What is ACCUG?

Alachua County Computer User's Group or ACCUG is a local IBM and compatibles users group formed to help others with their computers. In short, users helping users.

ACCUG holds monthly meetings (the 4th Thursday of each month-see Bulletin #3) where a variety of discussions take place. In the past we have had representatives from MicroSoft, WordPerfect, Borland, Ventura Publisher and Lotus speak to our club. We have also had demonstrations from other club members on a wide variety of topics such as - how to set up a hard drive, how to use PKZIP, menuing programs, printer hardware, differences in computer processors, tax programs, money programs, multimedia presentations, networks, games, utilities the ACCUG BBS, and how to use other communications packages. Guests are welcome at our monthly meeting.

Current ACCUG dues are $30.00/year. We provide the following services:

For more information, come to one of our club meetings or call Jim Page at 375-1057 or Greg Barton at 372-4765 or Chris Curry at 528-4922.

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Last Updated: January 9, 1996