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Nope, there's not much here yet.  The main problem is getting permission to publish photos of the people that are in my photos.  Most people are very shy about such things, you know.
[Photo of Bob and Nancy riding Montu]
This is my wife and me riding Montu (an "inverted" roller coaster) at Busch Gardens (Tampa), Jan. '97 We rode it eight or nine times that morning -- the park wasn't very busy and the line was usually only about five minutes long (hint: go on a weekday while schools are in session).  One of the fun things about Montu is that the first thing you do is ride over a bunch of crocodiles (not alligators).  Crocs are quite aggressive, and when you pass over them they raise their heads and open their jaws, sometimes snapping at you.  Later in the day they seem to get tired and aren't nearly as exciting.  On an "inverted" coaster, by the way, you hang below the track, with nothing below you but air.  I highly recommend the front seat view! picture goes here...
This is a self-portrait I took while playing with my Compro D-Cam.  It's one of those parallel-port thingies, with 640 x 480 resolution, and (as you can see), it does color.  It seems to have been discontinued: I got mine from Surplus Direct.
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