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Please realize that I intend to use The Conservative Diner to disseminate the truth about conservatism and liberalism. Any opinions expressed within these pages will be mine alone unless specifically attributed to another author, service or party. I care about other opinions to the extent that, if productive, I'll listen carefully. On the other hand, if you don't like what you see on TCD, I couldn't care less. I have no time or patience for those who would attempt to justify the destruction and suffering that has been caused by liberalism and those who embrace its pathetic and perverted philosophy. Do not try to convince me that you, as a liberal, deserve to be absolved of any blame for homelessness, hunger, ignorance or crime in America, because you are, in fact, the reason they continue to exist.

The first amendment will live within these pages without fear of being muffled by liberal lies. The truth will reside here without fear of being rewritten by false masters. - Jeff Dissell

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