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For the week of December 21, 1997

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Many years ago, men of strong mind, strong will and strong character used to meet in The Green Dragon Tavern.  Coming together secretly, and often late at night, they met upstairs in the Long Room.  Here . . . they planned the destiny of our country, and plotted the course of freedom which we now sail.  

This meeting site is owned by Jeffrey H. Dissell

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Remember the Second?
Second Amendment Law Library

Circuits of Victory!

An online museum of military communications

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This page is dedicated to those who have answered the call to duty.

Arlington National Cemetary, Arlington, Virginia
Photograph by Devin Dissell

Each headstone in the above photograph represents a reason for jailing those who would desecrate our national flag.

Other items on our menu include:


A delightful little belief that failure belongs to those who lack the courage to reject liberalism and succeed on their own,

A fresh medley of ideologies that will NOT compromise the right to keep and bear arms at any time, for any reason and,

A subtle mixture of honor for those who fought for freedom,love for my flag and a refusal to feel guilt for being able to feed and clothe my family without help from ANY liberal.

A strong and unwavering belief in God, our father, and his son, Jesus Christ, our savior.

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Today's Special(s)
Who's Responsible For Gun Control?

The Voices

Gun Control and Bigotry: A Match Made In Heaven?

Feminism and Firearms

Product review: S&W 640 by Jeff Dissell

December 1995 National Crime Monthly Magazine

Product review: Mossberg Model 590 by Jeff Dissell

January 1996 National Crime Monthly Magazine
Product review, Page 2: Mossberg Model 590

Personal Defense Institute

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)
Internet Firearms Industry & Trade Directory
Stokes Gun Page
Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio Show Home Page
The TRUTH about all things gun related, coast-to-coast
The Paul Revere Network
Tim Casey's Pro-Gun Home Page
The Electronic Gunshop
Buy, Sell and Trade Shootin' Stuff
AWARE Home Page
(Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment)
Shooters Online Services
Sport Shooting Association of Australia (SSAA)
National Rifle Association
POTSHOTS-The Official Newsletter of G.U.N.S.
(Gunowners Using Network Services)
Official Lethal Force Institute Home Page
(Jeff Chan's) Arm's Rights and Liberty on the Internet
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Gun Owners of America
Law Enforcement Alliance of America
The Second Amendment Foundation
Combat Arms BBS Home Page
The Firearms Coalition, Neal and Chris Knox
National Concealed Carry, Inc.

(Know thee thine enemy...)
The Coalition For Gun Control
Lies from AUSTRALIAN Sarah Brady wanna-be's
Documented Abuses of the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms
The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
More lies from Sarah Brady wanna-be's
"STOP WILLIE BROWN" Anti-Willie Brown Web Site
What a whiner. 'Frisco needs to dump this donkey and get a REAL mayor.
The Truth About Handgun Control Incorporated
The Wacky World of HCI
The American Firearms Assoc.
WARNING! These guys are NO friends of the Second Amendment!

A Great Man, A Great President, Ronald Reagan
The Political Page
Excellent CONSERVATIVE stuff!
The Heritage Foundation
The Homepage of Janis Maria Carmella Costanzi Cortese
You will not find room for interpretation here, but fascinating insights abound!
The True Story of the USS Liberty
Republican Nat'l Committee
The Right Side of the Web
Conservative Corner
The Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Home Page
Ken Hamblin, The Black Avenger
Free Congress Foundation
NET-Political NewsTalk Network
Cato Institute

Local Specialties
Alachua FreeNet
The Alachua County Florida Home Page

Lighter Fare
The Edinburgh Malt Whiskey Tour
A good cigar and a good scotch. Ah, the rewards of self-reliance and hard work!
The Electronic Postcard
A Cigar is -Never Merely- a Cigar!
Fightin' Gator Sports
Cajun & Creole
Crest Motorsports Drag Racing
The Lee-Enfield Rifle collector's page
Genealogy: Cyndi's TERRIFIC list of a jillion sites!
Genealogy: A Barrel of Sites!

Thomas - Federal Legislation Online
Florida Statutes Online
The Flag of the United States of America
The US Constitution
The Smithsonian Institution

Side Dishes
The Lott/Mustard Study on Concealed Carry In America
This is THE new study that has rocked the anti-gun culture and proves what pathetic liars liberals are!
Heartland Policy Study:Taking Aim at Gun Control
One of the BEST examinations of gun control, by Massad Ayoob
A Nation of Cowards
The Embarassing Second Amendment
Violence Policy Center Targets Womens Choice
The Racist Roots of Gun Control

Chef create something you didn't like? Send comments.
CBS News
CNN News
NBC News
NPR: All Things Considered
NPR: Morning Edition

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