Mike Baker

Second Amendment Activities

Mike is a frequent pro-2nd Amendment letter-writer to editors of regional newspapers. He also speaks on firearms-rights issues at local public forum meetings sponsored by local,state and national politicians.

Mike has been the featured speaker on a 2-hour national radio talk-show hosted by Richard Osborne; "Washington on Trial".

Became an NRA member in the early '70's, upgraded to Life in '82 and to Endowment in '90, and is currently a Patron member.

A founding member (1989) of a pro-gun activist group, The North Central Florida Sportsman's Association (NCFSA) in Gainesville, Florida. He was Vice-President ('89-'90, '91,-'92), President ('92-'93) and Vice-President again in '94-'95. During his tenure as club Vice-President and President, the NCFSA won seven major national awards, including NRA's Most Outstanding Club (in the nation) ,'92 for exceptionally high achievement in all areas of club operation, but especially for effective political activism and public firearms education.

Under Mike's leadership, the NCFSA grew to be the largest activist organization of ANY kind in Gainesville, with over 500 members.

Mike is a certified NRA instructor active in local firearms teaching programs, and helped organize the Florida Hunter Safety Education program in his region. Mike and the NCFSA also work with the local community college to bring quarterly firearms safety courses to the public.

A recent project attracting much attention is a "PIP" (Politicians Info Package), a quarterly firearms issues newsletter edited by Mike and sent to Florida politicians.

An ardent supporter of law enforcement, Mike has been recognized and commended by local agencies for his public service activities on their behalf.

Mike was recognized by the NRA/ILA as the "1986 Defender of Freedom" for support and activity on behalf of NRA/ILA.

He is a charter and sustaining member of NRA Golden Eagles.

He has been a Benefactor Member for many years of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida (Marion Hammers' lobbying organization in Tallahassee)

Mike is a also member and supporter of Gun Owners of America and The Second Amendment Foundation.

Personal Information

Born in St. Petersburg, FL in 1943, Mike grew up in various isolated back-woods areas of South and Central America. His father spent many years involved with mining, mapping, seismic exploration, and construction companies.

On returning to the USA, Mike attended the University of Kentucky. He has a background in electronics and is employed by the University of Florida (Gainesville) as a staff engineer involved in satellite telemetry, communications and satellite uplinking of special courses, teleconferences, and training seminars.

When time is available, Mike enjoys all types of hunting, from pursuing rabbits with a high-powered air-rifle, to taking Florida feral hog with a lever-action .45-70. Still-hunting, or "woods creeping" as Mike calls it, is his preferred hunting technique.

He participates occasionally in IPSC, bullseye and silhouette and "cowboy" matches, but is primarily interested in reactive target and bowling-pin shooting.

Self-defense issues and teaching personal protection courses consume a great deal of Mike's time and efforts. He has graduated from the American Pistol Institute (Col.Jeff Cooper's GUNSITE) in Arizona as well as Massad Ayoob's Lethal Force Institute, often finishing at the top of each class.

Mike and his wife Nancy have been married for 30 years and have two children. His daughter Lynn and her husband Scott live in Ocala, Florida and have a daughter. Lynn and Scott are both graduates of Toccoa Falls College (GA).

Mike's son Stephen,13, is an NRA Life Member and his primary interests at this stage of life are video games and Little-League Baseball.

The Baker family have been long-time members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church where Mike has served several terms on the church Executive Board.

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