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Last Updated 9 January 96
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New Releases & Additions:

  1. File Manager/2     File/Disk/archive Manager         fm2_238.zip    1.1M  Update
  2. FM/2 Shredder      Delete Almost Anything            fmshred.zip     10K  New
  3. FM/2 Taskbar 1.05  PM Taskbar (Great!)               ftbar105.zip    60K  Update
  4. infoPM             WPS Benchmark and System Info     infopm132.zip  420K  Update
  5. InterCom           Internet Telephone                ic101.zip      344K  New!
  6. MR/2 ICE           Internet EMail Client             mr2i099i.zip   636K  New!
  7. NFTP               Nicely Done FTP Client            nftp053.zip     46K  Update!
  8. PMPatrol           System Resource Monitor           pmp40b.zip     740K  Update
  9. SVDisk             Super Virtual Disk                svd117.zip     123K  New!
  10. World Clock       World Time and Alarm              wldck146.zip   230K  New!
  11. XIT               Customize Your WPS Windows        xit20.zip       93K  Update!

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