Background images for webpages

This page contains a selection of background images for HTML3 webpages. This selection contains mainly light colored tiles since it is my experience that light colored backgrounds are easier to read. The best way to grab a copy of these images is to right click on the image and then select the download or 'save as' option in your browser. These images are are free for use without restriction.

4corner1.jpg blue_thr.jpg blue1.jpg blue2.jpg blustrip.jpg
fog1.jpg gray10.jpg gray2.jpg gray3.jpg gray4.jpg
gray5.jpg gray6.jpg gray7.jpg gray8.jpg gray9.jpg
green1.jpg green2.jpg green3.jpg green4.jpg green5.jpg
green6.jpg green7.jpg green3.jpg gry_thrd.jpg paper1.jpg
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