Gun Control and Bigotry: A Match Made in Heaven?

In Kansas City and Cinncinati they said,"You can't live here," and "We can stop you, detain you and ask you anything we want, at any time we want, without cause." In stores all over America, including Blockbuster Video, they say, "You are not welcome in our store." Some have suggested that you be placed in segregated groups, away from the general population.

You may think I'm writing about any ethnic minority, but you'd be wrong. In this case, I'm writing about honest Americans who have never crossed swords with the law. This is about men and women from every walk of life and from every race, color and creed. This is about the disabled, the elderly and the poor. This is about govenment sponsored bigotry.

The victims? 60 million firearms owners that live from San Francisco to New York City. On a daily basis, firearms owners are excluded from eating in restaurants or shopping in a mall because a narrow-minded executive has decided for no good reason other than he or she simply hates guns, that you are "unacceptable." If that person used the same logic to bar black kids from a mall or movie theater, the liberal establishment would clutch their collective chests.

Companies are establishing policies that tell harmless Americans who have chosen to accept responibility for their own security and the well-being of their loved ones, "You can't come in here" or "You can't work here," or "You can't shop here." Blind hatred that would be unacceptable anywhere else is readily accepted where guns are concerned.

This blatant bigotry, encouraged by the likes of Sarah Brady, Charles Schumer, Major Owens, Maxine Waters, Charles Rangle, Ted Kennedy, Josh Sugarmann, Gloria Steinham, Paul Newman and scores of others, permeates the fabric of America like old cigarette smoke and it stinks worse.

In the name of "public safety", these men and women, some whose agendas require an issue like this to garner power and attention, and others who are simple hypocrites, think nothing of refusing us our rights. They will ignore piles of objective data compiled by scientists and criminologists with NO connection to either side of the gun control issue and focus on a single report that supports their narrow view (read: agenda). They insist that one life being saved by moronic anti-gun legislation is worth more than the innocent lives being snuffed out BECAUSE OF that same legislation. Waiting periods are the classic example. Waiting periods have been responsible for far more deaths than lives saved. Bigotry? Yup. Do the maggots at Handgun Control Inc. and all the rest who support anti-gun, pro-criminal legislation care? Apparently not.

(Note: The use of the word "maggot" to describe HCI and its supporters is entirely appropriate in my opinion, as fly larvae and HCI both unashamedly exploit death in order to survive. Actually, it occurs to me that lumping the two together is rather insulting to the fly larvae.)

The bigots named above, and make no mistake, they ARE bigots, in their arrogance, have adopted a "So, sue me." attitude that underscores the contempt they have for all of us, regardless of color or gender. While they support legislation that sets violent repeat offenders free to kill our families, they crush the innocent under the socialist boots they wear with pride. These bigots hate gun owners with a passion that defies description. Pure, blind hate.

We are expected, no, it is DEMANDED of us that we accept murderers, thieves and common thugs as the victims of a society that has excluded them from the opportunities most of us have used to become productive Americans. At the same time, these self-annointed "pillars of justice" willingly allow the blood of innocent children to seep into the earth at the hands of those same "victims", while pointing an accusing finger at decent men and women who happen to own firearms. Bigotry is reserved for ethnic minorities? Think again.

Bigotry is alive and well in the hearts of left-wing socialists. You know the type, don't you? Sure you do. They are the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, Louis Farrakhans, Joseph Bidens and David Boniors of the world. They are the socialist elite whose very survival depends on the continued existance of easily exploited Americans. Without segments of the population that are easily frightened into believing their black prevarications, these pathological liars and social parasites would wither and die.

Now, can you honestly say you don't understand why they hate the pro-gun movement so completely? It's because we won't roll over and let freedom be trampled! It's because, to a person, we are willing to sacrifice whatever is needed and we spit in the eyes of their agenda with open contempt and great relish. Conservatives generally and firearms owners specifically, are the very antithesis of liberalism. We are the very embodiment of what a comtemporary liberal is powerless to exploit and so, we must be eradicated.

Sadly, bigots such as Charles Schumer don't give a damn. Schumer and his ilk can now stand proudly next to every group they have ever accused of being bigoted as complete equals. But hey, isn't that what liberalism is all about, being equal?

Jeff Dissell,Proprietor
The Conservative Diner

Copyright,1996 The Conservative Diner