con.: Ellis Co., TX; Cen.: Brezina, Czeck.; Tur.: Israel;

`                       Up.Cret.: KS; Hokkaido, Japan; Kent, England; Mangshlak, Kazakhstan; Germany; Italy

mammillaris (AGASSIZ, 1835) -  Cen.: Brezina, Czeck.; Vaches Noires, France; West. Australia; Cen./Tur.: Navajo Co., AZ;

                Tur.: Montgomery, AL; Ellis Co., KS; Dallas Co.; TX; Betrechies, France; Con.: Hokkaido, Japan; San.: Kikno, Russia;

                Camp.: Hunt Co.,TX; Cret.: Russel Co., KS; Kent/Sussex, England; Chilisai/Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan

mantelli MANTELL, 1839 - San.: Lowndes Co., MS

martini “connellyi” WILLISTON, 1900 – Alb./Apt.: Japan; Tur.: Ellis Co., KS; Denton Co., TX; Tolima, Columbia; Con.: KS;

                Camp.: Gove Co., OK; Fanin/Dallas/Waco Co., TX

mortoni MANTELL, 1839 – Tur.: Butte Co., SD; Brewster/Dallas Co., TX; Xilital, Mexico; Con.: Ellis/Travis Co., TX;

                Con./San.: Pence, Bernalillo Co., NM; San.: Chattahoochee Co., GA; Camp.: England; Maastr.: Weston Co., WY; SD;

                Up.Cret.: Hale/Montgomery Co., AL; KS

occidentalis (LEIDY, 1868) -  Cen.: Baca Co., CO; Russel Co., KS; Butte Co., SD; Fall River Co., TX; Brezina, Czeck.;

                Tur.: Dallas Co.; TX; Up.Cret.: Fanin Co., TX; KS

oweni DIXON, 1850 - Up.Cret.: Kent, England

polygyrus (AGASSIZ, 1835) - Cen.: Black Hills, SD; AL; Brezina, Czeck.; Tur.: Sandoval/Socorro Co., NM; Dallas/Travis

                 Co.,TX; Kent/Sussex, England; Alb./Cen.: Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan

rugosus (DIXON, 1850) ‑ Con.: Saskatchewan, Canada; San.: TX; Alb./Cen.: Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan; Up.Cret.: Kent, England

ssp. – Tur.: Sandoval Co., NM; Angola; Cen./Tur.: Luna/Sandoval/Sante Fe Co., NM; Con.: Ellis Co., TX; Kane Co., UT;

                Up.Cret: Contra Costa Co., CA; Russel Co, KS; W.Australia

        whippleyi (MARCOU, 1858) - Mid.Cret.: Grant Co., SD; Tur.: Navajo Co., AZ; Pueblo Co., CO; Ellis Co., KS; Socorro Co., NM;

                        Butte Co., SD; Dallas/Denton Co., TX; Peyotes, Mexico; Con.: Ellis Co., TX; Up.Cret.: Weston Co., NY


Steinbachodontidae REIF, 1980


Steinbachodus  ‘Lissodus” "Bahariyodon" bartheli (WERNER, 1987) – Cen.: Egypt; Gara es Sabaa, Morocco

        estheriae REIF, 1980 - Crn.: S.Germany


      Uncertain Family


Arauzia federico MADER, 1986 – Low.Dev.: Northern Spain


Mongolepidiformes  KARATAJUTE-TALIMAA & NOVITSKAYA, 1990

      Mongolepididae  KARATAJUTE-TALIMAA & NOVITSKAYA, 1990


Mongolepis rosmanae  KARATAJUTE-TALIMAA & NOVITSKAYA, 1990 – Low.Sil.: Western Mongolia

Polymerolepis whitei – Loc.: Man on the Hill, McKenzie Mountains, North West Territory, Canada

Shiqianolepis hollandi   SANSOM, ALDRIDGE & SMITH, 2000 – Low.Sil.: Shiqian/Ghizhou, China

Sodolepis lucens KARATAJUTE-TALIMAA & NOVITSKAYA, 1990 - Low.Sil.: W. Mongolia

Teslepis jucunda KARATAJUTE-TALIMAA & NOVITSKAYA, 1990 – Low.Sil.: W. Mongolia

Xinjiangichthys pluridentatus  WANG, ZHANG & WANG et ZHU, 1998 – Lla.: Xinjiang, China

        tarimensis    WANG, ZHANG & WANG et ZHU, 1998 – Lla.: Xinjiang, China


      Sinacanthidae  ZHU, 1998


Neosinacanthus planispinatus P'AN & LIU, 1975 - Sil.: China

Sinacanthus boliviensis GAGNIER, et.al., 1988 - Low.Dev.: Seripona, Bolivia

        fancunensis LIU, 1973 - Sil.: China

        triangulatus P'AN & LIU, 1975 - Sil.: China

Tarimacanthus bachuensis ZHU, 1988 - Low.Sil.: Xinjiang-Uygur, Badu, China


      Unnamed Family


Elegestolepis conica KARATAJUTE-TALIMAA & PREDTECHEMSKY, 1995 – Lla.: Nivya-Beresova, Siberia

        grossi  KARATAJUTE-TALIMAA, 1973 - Lud.: Baital, Tuva, Russia

Kannathalepis milleri  MARSS &  GAGNIER, 2001 – Wen.: Nunavut, Baille-Hamilton Island, Canada


Orodontiformes  ZANGERL, 1981

Orodontidae  DEKONINCK, 1878


Hercynolepis meischneri  GROSS, 1973 - Up.Dev.: Herz Mtns., Germany

Leiodus calcaratus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Miss.: IN; Low.Penn.: Washington Co., AR

Lophodus didymus – Dev.: Armagh, Ireland

        gibberulus ROMANOVSKY, 1864A – Dev.: ?Russia

        irregularis - ?

        marginalis ROMANOVSKY, 1864A - ?Dev.: Russia

Mesodmodus exculptus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Miss.: Burlington, IO

        sp. – Tou.: S.Urals, Russia

Orodus cinctus  AGASSIZ, 1838 - Low.Carb.: Bristol, England

corrugatus ROEMER, 1942 - Low.Perm.: TX

daedelus - Miss.: Washington Co., AR

greggi  ZANGERL - Penn.: Parke Co., IN

micropterygius  ZANGERL - Penn.: Parke Co., IN

ramosus “major” AGASSIZ, 1838 - Low.Carb.: Bristol, England

variabilis  NEWBERRY, 1875 - Up.Dev.: Vanesburg, KY; Miss.: Keswick, Keokuk Co., IO

ssp. – Fam.: UT; Up.Dev.: Cleveland, OH; NW Terrritory, Canada; Tou.: Canyon Creek, Alberta, Canada;

Miss.: Washington Co., AR; Grizzly Creek, CO; Washington Co., IN; Augusta, IO; IL; Otero Co., NM; Low.Carb.: Tubas, Eastern Iran; Gzh.: Wabaunse Co., KS; Ass.: Case Co., KS; Mid.Penn.: Gila Co., AZ; Penn.: Washington Co., IL; Graham, TX; Carb.: England; Europe; W.Australia; Perm.: Coconino Co., NM


      Psammodontidae  DEKONINCK, 1878


Lagarodus angustus (ROMANOVSKY, 1864) – Mid.Penn.: Gila Co., AZ; Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Carb.: NM; OH; Moscow, Russia

Psammodus canaliculatus – Carb.: Wales

        porosus – Up.Miss.: Putnam Co., IN; Carb.: Ireland

        rugosus AGASSIZ – Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland; Carb.: ?Scotland

ssp.- Tou.: Canyon Creek, Alberta, Canada; Vis.: Monroe Co., IN; Benburb, Ireland; Miss.: Olive Hill, KY; Augusta, IO;

                Penn: AL; IO; Low.Carb.: Queensland, Australia; Carb.: NW MT; Gloucester, England; Mjatschkowa, Russia;

                Salop, Wales

springeri - Up.Miss./Low.Penn.: Washington Co., AR

turgidus - Carb.: Peski, Russia; Beith, Scotland

Stamiobatis sp. - Penn.: TX


Petalodontiformes  ZANGERL, 1981 “Bradyodontii”

Janassidae JAEKEL, 1898


Fissodus “Cholodus” bifidus (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A)- Miss.: IL

ssp. – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT; Carb.: England

inaequalis - ?  tricuspidatus - ?

Janassa “Trilobites” bituminosa (SCHLOTHEIM, 1820) - Up.Perm.:  NB; Durham\Midridge, England; Germany

clarkii LUND, 1989 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

clavata M’COY, 1855 - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

kochi NIELSEN, 1932 - Up.Perm.: Greenland; Germany

korni (WEIGELT, 1930) – Zec.: Wirlbeltiere, Germany

linguaeformis (ATTHEY, 1869D) – Wst.: Newshame Gallery, Northumberland, England

ssp. - Low.Carb./Perm.: Czeck.; Greenland; Germany; England; Russia; Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR;

                Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Rock Bluff; NB

unguicula (EASTMAN, 1903) Wst: Newshame Gallery, England; Up.Perm.: Greenland


Petalodontidae  NEWBERRY, & WORTHEN, 1866


Ageleodus “Calloptistalus” “Ctenoptychius” pectinatus (AGASSIZ, 1838 ) – Fam.: Clinton Co., PA; Vis.: Scotland;

                Wst.: Mahoning Co., OH; Nova Scotia, Canada; Up.Miss.: Fergus Co., MT; Low.Carb.: NV; Queensland, Australia;        Manchester/Essex, England; N.America; Russia

Antliodus “Chomatodus” cucullus – Carb.: IL

        mucronatus  “minutus “ NEWBERRY, & WORTHEN, 1866 - Miss.: Alton, IL

ssp. - Carb.: NB; Belg.; England; Russia

wisei (WOODWARD, 1919) - Low.Carb.: Scotland 

Bellentsia ellefseni LUND, 1988 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

Chomatodus “Palaeobatis” “Psammodus” arcuatus – Miss.: Adams Co., IO

        inconstans - Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR

        linearis  AGASSIZ, 1838 - Low.Carb.: Bristol, England

        multiplicatus – Miss.: Washington Co., IL; St. Louis, MO

ssp. – Tou.: Canyon Creek, Alberta, Canada; Low.Miss.: Hancock Co., IL; Carb.: Belg., England

Ctenopetalus occidentalis ST. JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 - Up. Miss.: Washington Co., AR

        "Ctenoptychius" serratus DAVIS, 1881 - Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT; Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland; Beith, Scotland

Ctenoptychius  “Euctenius” “Petalodus”apicalis  AGASSIZ, 1838 - Wst.: Staffordshire, England

“Euctenius” elegans  (TRAQUAIR, 1881)- Low.Carb.: Edinburgh, Scotland

semicirularus – Carb.: NB

sp. - Miss.: Keokuk, IO; PA; Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR Mid.Penn.: Carter Co., OK; Penn.: Brownwood, TX;

                Wst.: Jefferson Co., OK

unilateralis (BARKAS, 1874) – Wst.: Newshame Gallery, Northumberland, England

Glyphanodus tenuis (DAVIS, 1883A) - Low.Carb: Yorkshire, England

Harpacodus “Petalodus” dentatus (OWEN 1845B) - Low.Carb.: Kent, MI; Armagh, Ireland

Lisgodus curtus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Miss.: IO

ssp. - Miss.: Perry Co., IN

Neopetalodus japonicus ‘MURATA & UYEMO, 1979 - Mid.Perm.: Gifu, Japan

Paracymatodus “Cymatodus” “Helodus” plicatulus (TRAUTSCHOLD, 1879B) - Mid.Carb.: NB; Moscow, Russia; Queensland,


Petalodus “Chomatodus” acuminatus (AGASSIZ, 1838) - Low.Carb.: Durham, England; Penn.: Washington Co., IL; IN

allegheniensis LEIDY- Penn.: Graham, TX; NB; ?AL

diahoaensis – Famennian: Ghizou Prov., China

laevissimus - Carb.: Armaugh, Ireland

        ohioensis (SAFFORD, 1853) - Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR; Gzh.: Pottawatomie Co., KS;  Mid.Penn.: Gila Co., AZ; Penn.: Eagle Co., CO;

                        Guernsey Co, OH; Muskogee Co., OK; Allegheney Co., PA; Brown\Jack Co., TX; KS; NM; TreVenezie, Italy;

                        Karavanke Mtns, Slovenia; Switzerland

        ssp. -  Tour.: Canyon Creek, Alberta, Canada; Up.Miss.: Washington Co., IL; Miss.: Washington Co., AR; Bullit Co., KY;                                          Conemaugh, WV; Low.Carb.: Belg.; France; England; Mid.Carb.: Russia; Up.Carb.: Greenland; Penn.: Coconio Co., AZ;

                        St. Louis, MO; KS

Polyrhizodus “Dactylodus” digitatus LUND, 1983 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

        magnus  M’COY, 1848A - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

        radicans MORRIS & ROBERTS,  ?1862- Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

ssp. “Petalodus grandis” – Tou.: Canyon Creek, Alberta, Canada; Miss.: Bullit Co., KY; Up.Miss.: Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada;

                Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Low.Carb.: England; Low./Mid.Carb.: Myackova, Russia

Serratodus elegans (DEKONINCK, 1878A) - Low.Carb.: Visean, Belg.

sp. - Low.Perm.: Krasnoufimsk, Kazakhstan

Siksika ottae LUND, 1989 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

Tanaodus “Chomatodus” bellicinctus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Miss.: IL

ssp. - Miss.: Belg.; England; France; USA

Xystrodus angustus AGASSIZ, 1843 – Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland


Pristodontidae   WOODWARD, 1889


Calopodus  “Cranodus” apicalis (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875) - Low.Penn.: Washington Co., AR; Penn.: IO

Megactenopetalus kaibabanus DAVID, 1944 - Perm.: AZ; Up.Perm.: China; Iran

Mesolophodus problematicus (WOODWARD, 1889)- Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

Peripristis “Ctenoptychius” semicircularis (NEWBERRY, & WORTHEN, 1866)- Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Coleman Co., TX; IN

Petalodopsis tripartitis (DAVIS, 1883)- Carb.: Yorkshire, England

Petalorhynchus beargulchensis LUND, 1989 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

        benniecana - Carb.: E.Kilbride, Scotland

“Petalodus” psittacinus (M’COY, 1855A) - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

spatulatus - Low.Penn.: Washington Co., AR

ssp. - Miss.: USA; England; Russia; ?Up.Perm.: Pakistan

Pristodus facaltus  DAVIS, 1883 - Low.Carb.: Yorkshire. England

sp. - Low.Carb.: England



Squatinactidae ZANGERL, 1981


Squatinactis caudispinatus LUND & ZANGERL, 1974 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

montanus LUND & ZANGERL, 1974 -  Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT


Symmoriiformes  ZANGERL, 1981

Falcatidae  ZANGERL, 1990


Damocles attenuatus (DAVIS, 1843) – Miss.: North America

        serratus LUND & ZANGERL, 1974 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

Falcatus falcatus (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875) - Miss.: Kinderhockian, IO; Fergus Co., MT; Armagh, Ireland


Stethacanthidae  LUND, 1974


Akmonistion zangerli  COATES & SEQUERIA, 2001 – Ser.: Bearsden, Scotland

Bethacanthus insolitus ZANGERL, 1990 - Up.Carb.: IN

“Cladodoides” wildungensis  JAEKEL, 1921- Up.Dev.: Wildungen, Germany

Orestiacanthus fergusi LUND, 1984 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

Stethacanthus “Physonemus” “Lamdodus” altonensis “tumidus” (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875) – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT;

                        Penn.: Athens Co., OH

        longipeniculus ZANGERL, 1990 - Up.Carb.: IN

mirabilis - Penn.: TX

praecursor HUSSKOF & BRYANT, 1918 - Mid.Dev.: NY

productus  LUND & ZANGERL, 1974 – Up. Miss.: Fergus Co., MT

resistens GINTER, 2002 – Fra./Fam.: Holy Cross Mtns., Poland; S. Urals, Russia; Moravia; Fam.: Morocco

sp. – Up. Dev./ Perm.: Russia; Famenian: UT; La Serre, France; Chahrisch, Iran; Miss.: Pontotoc Co., OK

thomasi TURNER 1982 - Low.Carb.: W.Australia


Symmoriidae  DEAN, 1909


Cobelodus “Styptobasis” aculeatus (COPE, 1894 )- Vir.: Kinney Brick Quarry, Bernalillo Co., NM; Penn.: Knoxville, IL; NB

Denaea fournieri  PRUVOST, 1922A - Low.Carb.: Denee, Belg.; Bearsden, Scotland

        meccaensis (WILLIAMS, 1985)- Up.Carb.: IN

ssp. - Penn.: Parke Co., IN; OH

Symmorium “Cladodus” decora IVANOV, 1999 – Up.Dev./Low.Perm.: Novaja Zemlaja, N.Russia

        “Gutterensis” neilsoni  (TRAQUAIR, 1898B) - Low.Carb.: East Kilbride, Scotland

ssp. – Fam.: NV; UT; WY; La Serre, France; Mae Sariang, Thailand; Up.Dev./Low.Carb: New South Wales, Australia; Miss: IL;

                Up.Penn.: Pontotoc Co., OK; Low.Carb.: Germany; Up.Carb.: NM; Permian: Coconino Co., AZ; Gifu, Japan


Xenacanthiformes BERG, 1955A

Diplodoselachidae DICK, 1981


Diplodoselache woodi  DICK, 1981 - Low.Carb.: Midland Valley, Scotland


Xenacanthidae  FRITSCH, 1889B


Anodontacanthus acutus DAVIS, 1881B - Up.Carb.: Yorkshire, England

        “Platyacanthus” avirostratus (ZIDEK, 1978) – Low.Perm.: Tillman Co., OK

        belemnoides ZIDEK, 1978 – Up.Penn.: Jefferson Co., OK

        pussillus HUSSAKOF & BRYANT, 1918 - Mid.Dev.: NY

        sp. SIMPSON, 1976 – Low.Perm.: Tillman Co., OK

        “Platyacanthus” ventricosus (FRITSCH, 1889) – Up.Carb.: Kounova, Czech.

Antarctilamna prisca YOUNG, 1982 - Giv.: New South Wales, Australia, Antarctica; Bolivia; Iran; Saudia Arabia; Dev.: South Africa

        seriponenesis GAGNIER, et.al., 1988 - Low.Dev.: Seripona, Chuquisica, Bolivia

Bohemiacanthus “Iriodus” “Explueracanthus” “Plueracanthus” carinatus (FRITSCH, 1890) – Up. Carb.: Kostalou, Germany;

                        Aut.: Horni Kalna, Bohemia, Czeck.

         comailli HEYLER & POPLIN, 1982 - Stp.: Saoene et Lorraine, France

        ?oelbergensis (FRITSCH, 1890) – Rot.: Oliveten, Germany

Bransonella tridentata HARLTON, 1933 - Penn.: OK

        sp. – Fam.: City Creek Canyon, UT; Timano-Perchora, Russia

Dittodus grabaui HUSSAKOF & BRYANT, 1918 - Mid.Dev.: NY 

        priscus/striatus EASTMAN, 1899 - Ser.: Golden Valley Co., CO; Mid.Dev.: NY

Lebachanthus senkenbergianus (FRITSCH, 1889) – Aut.: Rausbach, Germany

Orthacanthus “Cosmsacanthus” “Diplodus” bohemicus FRITSCH, 1889 – Wst.: Ngran/Prague, Czech.

        boxieri HEYLER & POPLIN, 1989 – Up.Carb.: Chatearoux, France

        cylindricus (AGASSIZ, 1843) - Up.Carb.: Manchester, England; Permian: Germany; USA

        gibbosus BINNEY, 1840 – Up.Carb.: Manchester, England

        huberi ZIDEK, 1992 – Vir.: Kinney Brick Quarry, Bernalillo Co., NM

        kounoviensis FRITSCH, 1889 – Stp.: Kounova, Czech.

        meridionalis SOLER-GIJON, 1997 – Stp.: Puertollano, Spain

"Diacranodus" platypternus (COPE, 1884) – Perm.: Baylor Co., TX

ssp. –  Carb.: Puertollano, Spain; Wst: Mahoning Co., OH; Penn.: Sandoval/Socorro Co., NM; Vir.: Brown Co., KS;

                Low.Perm.: Tillman Co., OK; Perm.: Archer/Baylor Co., TX; Germany

Phicacanthus biserialis  DAVIS, 1874 - Up.Carb.: Halifax, England

Plicatodus jordani HAMPE, 1995 – Rot.: Saar-Nahe Basin, Germany

        plicatus (FRITSCH, 1889) – Stp.: Rakonz, Bohemia, Czeck.

        santosi (WORDIG & MARCID, 1975) – Up. Perm.: Porte Alegre, Brazil

Triodus kraetschmeri HAMPE, 1989 – Up. Carb./Perm.: Saar-Nahe Basin, Germany

        lauterensis HAMPE, 1989 – Up. Carb./Perm.: Saar-Nahe Basin, Germany

        obscurus HAMPE, 1989 – Up. Carb./Perm.: Saar-Nahe Basin, Germany

        palatinus HAMPE, 1989 – Up. Carb./Perm.: Saar-Nahe Basin, Germany

        sessilis JORDAN, 1849A – Perm.: Ordenheim, Germany

        sp. – Carb.: Puertollano, Spain; Low.Perm.: Muse, France

Xenacanthus “Hypospondulus” “Orthacanthus” “Pleuracanthus” alatus (DAVIS, 1880) – Wst.: Tengley, Yorkshire, England

        arcuatus – Wst.: Jefferson Co., OH

        compressus – Mid.Penn.: Grundy Co., IL; Up.Penn.: Jefferson Co., OK; Penn.: Linton, OH; TX; Ass.: NB;

                        Low.Perm.: Grant/Tillman Co., OK; Perm.: UT

decheni (GOLDFUSS, 1847) - Penn.: TX; Autunian: Krkonose, Czeck

denticulatus (DAVIS, 1892) – Wst.: Newsham Colliery, Northumberland, England

erectus (DAVIS, 1892) – Wst.: Tingley, Yorkshire, England

gibbosus AGASSIZ – Carb.: Bohemia, Czeck.

gracilis (NEWBERRY, 1875) – Wst.: Jefferson Co., OH; Low.Perm.: Grant Co., OK

howsei (DAVIS, 1892) – Wst.: Newsham Colliery, England

laevissimus (AGASSIZ, 1837) - Up.Carb.: Dudley, England; Wst.: Newsham Colliery, Northumberland, England

latus – Wst.: Jefferson Co., OH

luedernesis – Low.Perm.: Tillman Co., OK

moorei (WOODWARD, 1889) - Up.Dev./Up.Trias.: England; Crn.: Dying Grounds(Petrified Forest), AZ;

                Kalgary, Crosby Co., TX; Up.Trias.: Wurtemburg, Germany

ossiani JOHNSON, 1999 – Gzh.: NB

ovalis (FRITSCH, 1890) – Wst.: Kounouva, Czech.; Germany

parallelus (FRITSCH, 1890) - Wst.: Kounouva, Czech.; Germany

parvidens (WOODWARD, 1908) - Low.Trias.: New South Wales, Australia

robustus (DAVIS, 1892) – Wst.: Newsham Colliery, England

serratus (DAVIS, 1892) – Wst.: Newsham Colliery, England

slaughteri JOHNSON, 1999 – Art.: TX

ssp. – Wst.: Jefferson Co., OH; Cumberland, Nova Scotia, Canada;  Newsham Colliery, England;

                Low.Perm.: Washington Co., OH; Tillman Co., OK; Trias.: Australia

taylori (DAVIS, 1892) – Wst.: Newsham Colliery, England

"Diacranodus" “Didymodus” texensis “texanus” (COPE, 1884) - Low.Perm.: Jefferson Co., OK; Perm.: Archer Co., TX; UT


Uncertain Family


Leonodus carlsi MADER, 1986 - Low.Dev.: N.Spain


Uncertain Order


Acondylacanthus gracilimus (ST. JOHN & WORTHEN 1875) – Miss.: Burlington, IO; Cass/Sarpy Co., NB; Mid.Penn.: Gila Co., AZ

        nuperus (ST.JOHN & WORTHEN 1884) – Mid.Penn.: Eagle Co., CO; Penn.: Peru, IL; Tuscawara, OH

Adamantina benedictae  BENDIX-ALMGREEN, 1993 – Up. Perm.: Kap Stosch, Eastern Greenland

        foliacea IVANOV, 1999 - Up.Carb.: River Sikaza, Arctic Russia

Aganacanthus striatulus  TRAQUAIR, 1884 - Low.Carb.: Edinburgh, Scotland

Amacanthus gibbosus  NEWBERRY, & Worthen 1866 - Mississippian: St.Louis, MO

Amelacanthus sulcatus (AGASSIZ, 1857) – Mid.Penn.: Gila Co., AZ; Penn.: Cass/Sarpy Co., NB; Low.Carb.: England

Anareodus statei LONG & YOUNG, 1995 - Up.Dev.: Victoria Land, Antarctica

Antacanthus insignis  DEWALQUE 1877 - Low.Carb.: IO; MO; MS; Belgium

Areyonga oerbigi YOUNG, 1997 – Ord.: Amadeus Basin, Central Australia

Atamantina foliaca IVANOV, 1999 – Up.Dev./Low.Perm.: Novaya Zemlaya, N.Russia

Aztecodus harmsenae LONG & YOUNG, 1995 - Up.Dev.: Victoria Land, Antarctica

Batacanthus baculiformis  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 - Low.Carb.: IO; MO

Bolivacanthus sagitalis GAGNIER, et.al., 1988 - Low.Dev.: Seripona, Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Botriolepis groenlandica HEINTZ, 1930 – Up.Dev.: Ymer Island, East Greenland

Bulbocanthus rugosus  BRYANT, 1932 - ?: Bear Tooth Butte, WY

Bythiacanthus siderus  LEIDY – Low.Penn.: Eagle Co., CO

        vanhornei  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 - Penn.: Cass/Sarpy Co., NB; Low.Carb.: Alton, IL

Chalazacanthus verrucosus  DAVIS, 1883 - Low.Carb.: Bristol, England

Cosmacanthus elgans EVANS, 1904 - Trias.: Paris Canyon, ID

malcolmsoni  AGASSIZ, 1844 - Dev.: Elgin, England

Crassidonta stuckenbergi  BRANSON, 1916 - Low.Perm.: WY; Western Australia

Cynopodius crenulatus  TRAQUAIR, 1916 - Low.Carb.: Scotland

Doliodus problematicus TURNER & MILLER, 2002 – Pra./Ems.: Campellton/Atholville, New Brunswick, Canada

Ellesmereia schultzei  VIETH 1980 – Loc.: Man on the Hill, NW Territory, Canada

Euctenodopsis tenuis WELLBURN 1901 - Low.Carb.: Lancashire, England

Euphyacanthus semistriatus  TRAQUAIR, 1894 - Low.Carb.: Edinburg, Scotland

Geisacanthus stellatus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Miss.: St.Louis, MO

Gladbachus adentatus HEIDTKE & KRAETSCHMER, 2001 - Giv.: Bergisch Gladbach, , Spnov, Germany

Glossodus “Euglossodus” linguabouis (WHITE & MOY-THOMAS, 1940) - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

Glymmatacanthus irishi  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Miss.: LeGrande, IO

Gnathacanthus triangularis - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

Gondwanodus irwenensis DAYMOND, 1999 - Sak.: Perth Basin, West. Australia

Lispacanthus retrogradus  DAVIS, 1883 - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

Lophacanthus tailori STOCK, 1880 - Up.Carb.: Newsham, England

Maplemillia costata GROSS, 1973 - Up.Dev.: Washington Co., IO

Margaritacanthus “Eucanthus” margaritatus  WHITE & MOY-THOMAS, 1940 - Mid.Carb.: Moscow, Russia

Multidentodus typicus HARLTON, 1933 - Miss.: Deadmans Canyon, Otero Co., NM; OK

Ostinaspis coronata  TRAUTSCHOLD, 1879 - Mid.Carb.: Mjatschkowa, Russia

Ostracanthus dilatus  DAVIS, 1879 - Up.Carb.: Yorkshire, England

Palaeospondylus gunni  TRAQUAIR, 1903 – Dev.: Scotland

Phyllolepis orvini HEINTZ, 1930 – Up.Dev.: Ymer Island, East Greenland

Pilolepis margaritifera  THORSTEIN, 1973 – Wen.: Cornwallis Island, Canada

Pleisioselachus macracanthus ANDERSON, LONG, GESS & HILLER, 1999 – Up.Dev.: Grahamstown, South Africa

Poecilodus obliquus/sublaevis – Carb.: Gelncart, Scotland

        sp. - Perm.: W.Australia

Portalodus bradshawae LONG & YOUNG, 1995 - Up.Dev.: Victoria Land, Antarctica

Pruemolepis sp. MADER, 1986 – Low.Dev.: Canada; Germany; N. Spain; Russia

        wellsi VIETH & SCHREINER, 1983 – Mid. Devon.: Europe

Ptychacanthus sublaevis  AGASSIZ, 1837- Low.Carb.: Scotland

Pucapampella rodrigae JANVIER & SUAREZ-RIGLOS, 1986 – Ems./Eif.: Bolivia

        sp. MAISEY- Emsian: South Africa; Mid.Dev.: Bolivia; Falkland Islands

Raineria osswaldi OSWALD, 1929 - Rht.: Austria

Rhamphodus dispar  DAVIS, 1883 - Low.Carb.: Armagh, Ireland

Scolopodus striatus “oklahomensis”  HARLTON, 1933 - ?

Skamolepis  GRIFFIN, 1980 - Up.Dev.: New South Wales, Australia

Stichacanthus coemansi  DEKONINCK, 1878A - Low.Carb.: Belg.

Thaumatacanthus blandfordi WAAGEN, 1878A - Up.Perm.: Pakistan

Tomodus convexus - Carb.: Queensland, Australia; Beith, Scotland

Tubulacanthus sulcatus FRITSCH, 1889B - ?Perm.: Kounova, Czechoslovakia

Turnovichthys magnus STAMBERG, 2001 – Wen.: Turnov, Bohemia, Czeck.

Venustodus argutus ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875 – Up. Miss.: Bear Gulck, MT

        leidyi ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR; Mid Penn.: Gila Co., AZ; Carb.: IO; IL; MO; MT; OH

        robustus  ST.JOHN & WORTHEN, 1875A - Miss.: Louisa/DesMoines Co., IO; IL

sp. - Up.Miss.: Washington Co., AR; Miss.: Hardin Co., KY; Jefferson Co., MO; IL

Zamponigoteron – Ems./Eif.: Bolivia; South Africa