<H1>Innocent Blood Drips From Sarah Brady's Hands!</H1>

Innocent Blood Drips From Sarah Brady's Hands

It's cold and VERY calculated, the anti-gun strategy of Sarah Brady and Handgun Control Inc. When the time is ripe for media coverage, we see Sarah or one of her well-known coolies such as Charles Schumer or Diane Feinstein trot out an example of firearms related tragedy.

In San Fransisco, for instance, HCI exploited a man whose wife was murdered by a madman using a semi-automatic firearm. The effect was as expected. Sheepish legislators, feeling guilt for everything from slavery to child abuse, felt obligated to offer up a sacrifice as a way to placate the gods of liberalism. In this case the sacrifice was a useless attempt to regulate criminals by attacking the rights of the honest citizen. The result of the shameless exploitation of crime victims by HCI was a ban on semi-automatic firearms.

Distraught family members are trotted out before the media day after day in a disgusting play on the emotions of Americans whom HCI KNOWS are caring and want to help. The criminal-loving, anti-gun montra drones on through the lips of network news anchormen, "GUNS...ARE...BAD, GUNS... ARE...EVIL, TAKE...AWAY...ALL...GUNS."

What they DON'T willingly tell us is what is commonly reffered to as, "The Other Side of the Coin." The other side, my friends, is death caused by moronic legislation championed by Sarah Brady and the craven Schumers/Feinstein's of the world.

Here are some examples, taken from many, of innocent Americans slaughtered or victimized by criminals BECAUSE OF anti-gun legislation. This blood drips directly from the fingertips of Sarah Brady and I would love to hear her try to explain away the pain that the families of these victims feel as being somehow acceptable.

I hope that all of you self-righteous Sarah Brady hand servants who read this call HCI and give them a hearty "WELL DONE!" for the service they have provided these particular families...

Gun Turn-ins: Murder sanctioned by HCI and Congress
Sarah Brady and Chuck Schumer support killing innocent citizens!
You Are Hereby Sentenced To Death By Brady Bill!
At least Jim is still alive. The Brady Bill killed this citizen!
More Women and Children Killed By The Brady Bill
More true examples of innocent lives extinguished by Brady!

Political game-playing for money is one thing. Heaping up the dead bodies of innocent men, women and children like cordwood, rather than admitting that a philosophy is wrong, is something else.

Check the facts, ladies and gentlemen. The anti-gun culture is LYING, and people are dying because of it. Our friends and neighbors are being used as disposable tools to advance an agenda that even SARAH BRADY HERSELF realizes and admits won't work!

There was a time, not long ago, when the life of a decent human being was priceless and held as being sacred. Today, our judicial system has taught a generation of predators that a human life is worth what you can get for one. Sneakers, candy or even simple entertainment are the value of a human life now, thanks to liberalism and its mindless followers.

A decent citizen is still sacred to me and, I might add, to those who embrace the Second Amendment as an individual right. But then, it has always been thus...

-Jeff Dissell, Proprietor
The Conservative Diner

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