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Available on approximately one month notice. Desire to relocate to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida area. Prefer to continue working in Network and System Security, but will gladly consider any interesting positions commensurate with my general hardware and software engineering background.


Security: Planning and implementing Network Security plans, network and system administration, network security audits.  Software design for reliability in hostile environments.

Small project management: Team leadership, planning, scheduling, resource allocation, proposal preparation.

Quality Assurance: Planning and implementing Software QA guidelines and procedures; formal and informal software testing procedures. Design and programming practice emphasizes reliability and maintainability. Experience with FDA (medical) and military Quality Assurance requirements.

Operating Systems & Networks: Extensive experience configuring and managing Ethernet and TCP/IP networks.  FreeBSD, Windows 3.0 - NT, MS Exchange Server, Solaris, and Linux system and network administration experience, also experience with OS/2, Amiga, VMS, and other operating systems. Familiar with Internet protocols and Internet security concepts and techniques.

Analysis and Design: Hardware and software design for real-time, multitasking, GUI, and network environments; digital and embedded microprocessor system design; evaluation of hardware-software trade-offs; rapid prototyping; object-oriented design. Analog hardware design, DC-HF.

Programming: Experience in all stages of software development from conception through maintenance.  Previously highly proficient in C, FORTRAN, and some varieties of BASIC, as well as 6502, MC68000 and PIC16Cxx assembly languages. Includes substantial experience with PERL, FORTH, APL, Pascal, LISP, PL/I, and SPICE, plus 68HC11, 8080, and several other mainframe, minicomputer, microcomputer, and microcontroller assembly languages. Significant experience with AWK, YACC, Java, Javascript, Rexx, C++ and miscellaneous other languages.

Technical Writing: Design documentation, technical and user manuals, training materials, proposals, specifications.

Miscellaneous: Broadcast radio and low-power television engineering; cellular network principles; lightning protection; network security.


Master of Engineering, University of Florida, 1986

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Florida, 1981

Specialized in embedded microprocessor applications and communications systems.  Continuing education includes software testing methodologies, neural networks, and management skills.


"A Low-Cost Direct Digital GOES Downlink," Report of the Proceedings, Third International Direct Broadcast Services Users' Conference, June 20-24, 1988, Baltimore, Maryland: NASA-GSFC and NOAA-NESDIS.


Florida-Registered Professional Engineer, license number 42613.

Currently or previously certified by BrainBench as:


University of Florida, College of Engineering.  Network Security Coordinator for the College.  Provide guidance and assistance to network administrators of over 30 local networks in 12 Departments, plus administrative units and  Research Centers.  Recommend and develop network security standards and procedures.  Conduct security audits, investigate hostile network activity, perform forensic analysis of compromised systems. Member of committee developing campus-wide network security plan. Feb. 2000 - present, full time.

USDA ARS Laboratory.  Network Administrator for 200+ client network. Developed Network Security Plan, configured and administered MS Exchange Server, NT 4.0 Domain Servers, FreeBSD server, Apache WWW server, Majordomo, POP3, IMAP, and other services on mixed-technology Ethernet encompassing 28 buildings. Developed custom CGI (PERL) applications. 1997 - 2000, part time and full time.  Worked as programmer for ongoing research projects doing C & C++ software development for MS-DOS data collection systems; some REXX, BASIC, and assembler programming.  1994 - 1997, part time.

CIS, Inc. Cellular telephone security system development, project planning.  Analysis of legal and engineering issues related to wireless communication networks. Provided consulting services to municipal and county governments on issues related to wireless network tower permitting and construction. 1994 - 1999, part time.

Ambient Systems. Digital and high-frequency RF design. Developed series of products intended primarily for ham radio hobbyist market. 1992 - 1997, full and part time.

Civitan Regional Blood Center. Software Quality Assurance. Developed SQA plans and procedures required to comply with FDA requirements for Blood Banks. Performed SQA reviews and testing for laboratory data management system development project. Full time, 1991 - 1992.

Miscellaneous Consulting. CO2 laser marking system development; broadcast radio engineering; low-power television system operation and maintenance; weather satellite downlink software development; other hardware and software. Helped develop fraud prevention technology for cellular telephone systems (U.S. patent #5,329,591).

Microtronics, Inc.  Designed amplifiers and hardware interfaces for low-level biological signals (EEG, EMG, NPT) used in sleep research labs and clinical treatment facilities. Responsible for compliance with FDA, UL, DIN, and other requirements for medical devices. 1989 - 1990.

University of Florida (Institute of Food and Agricultural Science). Designed and built hardware and software for weather satellite downlink.  Researched methods of presenting and distributing weather data and imagery, developed related software.  TCP/IP network administration (Amiga, Macintosh, Unix systems). Wrote several successful grant proposals which funded my position. 1986 - 1989.

University of Florida (Electrical Engineering Department). Graduate Teaching Assistant (microcomputer interfacing, communications theory, senior projects lab). 1983 - 1986.

Metric Systems Corporation. Electrical Engineer. Software and digital hardware development for military systems. Board level TTL design, microprocessor assembly programming. 1981 - 1983.

University of Florida Part-time student jobs programming FORTRAN, assembler, and BASIC for various research projects. 1978 - 1981.

Radio Shack Affiliate Store. Electronic Repair Technician. Summer of 1977.

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