Charles Schumer: sociopath or savior?

"The Second Amendment is not absolute. It does not guarantee the mythical individual right to bear arms we will hear argued for today."

"There is no Constitutional question here. The NRA has convinced a lot of people that the right to bear arms is an absolute right. It is not, any more than the right to have an automobile is an absolute right."

"The NRA's Second Amendment is an empty cereal box in the market place of ideas."

- Rep. Charles Schumer, (D) New York, 1995

These quotes are directly from the mouth of Rep. Charles Schumer and if you have any doubt as to his agenda concerning the Second Amendment read the quotes again. He hates the Second Amendment. Blindly and completely.

Who is this guy Schumer? Let me help paint you a better picture of this champion of the destruction of the Constitution of the United States.

Schumer has made the conscious decision to turn his back on the memories of 6,000,000 of his own people whose lives were systematically extinguished in the concentration camps of Europe fifty years past. How can I say that you ask? It's simple. The Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership have NOT forgotten or forsaken those memories. The JPFO is constantly warning against the disarming of civilians. JFPO members remember a time when very similar movements against citizens by government resulted in the extermination of entire families. JPFO is quick to note that the "It can't happen here..." mentality was rampant during that time.

Charles Schumer has found something that he desires even more than honoring his heritage and that is POWER.

Schumer denies the validity of the Constitution of the United States. He is unwaivering in his position that the Second Amendment is nothing more than an NRA tool. Schumer is steadfast in his belief that federal law enforcement should be allowed to kick in your door without warning, tap your phone without explanation and stop you at checkpoints on our public roads. Sounds like Nazi Germany, doesn't it? Can anyone deny that Charles Schumer is the champion of such legislation? No. His voting record is very clear.

What about Schumer and the NRA? Schumer could easily be called "Captain Ahab" and the NRA his white whale. Schumer is obsessed with destroying the organization that has become the largest block to his ability to subordinate the American people. Schumer is consumed by a pure hatred for the NRA and it's members that borders on the sociopathic. His constant stream of lies, personal attacks on police officers and deep bigotry against firearms owners underscore his pathetic, obsessive need for power. Charles Schumer will try to destroy whatever stands in the way of his need to garner that power he craves, whether it is the NRA or you.

Schumer displays no shame in exploiting a man whose spouse was killed by a madman. He puts his hand on his shoulder pretending to care, when in reality that man is just another tool for Schumer to use and throw away. You say no, it can't be? Why then does Schumer want to expand the powers of an agency whose agents pushed an innocent pregnant woman against a cement wall with such severity that she miscarried her unborn child? The agency? Why BATF, of course. One of Schumers' golden haired "children".

There is no honor in this man. He is part and parcel of the filth that makes up the Washington, D.C. mentality. Without deception, falsehood, trickery, cowardice, greed or an insatiable lust for power, Charles Schumer would be nothing.