The PDI Story

The Personal Defense Institute was founded in 1990 to provide high quality, affordable defensive firearms training to civilians. The founders, Jeff Dissell and Bud Fisher, are both certified by the Natinal Rifle Association as instructors and as range officers by the State of Florida.

After teaching basic NRA programs such as Basic Pistol and Personal Protection for four years, Jeff and Bud realized that there was little training available between the good, but very fundamental NRA firearms programs and the more advanced training as offered by Massad Ayoobs Lethal Force Institute or the Gunsite facility in Pauldin, Arizona.

Further, Jeff and Bud noticed that most of the firearms training available beyond the basic level involved techniques that had been adapted from military or police training. There was little or no training having purely cilvilian needs specifically in mind.

After becoming involved in assisting both the Lethal Force Institute and Gunsite in bringing classes to Florida, Bud and Jeff began to study personal protection from the civilian point of view. Everything that could be tried was tried. From different shooting positions to reloading techniques, from equipment to concealed carry law and from deadly force to courtroom tactics, Bud and Jeff assembled what they considered to be those proven training techniques that would help a law-abiding citizen survive the justified use of deadly force, both on the street and in the courtroom.

In 1990, PDI was born. After separating the wheat from the chaff, four Personal Defense Institute classes evolved. PDI-1, Basic Handgun Defense, is taught with those wishing to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapons License in mind. A four hour lecture on the Florida statutes regarding deadly force, post-shooting trauma, interaction with law enforcement, what constitutes a justifiable shoot, the defensive mindset and much more is the core of PDI-1. A four hour range session provides instruction in recoil reduction, defensive sight usage, reloading techniques and much more.

PDI-2, Nightfire, is an evening class designed to acclimate the student to shooting in low light. Students will learn flashlight techniques, low light target acquisition/identification and shot placement, the effects of muzzle flash on the eyes and much more.

In PDI-3, Defensive Shooting Techniques, students fire 300+ rounds of ammunition. Tactics for civilians, practical reloading techniques, shooting from behind solid obstacles and varied positions, the draw from concealment, and many other topics are covered in PDI-3. The students all fire a qualifying course, which is timed and scored, in order to pass this course.

PDI-4, Defensive Shotgun, is designed to show students the proper usage of the shotgun as a defensive tool. Discussions include the advantages and disadvantages of various action types , accessory selection, ammunition selection, firing from the weak position, recoil reduction techniques, shotgun retention, rapid target aquisition, positive reloading and many other topics are discussed in PDI-4. Students fire 75 rounds of 00 Buck and 10 slug rounds.

The Personal Defense Institute exists to train civilians. Please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways;

By telephone, we can be reached at (352) 378-6425. This number can also be used to send us a fax.

By mail, our address is;
2603 NW 13th St.,#205
Gainesville, FL 32609

By E-mail, we can be contacted at;

We encourage questions and/or suggestions for improving personal protection
training. Bud and I look forward to hearing from you.

-Jeff Dissell, President