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June 12, 1996

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by Jacob J. Rieper (

by loboazul@ICSI.Net (The Old Blue Howler)

by Charles W. Parrott, III (


ShortShots! A Regular Feature of POTSHOTS

by Jacob J. Rieper (

[Editor's Note: Jacob is a lifelong resident of New York. He is assistant coordinator for the Lightning Rod Network, a grassroots communications network dealing with RKBA-related matters within New York State.]

There is an unfortunate, undeniable truth RKBA activists must learn to accept: Charles Schumer is going to be in Congress for as long as he wants to be there. And there is nothing we can do about it.

Schumer represents New York's 9th Congressional District in New York City. As any New Yorker will tell you, NYC is the last great bastion of liberalism in the country. Only about 15% of the registered voters there are Republicans. Conservatives and Lib ertarians are all but nonexistent. Most of the remainder are liberals, socialists, and other assorted crackpots. These are the people who make up Schumer's constituency. Consequently, when he attacks the NRA, the RKBA, and the Bill of Rights in general , he endears himself even more with the voters. His constituents LOVE him! So much so that he gets around 75% of the votes on election day.

The public knows full well what a zealot he is. Anyone who has seen Charlie on national television knows how arrogant he can be. Well, he is even more insuf ferable at home. The local media worships the ground he walks on, and he openl y promotes his ant i-freedom agenda at every opportunity. Anywhere else in the country, he'd be toast. Not here. For decades NYC has been run on principles which run contrary to those upon which this country was founded: limited government and individual liberty. For ev ery problem, more government is the solution. Just look at the people Rush Limbaugh gets for his man-on-the-street interviews in NYC—people actually clamoring for higher taxes! This climate breeds politicians such as Charles Schumer and lets them thrive .

About five people a day are murdered in NYC. One would think that the public would grow tired of being victims and demand that they be allowed to exercise their God-given right of self-defense. That's not the case. One of my relatives who lives in NYC was mugged at knife-point, and he's still anti-gun! So are all my NYC-dwelling friends. There is no public outcry to end gun control. It is just the opposite. The solution is always more police, more laws, less individual responsibility.

It has been suggested by people from out of state that a DF8-type campaign be launched against Schumer. Unlike Tom Foley, Charlie is accurately representing the will of his constituents. There is no voter anger to tap into, no groundswell of opposition. Republicans are too weak in his district to offer a viable challenger. Meanwhile, the State Democratic Party actively promotes a gun confiscation program. A primary challenger to the 9th seat would inevitably be as anti-gun as the incumbent, if not wo rse. In fact, there are Assemblymen and State Senators who are more crazed than Charlie himself!

The NY state RKBA organizations know all this. So does Schumer. This is why he acts the way he does. With both the public and media in his camp, Schumer is firmly entrenched and can do whatever he wants without fear of repercussion.

There is talk of Schumer running for Governor in 1998. He has been making trips around the State to increase his visibility to upstate voters. He would have to give up his Congressional seat to make the run. But this is not necessarily a good thing for us, for three reasons:

First, Schumer will automatically claim nearly 40% of the votes from NYC districts. This large block of voters was responsible for the entire State having to suffer through 12 years of Mario Cuomo, who had almost no support outside of NYC.

Second, Governor George Pataki barely defeated Cuomo in 1994 and, therefore, does not have a strong mandate to govern. With a current war chest of over $2 million, Schumer can easily afford to spread his propaganda outside NYC and possibly steal a few pe rcentage points—just enough to push him over the top. As Governor, he would have even more clout in the Democratic Party. It will not surprise me if Congressman Schumer becomes Governor Schumer. Do not underestimate the ability of New Yorkers to screw themselves.

Finally, whoever replaces Schumer in the 9th District will undoubtedly be as bad for gun rights as the original. The number of anti-gunners in the House of Representatives will not be affected if Schumer chooses to leave.

There is a bright side to all this, though. Schumer is vulnerable on Long Island and all of upstate which bear little resemblance politically to NYC. A coordinated effort there by local, state, and national organizations might be effective in not only i n defeating him but exacting some revenge for the years of abuse he has inflicted upon the law-abiding public.

Schumer knows all this as well. He has not yet made up his mind about 1998, but he is running for re-election to Congress in November. And he will win again in a landslide. We must plan on living through at least two more years of him.

by loboazul@ICSI.Net (The Old Blue Howler)

[Editor's Note: Lobo (Jim Bohan) co-manages NOBAN, and is described by Fortune Magazine as "a master of the new world of cyberpolitics."]

Every time there is a lull in the action, gun activists seem to find it necessary to go nuts. People who will work together and show tolerance for varying opinions of others on non-gun issues suddenly decide they have to form-fit their neighbors and alli es into agendas reflecting their own. Divergence of opinion suddenly stops being an honest difference in thought and becomes something sinister. Most of the lists on our side of the street have had more than their share of arguments, divisiveness, and f lame wars.

It's not that hard to understand. Gunowners are frustrated by years of abuse by the political process and want a butt to kick. If they can't find a gun grabber handy, they are more than willing to kick each other's.

This is not only the epitome of ignorance. It's 2nd Amendment Suicide.

If you have the time and the energy to attack a fellow gun activist, you're not as ardent an activist as you think you are. That time and energy should be put into working for a Senate or Congressional candidate or a state legislature candidate. If the candidate in your district is already on our side, there's a district north, south, east or west of you that needs your help. Find the activists in that district, and lend them a hand.

This coming election is too important to us. If we don't elect more pro-gun candidates to the House and Senate, we may be looking at four more years of Clinton and efforts to "deconstruct" not just the 2nd Amendment but the entire Bill of Rights. Rememb er how much you enjoyed his first two years when he had a liberal Congress? Think how much you'd enjoy a full four-year term with him not having to bother to act half rational because he doesn't have to worry about being re-elected.

It's not a pretty thought. Think about it when you sow seeds of dissent among your fellow activists.

If you just want to rant, chain pull, scream, call names, or flame, take a hike. Don't let the screen door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

The rest of us have work to do.

[Editor's Note: You can subscribe to the NOBAN list by sending e-mail to The body of message should read, "subscribe noban (your real name)".

by Charles W. Parrott, III (

[Editor's Note: Charles is Director of Electronic Communications and the Internet Spokesperson for South Florida Firearms Owners (SFFO). He also is a pilot and former U.S. Marine and has worked in general aviation for 32 years.]

Let's face the truth: Most of us won't call talk radio shows because we are scared. We worry that we might forget what we wanted say or that an unfriendly host will trap and embarrass us.

But let's remember another truth: When we are properly prepared, we are not so easily frightened.

I now get on the air as a caller to talk radio shows two or three times a week. From my experience as a caller, I have developed a handful of powerful techniques you can easily learn that will quickly make you a poised, skillful, regular caller.

We all know that the conventional media have blocked our side of the story regarding the 2nd Amendment. The recent explosive growth of talk radio is one of our biggest and best opportunities to counter-balance the gun control agenda of Big Media. Most t alk show listeners listen to the CALLERS and not as much to the HOST. Talk radio is how we can really get OUR message out!

Your Hand Book of Talk Radio Techniques:

KNOW THE HOSTS—AND HELP THEM. First, you must listen to a particular radio talk show long enough to get a feel for the political preferences and likes and dislikes of the host. One of my favorite hosts is a liberal Democrat, but she supports the 2nd Amendment and has a concealed carry permit! Try to find common ground with the host. You can tell them you share the same passion about a particular issue or problem and only disagree on the MEANS of solving it.

Try to find opportunities which might allow you to form good off-the-air relationships with sympathetic hosts. For example, one local talk show host announced on the air that she had just "discovered" the Internet and gave out her e-mail address. I immed iately sent her an e-mail. I wrote that I regularly listened to her show and had familiarity with the Net, I offered her my help, and I added that I would be happy to forward some files I thought she would find of interest. I did not overload her mailb ox with everything under the sun, but I did send her several informative alerts from Gun Owners of America. The end result of my e-mail was that Larry Pratt, President of GOA, appeared on her show as a guest!

KNOW YOUR FACTS. Ideally, we should all memorize dozens of eight-second sound bites relating to all firearms issues. Nothing will promote self-confidence and raise your comfort level more than being to able to instantly and automatically respond with accurate quotes and facts.

However, instead of trusting to memory, I personally find it easier when I call to have any material I might need right in front of me—on my desk, or in my computer, or on 3 x 5 cards.

DELIVER THE FACTS. Be brief. Provide enough factual information, in about a minute and a half, to let the listener make up his or her own mind on the matter. Avoid ALL stereotyping and phrases such as "all Liberals" or "all Democrats."

Whenever you make a general statement, always be prepared to give interesting, effective, and SPECIFIC EXAMPLES (which help to prove your points). Always come out against a CONCEPT—not against a PERSON or GROUP.

Try to be more inclusive. Instead of saying "As a woman" say "As a family"; or instead of "As a father" say "As a nation, we ...." Most firearms issues are HUMAN issues and not group or individual issues.

If you are going to bring out a fact which you believe the host will disagree with, try to state it as THIRD-PARTY INFORMATION rather than as your own OPINION. For example, which of the following do you think will play better?

"...the BATF tore down the Branch Davidian farm house immediately after it burned so no one would see the bullet holes in the roof from the overhead helicopters that had fired indiscriminately through the roof into the men, woman, and children inside."

"I have read that the government helicopters overhead had fired indiscriminately into the Branch Davidian farmhouse and that there were woman and children inside. But we'll probably never know since the first thing the BATF did was to destroy the farm ho use."

In fact, I used the second version above on one radio show. Although the host hung up on me a few minutes later, I had already made the points I had set out to make in the first place!

CREDIBILITY IS CRUCIAL. The most important thing you, as a caller, can bring to a talk show is your credibility! NEVER lose this, because once you do, you have forever blown it among that audience! ALWAYS be prepared to quote sourc es for everything you say, such as the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, newspaper articles, Supreme Court rulings, etc.

Never be afraid to say, "I don't really know the answer to that." Don't bluff it or "wing it." You don't have to answer ANY question. No one is expected to know everything. The host and the audience will respect your honesty when you simply say , "I don't know." Also, a good technique for handling a tough question is to ask the host to clarify the question; the host might not have a back-up question and may then throw you an easier question—a slow softball that you can hit out of the park.

PLAY TO THE AUDIENCE. When you call, have firmly in your mind about one to three major points you want to make. If you can calmly state your points, the audience will always hear them. It ultimately will make no difference if the host disagrees w ith your points or even personally attacks you. Keep coming back to your points, and do not deviate from them! Winning the audience—and having them hear YOU!--is far more important than trying to win a dubious debate with a sometimes hostile host.

WIN RESPECT. We want to promote the image of the responsible gun owner. We must present ourselves as calm, regular people who can be trusted and who know the facts—someone with whom most folks will feel comfortable. Passion and high emotion, com ing across as angry, "flaming advocacy," simply will not fit and will severely damage your image and message.

BE UPBEAT AND POSITIVE. Listeners relate much better to a positive-sounding caller compared with a negative, disgruntled caller. To get our message out in the marketplace of ideas, we must exude calm and respect!

AVOID COMBAT. Unable to address the content and substance of your points, sometimes a host will try to label you (use name-calling or put you in a group) or will attack you personally (argument "ad hominem"). To counter this, you can politely ack nowledge and identify what techniques the host is trying to use against you. This may stop the host's attack. Always take the high road; do NOT go down to your opponent's level. Be a role model for the host!

THE END JUSTIFIES THE JITTERS. Remember that your call will make a difference: You can get your message out, even if the host hangs up on you. Keep in mind that controversy and confrontation "drive" talk radio. Notice that hosts ask the audienc e how they "feel"—not how they "think"! ALL talk show hosts WANT and NEED callers. When you hear them lapse into a monologue, it might be because no one is calling in. It could be your perfect time to get on right away!

Putting the techniques to work:

Having read and learned the above major techniques, you finally arrive at your big moment....

While you are waiting to get put on the air, rehearse your opening statement. If you need to, write it out. But DON'T make it sound like you're reading it! It's that first statement you make that will usually make or break your call. Your initia l goal is to make the host look good and put him/her at ease for the rest of the call.

Don't jump right into the 2nd Amendment if the topic is tomato juice—that's the quickest way to a dial tone on the other end of the line! You have to tailor the content of your call to the topic under discussion on the show. With a little practice, you' ll find all sorts of ways to slip in the major points you want to make without it appearing as if you're commandeering the show!

A good way to lead the conversation to what YOU want to discuss is to open with, "Did you see the [related] article in this morning's newspaper?" Or you might address the host by using the host's own earlier remarks and saying, "Your comments conc erning the crime rate in urban areas are, unfortunately, all too true. But I've recently read FBI statistics that show that crime is actually being caused by gun control and not the other way around." You could then proceed to quote statistics which dem onstrate violent crime rates are 28% lower in states having "shall-issue" concealed carry laws compared with states that do not allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed.

While a case of the belly butterflies can be expected (especially when you make your first calls) keep in mind that you're only going to be asked for your first name. Your real identity will not be known by the station or even by the host. So take a dee p breath and relax—and talk the same way you would if you were talking to a good friend across the room. Worst case scenario: Even if you truly screw up your first call, there are lots of "Toms," "Dicks," and "Harriets" in the world.

Once you have demonstrated that you are providing interesting information in a calm manner, your chances of being disconnected diminish greatly. An important goal for your first few calls is to establish yourself as a reliable source of accurate informat ion—and not to come across as a raving zealot! The way that works best for me is to build up to the fact that allowing law-abiding citizens to go armed has always lowered the crime rate and that laws which restrict the honest citizen's easy access to fir earms always cause crime rates to skyrocket. Just look at "gun-less" Washington, D.C., murder capital of the United States! One of my favorite examples is stating the well known fact that "the last thing a burglar wants to meet is a terrified, armed hom eowner—there is NO such thing as 'plea-bargaining' in that situation!"

To increase your value as a desired call-in listener, from time to time you will need to comment on topics unrelated to 2nd Amendment issues. This will help build your credibility as an informed, concerned citizen. Once you've established that level of respect and credibility, you can expect to be taken nearly as soon as you call the show.

There are other fringe benefits to your new stature as a "regular caller." It is not unusual for other callers to make reference to you in their own calls to the show. You will probably get requests from some of them to call in and supply some point of in formation!

Finding another regular caller who is sympathetic to our 2nd Amendment rights can result in a mutually advantageous arrangement. If you can obtain the other caller's phone number (sometimes the radio station can help), you can work as a team to back up ea ch other's calls. This is exactly what happened to me in the course of one show. I was listening one morning when a Libertarian I had met in just this manner called the show and I provided the needed "reinforcements" for his call. In fact, we have met in person since those early on-the-air exchanges and now work as a team to back up each other's calls when the occasion arises.

Another fringe benefit: The power of "intimidation" should not be underestimated. The fact that a highly knowledgeable caller (YOU!) might be listening in at any time could deter a less-than-honest listener from making his/her own call!

Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. The more you call in to talk radio shows, the more skilled you will become.

America is calling ... talk radio. When will we hear from you?


The Committee of 1776's Third Annual Washington, D.C., pro-gun rally is slated for the Labor Day weekend. It is hoped the additional travel time afforded by this scheduling will promote greater participation. The event will now span several days, with a pre-rally evening concert on Saturday, August 31, and the Rally itself on Sunday, September 1.

The concert will include country, classical, and popular artists. Among Sunday's speakers will be Larry Pratt (GOA), Charles Duke (Colorado State Senator), G. Gordon Liddy, Jim Fotis (LEAA), Aaron Russo (noted Hollywood producer/director), Dr. Eugene Sc hroeder (War and Emergency Powers expert), and Ret. General Parton (OKC bombing theorist).

A west coast group, Citizens Against Legal Loopholes (CALL) is enlisting the participation of other organizations. It certainly appears this year's effort will be the biggest to date.

According to Joe Corey, Director of Committee of 1776, the entire event will be held at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the adjacent Mall. While the exact times have not been frozen, the Rally is anticipated to begin around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday and run until 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m.

POTSHOTS will keep you up to date regarding this important event. For further information, contact Joe Corey at (717) 387-1146.

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DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT HISTORY. A recent poll found that 92% of graduating college seniors did NOT know that the phrase "Government of the people, by the people ..." was part of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and 84% did NOT know that Harry Truman w as President when the Korean War began. Makes you wonder how many college grads know the Bill of Rights. Source: Wire report. -Contributed by

BLOCKBUSTER REWINDS. With little fanfare, video retailer Blockbuster has quietly dropped its ban on carrying concealed weapons into its stores. The company denied that the change in policy was due to customer complaints or threats of boycott from "the nation's largest gun lobby." If you believe that, I've got some nice oceanfront property for you in Kansas. Source: Orange County Register, June 6, 1996 -Contributed by

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