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This list is an unsorted collection of links to various web pages that are, or were at one time, somehow related to firearms or the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Some of the relationships might be somewhat tenuous (e.g. news organizations that I use to check up on gun-related news stories). This list has not been sorted (although I've managed to roughly categorize some of the links).  And, although I attempt to verify each link before it is publicly posted, mistakes do happen.  Some of the categorized links may be categorized incorrectly, or may point to pages that no longer exist.  It is also quite possible that I accidentally saved links here that were meant to be saved to one of my other lists.  Such accidental links will be to pages that have nothing whatsoever to do with guns.  If I've linked to one of your pages by accident, I apologize!  Please let me know and I will remove the link.


Shooting Sports and General Firearms Info

National Reloading Manufacturers Association
SAAMI Online / Index Page
Shooter's Links
Where to Shoot / Home Page / An NSSF website
The Gun Page
Firearms File Library from Ken's BBS
The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)
National Bullet Co,America's best Cast bullets & Ammunition
Fulton Armory
Interactive Reloaders' Guide.
M1 Carbine Series Web Page
M1 Carbine Parts
Western Powders, Inc. - SMP 231: Various Cal. Winchester Cases
Western Powders, Inc.
Hodgdon Powder Co. - Data
National Bullet Co,America's best Cast bullets & Ammunition
Lee Precision,Inc. Serving You Since 1958
Welcome to Redding Reloading
Sierra Bullets-The Bulletsmiths
GunHoo: Gun Pages Central: Firearms Links
Bargain Sports
rec.guns FAQ: Collection of Postscript Targets
Welcome to Vihtavuori
Duane's Reloading Page
Reloading Pages of M.D. Smith
Shooting Links Page
Untitled Document
Midway USA
Lee Precision Products - RGB Dies
Midsouth Shooters Supply
M-1911 Pistols Home Page
FAQ - Semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices
rec.guns FAQ: Movie Gun Mishaps
Welcome to!
Colt .45 ACP 1911
Shooting Tips
Firearms and Related Information
Frizzen's Firearms Page
Guns, Guns, Guns
M-1911 Pistols Home Page
American Firearm Page-Military Surplus
Mountain State Manufacturing, Inc.
American Firearms Industry Home Page
Colt's Manufacturing Company
rec.guns FAQ Home Page
rec.guns FAQ: III.C.2.a.5. Field Stripping a 1911 Type Pistol
Colt Automatic Pistols Home Page
rec.guns FAQ: III.C.2.e.2. The Unoffical M1911 Pistol Home Page
International Defensive Pistol Association
USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association
Wilson Combat
NSSF Online / Index Page
The SHOT SHOW Online / Index Page

RKBA - Pro and Con

Monkey see. Monkey point a camera. Monkey click.
RKBA.ORG: kids & guns
Guns Save Lives ( abolish gun control )
Jefferson on Politics & Government: Civil Rights
Gun Control Study
Links to Source Studies
The Second Amendment
Jeff Cooper's Commentaries
John C. Schaefer's Press Release - Civil Liberties - From The Mining Company
Senate Committee Report on 2nd Amendment (ASCII)
Brady Bill, Brady Law, Firearms Policy, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Second Amendment, Sugarmann, NRA
Firearms Policy Journal
It's Right of the People!
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms: Senate Report
Welcome to The Lawyers Second Amendment Society (LSAS)
Quotes from the Founding Fathers
Claremont Institute Home Page
Three Penny Press
Eclipse's Signature Quote Collection
Ask Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government: Front Page
Second Amendment Research Network
Ed Patrick's RKBA Home Page
Concealed Weapons/Nonresidents
GunHoo:2nd Amendment - RKBA:Commentary-Essays
The Conservative Diner
The World Wide Web Gun Defense Clock
Firearms FAQ: Interactive Sites: Organizations
+++ The Right to Keep and Bear Arms -- LINKS +++
NRA Institute for Legislative Action
Gun Owners of America
GOA's Florida Alerts
The Paul Revere Network
LSAS Web Pages
Welcome to The Lawyers Second Amendment Society (LSAS)
Second Amendment Law Library
U.S. Constitution and Amendments thereto (National Rifle Association) Home Page
Ed Patrick's RKBA Home Page
Second Amendment Foundation Online
FIGHTING BACK: Crime, Self-Defense, and the Right to Carry a Handgun
Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership
CeaseFire's NRA page
Cease Fire
L. Neil Smith's Webley Page
Welcome to!
Laissez Firearm
Handgun Control, Inc. and The Center To Prevent Handgun Violence
Violence Policy Center
School violence
Under The Gavel
NSSF Online / Index Page
Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime and Justice in the United States and England, 1981-96
Montgomery Citizens For A Safer Maryland
The Great Australian Gun Law Con - Firearms Research
GunCite: Gun Control and Second Amendment Issues

Courts & Constitution

U.S. Constitution - Table of Articles
U.S. Constitution - Bill of Rights
Constitution Society Home Page
Amendments to the Constitution
Perpich v. Dept. of Defense
Selected Historic Decisions of the Supreme Court
Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Party Name
USSC+ Main Frameset
Oyez Oyez Oyez

Congress, Legislation, USC, CFR

Netline to Congress: Yesterday's Question
United States House of Representatives - 105th Congress
United States Code

BATF, FBI, Justice Department

BATF FAQ - Semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices
About the Bureau of Justice Statistics
FBI Publications
Bureau of Justice Statistics International Justice Statistics
Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime and Justice in the United States and England, 1981-96


Judicial Online Superhighway User Access System
Revision Commission
UF Job Applicant Information
Florida Government WWW Sites - Online-Sunshine
Florida Legislature On-Line Sunshine
Florida Statutes and Constitution - Online Sunshine
Florida Statutes and Constitution - Online Sunshine (different URL)

Politics -- General

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Ed Patrick's 1995 ZERO Homicide Page
Quotes from the Founding Fathers
Claremont Institute Home Page
The Official Cato Institute Homepage
The Ayn Rand Institute
Revision Commission
Project Vote Smart
Constitution Society Home Page
The Conservative Diner
The Official Cato Institute Homepage
The Heritage Foundation
Consequences of Subsidiarity.
Critiques Of Libertarianism

News Organizations
News Index
BBC News | Feedback
Gnv Sun - AP Wire Breaking News
CBS News | Evening News with Dan Rather - Dan Rather
The Gainesville Sun
Los Angeles Times Web Site

Not Yet Categorized

Clayton Cramer's Home Page
List of Some Libertarian Resources
Ken Umbach's Award-Winning Home Page
Home Page of Michael KAY
Dunblane Massacre Resource Page
Advocates for Self-Government
FedLaw - Supreme Court
America's Voice
Join Together Online
Revision Commission
Alan Korwin, Position Papers
Meet Michael P. Baker
U.S. Treasury Department
Welcome to ATF's Web site
ALSO!--U.S. Law--Federal Government--Sources [Law]
Second Amendment Law Library
Online Sunshine - The Florida Legislature
Internet Crime Archives
Index of /research
Welcome to ATF's Web site
Frugal's Survivalist Library and File Directory
Prep Com
Pete's Links
Congresswoman Karen Thurman, Fifth District of Florida
Electric Times Union - Library
Fox News
Mike's Corner
HFG: Research on Violence and Aggression
International Firearms Directory
GunTruths: The truth about guns in American society
The Sunday Times
Tampa Tribune Editorial Index
Dixie Gun Works
R.D. Outfitters--Home Page
Rich's Firearms Page and Internet Shooting Directory - Firearms Accessories
Marlin Firearms--home page
rec.guns FAQ: Main Outline
Frugal's Firearms File Library
Frugal Squirrel's Homepage for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners
Wilson's RugerMania
GunHoo: Gun Pages Central: Firearms Links
Thompson Center Arms Home Page: Muzzleloader|Contender|black powder|firearms|single shot pistols
Gold City Gun Muzzle Loading
Guns for Sale: GunsAmerica, The Honor System Gun Classifieds
Vin's Columns
The "Unofficial" Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Center for Public Integrity
Welcome to Congressman Barr's Homepage
Schuemann Pistol Barrels
M-1911 Pistols Home Page
Bluegrass Armory Home Page
Federal Handgun
...Cascade Ammunition
Federal Cartridge Company
The Bullet Board
Index of Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Clinton Executive Orders
The Orange book of the BATF

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